Top Real Estate Articles Provide Share-Worthy Content For February

Best Real Estate Articles February 2019 There’s no doubt about it that 2019 has started with an avalanche of amazing real estate content!

Putting together a short-list of just ten articles doesn’t seem to do it justice – yet, we know that over the next few months, plenty of new articles from unknown authors will make it on this list!

If you’ve lost track of which articles were released during February, make sure to have a read through the summarized list below:

What To Do Before Picking A Lender

As you embark on the home-buying journey, you are about to acquire one of your life’s most significant assets. Wouldn’t you expect to be doing quite the financial lender research before committing to any particular party?

This excellent article by Bill Gassett on ArticleCube discusses four tips and advice on helping you understand what to do before picking a lender and hopefully get the best deals by building your credit, creating a budget, knowing your options and finally, consulting your real estate agent!

Picking your lender is a crucial part of buying a home. Make sure you’ve correctly done your research as your future self will thank you!

Nine Exceptional Home Buying Tips

Are you planning on purchasing a home sometime in 2019? If so you are in for a treat because Michelle Gibson has rounded up some exceptional content from quite a few top bloggers providing the best home buying tips. This one is packed with juicy content worth reading.

Let some of the experts guide you with the advice you’ll be sure to love! There are a multitude of topics that buyers can use to make sound decisions. Be a smart purchaser and check out the home buying knowledge from top experts.

Tips for Selling a Tenant Occupied Home

Selling one’s home can be quite stressful – never mind when the property has a tenant occupying the home!

How does an agent get through to the tenant to cooperate or be more accessible for viewings? Sharon Paxson expertly explains as to why the real estate agent will need full cooperation from the tenant in order to access the property, whereby communication with the tenant will be crucial.

Sharon has some great advice and you can also find more helpful tips on selling a house occupied with tenants at ABODO. Between these two resources you will find information that will guide you through the home sale process with tenants.

Mortgage Scams To Watch Out For

If you’re in the market to buy property or refinance an existing mortgage, you need to be aware of the potential scams and pitfalls. In Paul Sian’s very educational article, this article checks out some of the typical mortgage pitfalls and scams, which could cost home buyers a lot of money.

Some of these might be fake mortgage lenders, private money lending schemes, bait & switch interest rates, deed-for-cash scams, etc. When you are buying a home, you have better things to worry about than real estate scams. Not paying attention to these things, however, could cost you serious money if you’re not careful.

How Mortgage Rates Affect Home Buying Now and Going Forward

Of all the questions home buyers have, interest rates-related questions are always very popular!

What’s the impact of interest rates on the real estate market? Would rising interest rates negatively affect the real estate market? Or, do rising rates translate into lower real estate home prices?

Petra Norris covers these and more in her informative article on how rates affect home buying today! There aren’t many factors that will affect real estate markets more than rising interest rates. Take a look at Petra’s thoughts on this important topic.

Everything You Need to Know About Gift Funds for a Down Payment to Buy a House

Not everyone can put down a big deposit when purchasing a home. Couple that with the fact you have steep closing costs and it is a big financial drain! Luckily, there are some sources of down payments available to buy a house.

Kevin Vitali talks about gift funds for a down payment in his recent article, which is perceived as an underestimated and underutilized way, yet very effective method of getting help with the purchase of a property.

Looks over some solid financial advice from Kevin with these down payment tips.

The Benefits of Selling Your Home in the Winter

Winter has always turned home sellers off. Why bother to go through all that effort to sell one’s home in those horrid weather conditions? Who goes home-hunting in that weather anyway?

Yet, surprisingly, it turns out that this time of the year is an excellent period to sell one’s home! Joe Boylan did a great job in putting forward the many benefits a home seller has for selling his property in the winter time. Keep in mind when selling a home in the Winter there will usually be far fewer homes to complete with.

Best Real Estate Articles February 2019

There’s nothing better than having a compilation-within-a-compilation!

This is no exception with a fantastic list of real estate articles compiled on Palinterest so all of us can learn more about topics such as improvements that increase a home’s value, doing one’s due diligence as a home buyer, why dual agency should never be acceptable, tips to improve one’s home curb appeal and many more.

The best thing about a round-up is you can see comprehensive information all in one spot. Definitely worth a read and share-worthy!

Don’t Let Your Home Inspection Become a Deal Breaker

If there are anything home sellers nowadays should pay attention to, it definitely ought to be the home inspection. Too many times, home inspections are the cause of deals falling through. As Bill Gassett discusses in this excellent article, sellers can avoid home inspection deal breakers by doing a pre-listing inspection!

Even though the home seller might think he knows his house ‘inside-out’, there will always be hidden issues which arise during the home inspection. And what better time to find and do something about them than before the listing goes on the market!

Smart sellers always prepare themselves ahead of the time for the inspection.

Real Estate Bloggers Group On Reddit

With Google+ closing down shortly, many real estate bloggers went looking for alternatives, and one trendy community which kept appearing in reviews was Reddit.

Why should any buyer, seller, homeowner or real estate professional bother joining the Reddit real estate community group? Luke Skar explains in this informative article the many upsides for someone to become a member. There are many interest real estate topics you’ll find featured in the group including learning about boosting curb appeal, prepare one’s property for a home inspection, how to take care of your pets when selling your home, etc.

It’ll become obvious, very quickly that there is a plethora of real estate information to be learned! And the best part: it’s all for free!

If you are a real estate blogger, do yourself a favor and ask to join the Reddit real estate group! You’ll be glad you did.

Reasons Why a Credit Score Can Drop

As a home buyer, you better be doing your financial due diligence before you get serious about buying a home. In other words, you ought to know where you stand with your credit score and definitely should get pre-approved for a mortgage!

As explained in this must-read article over on, one’s credit score can drop for a number of reasons – and if you think it’ll be 100% caused by debt, you’re gravely mistaken. Take 5 minutes of your time today and learn about the factors influencing your credit score – you won’t regret it!


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