Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles Jan 2019

est Real Estate Articles January 2019 2019 and the Best of Google+ Real Estate articles continues, as incredible content continues to appear on the platform. And this month is no different. Top Real Estate bloggers know how to pump out articles filled with knowledge, advice, and entertainment. Take a peek at what great reads are in store for you this month, in case you missed any of the featured articles highlighted below.

The passion behind this monthly sharing of good to read articles comes from noted Real Estate blogger, Bill Gassett on his Real Estate site, Massachusetts Real Estate News. This month features will not disappoint.

How to Get Your Real Estate Articles Seen By More People

In the world of real estate blogging competition is fierce. There are more and more writers everyday looking to be discovered. If you want to be found in search you need to have a sound marketing strategy. Let’s face it – there are many bloggers who can write exceptionally well. Many of these people, however, have no game plan when it comes to content marketing.

There is a real struggle to get their content on the radar of where they want to be seen. Of course, there is social media avenues. Most know how to share in these channels. The hard part is finding other sites where you can not only acquire links but more eyeballs on your best work.

In Bill Gassett’s latest article at Realty Times, he provides an exceptional article on how a real estate agent can promote their articles. You will really enjoy this article if you have struggles with places to share your best work.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Home

Would you have ever thought we’d be where we are at now with our Smart Homes? It’s incredible. How close are we nearing the age of The Jetsons?

In Paul Sian’s article, he discusses artificial intelligence (AL). Defined as, “…as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.” Learn how AI will change how we live in our homes.

With smart homes involving the internet, this is where privacy and security issues can become concerns, which Paul discusses in his article. Find out is artificial intelligence is best for your home in Paul’s well-written article.

25 Mortgage Terms You Should Know When Buying A Home

All important mortgage terms that you need to know, all in one spot. Kevin Vitali has done a fantastic job with his article that is all about the aspects of knowing mortgages.

How many times have you been reading about mortgages and get stopped in your tracks over a word you just read having no idea what it’s all about or just vaguely understand it? This isn’t good when getting ready to buy a home.

It’s always best to understand terms of your mortgage, so you’re able to actually get the best terms and not let someone pull the wool over your eyes.

So by all means, read Kevin’s 25 mortgage terms and get educated.

How Can I Sell My Home When I Have (Fill In The Blank?)

You’re getting ready to list your home for sale, yet there a few concerns that you have. What are you going to do about your anxiety? Here I go over your concerns with you. Be sure to read my article that will answer your “fill in the blank.”

Whether it involves your pets, your children, your needed home repairs or your home’s location, I guide you on what’s best, plus some other possible scenarios. Nobody wants to have problems with their home sale. The advice will help you avoid some of the more common problems that can pop up.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling A Home

With so many homeowners considering remodeling their homes, this very good read from Sharon Paxson, will get you on the right track so you can avoid any unnecessary problems.

Sharon discusses the importance of a plan when remodeling a home. And what about a contractor you’ll hire, or a budget and, oh…don’t forget your neighbors. Before you start out on your next remodeling project, be sure to read Sharon’s helpful direction. Her advice will help you save money as well as easing the stress.

9 Easy Ways To Save Energy At Home

Who doesn’t want to save energy, as using energy costs money. Home ownership can be costly enough, so making sure you run a home that is energy efficient can make a world of difference in keeping your bank account from getting depleted.

How many times do you walk through your home to see lights left on in rooms? If you’re good at turning off lights, yet struggle to get a family member to understand the importance, then you certainly get this tip in Michelle Gibson article. She provides some good advice on saving energy now. Don’t delay getting your energy bills lowered!

Home Inspections: What Buyers And Sellers Need To Know

One of the most critical parts of a Real Estate transaction is the home inspection. Here Bill Gassett provides some need to know information when it comes to having a home inspection.

Bill provides excellent tips on how to pick an inspector, what to ask an inspector and then also, how best to negotiate the results of your inspection. Plus a whole lot more to educate you on the inspection process.

This home inspection article from Bill reads more like a guide with incredible, thorough advice for getting your through a home inspection knowing just what to expect. Be informed.

9 Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender

Buying a home is one of the most important transactions that you will likely do in your lifetime, and when it includes financing a home, it’s critical to know what to ask your mortgage lender.

Jeff Nelson has written a very informative article to make sure you are asking the right questions.

How about private mortgage insurance that you may have heard about – is it going to apply to you? Ask. Maybe there are ways that you can avoid it. This and eight more mortgage questions get answered, so you become an informed home Buyer.

The best buyers are educated about financing.

Is Home Ownership Necessary To Building Wealth?

Is it, you wonder? Just read Karen Highland’s well-researched article that will spill the beans on home ownership. And, know that it’s never too late to be a homeowner. Of course, it’s best to start young, but later in life is significant also.

Any idea of how Americans feel about home ownership? How will it affect their lives and future? Does it really matter? Is it truly the American Dream? Heck yes!

Study after study will reveal the facts about home ownership as detailed in her article. Be sure see how real estate can put you in the drivers seat for leading a comfortable financial life.

Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles Wrap Up

While Google+ has indicated that it will be closing shop, many Real Estate bloggers still find that Google+ is a phenomenal platform to share Real Estate articles.

You can see what I mean from the choice selection of articles I just featured. Many incredible articles get featured each month, so you’re able to catch up in case you missed the details.

Articles, such as those presented here on artificial intelligence, mortgage terms, remodeling, saving energy, home inspections, Mortgage Lenders, home ownership and selling your home concerns are just what you need to educate yourself when it involves Real Estate.

If you enjoyed the articles, I’m sure Bill would love for you to share this featured article, so others benefit as you did.

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