Best Real Estate Articles on Google+ In December

Best Real Estate Articles December 2018

The holidays are in full swing, but that doesn’t mean real estate stops! Once again top real estate professionals from across the country have written outstanding real estate articles this month that provide excellent advice and tips.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller or real estate professional you are sure to enjoy this compilation of Decembers Best Google+ Articles. All of the articles have been written by outstanding real estate professionals who are recognized as top agents. Did in to some exceptional pre-holiday real estate content!

Questions to Ask the Home Inspector After the Inspection is Completed

Sometimes home inspections can be stressful, not only to the buyer but the seller too. Both parties tend to have so many questions before the inspection begins; What will the inspector find? How bad will it be? Is it going to blow up the deal?

The list of questions can go on and on. However, once the inspection is complete and the inspector shares his or her findings the questions tend to stop, which in reality is when they should really begin.

So what questions should buyers ask a home inspector both before and after the inspection is complete? Here’s an excellent list of questions provided by Bill Gassett that every buyer should ask. Keep in mind that you have to live with the problems that may be lurking in the house you just bought. It is imperative to find out how big the issues really are when purchasing a home!

What to Know About Real Estate IDX

Do you know what an IDX is and how they work? Essentially and IDX gives agents the ability to view all the other listings on the market from various other real estate companies.

The listing broker who owns the listing receives credit as the listing broker while their listings are displayed on other real estate agents websites.

In his latest article, Joe Boylan explains the ins and outs of what you need to know about a real estate IDX. Take a look for some helpful information.

What Buyer’s Spend When Buying a House

The amount of money it costs to purchase a home doesn’t stop at the down payment. In fact, some closing costs can be more than the down payment itself.

In this detailed list of home buying closing costs and averages, Petra Norris from Lakeland Florida shares so many expenses buyers aren’t even aware of. While every buyer’s closing costs are going to vary this list is extremely informative and one every single home buyer needs to take a look at.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the closing because you were not aware of the closing costs.

Things Buyers and Sellers Say that Drive Agents Crazy

Are you guilty of driving your Real Estate Agent Crazy? It’s not uncommon for buyers and sellers, even other agents, to say things that drive agents crazy, but oftentimes they have no clue.

This month Michelle Gibson, a top Realtor in Wellington, asked agents around the world what drives them crazy and why. Some of the things said is something every Realtor has heard at some point in there career, but there are a few rare things ones.

Many of the things that people say come from being misinformed. Quite often there are real estate myths floating around that just aren’t true.

5 Reasons Your Went Back on the Market

Not all properties that go under contract stay under contract! Sometimes the reason a home comes back onto the market is out of the seller’s control, like buyer’s remorse.

While other times they might be able to prevent it but choose not to, like refusing to make repairs, so the buyer cancels. Believe it or not, there are numerous reasons why a home comes back on the market, which Sharon Paxson, a top Newport Beach CA Realtor, shares the top 5 reasons in her latest article.

Don’t become a victim of home sale failure. Know the issues before they become a problem you can’t overcome.

Real Estate Pricing – Let’s Just Test the Market.

Home sellers only get one opportunity to make a first impression with home buyers, this includes how their home shows and pricing.

Of course, sellers don’t want to leave money on the table, but as John Cunningham who specializes in Phoenix real estate explains “testing” the market can backfire and in the end negatively impact a sellers profit.

If you are getting ready to sell your home make sure you never “test” the market and price it right from the start. Every other seller before you has already tested the market. This is why comparative sales are used to determine home prices.

Virtual Staging of your Vacant Home

Vacant homes can be difficult to sell because they lack appeal and look small, but staging can be costly especially if the home is large and has a lot of space.

So what is a seller to do? Kevin Vitali, a real estate agent in Essex and Northern Middlesex, recently shared an excellent and cost-effective solution, virtual staging!

Virtual staging is a great way to make real estate photos appealing for vacant homes. Plus, they provide buyers will a point of reference, so those vacant rooms that use to look tiny now showcase how big they really are.

Some people think virtual staging is deceptive. Others think it is a great way to market a house. How about you?

7 Crucial First Time Home Seller Tips

Selling a home is a big job and not all first time home sellers know where to start or what to do.

Regardless if you are an experienced home seller or first time home seller you are sure to find advice all over the internet, some good and some bad.

However, Luke Skar provided solid advice that is sure to make the selling experience a lot easier if you follow his 7 crucial first time home seller tips. If you are selling a home for the first time make sure you check out the solid advice found in the article.

The Essential Skills Needed to Survive Home Ownership

Jumping into home ownership? If so there are some essential skills you should have under your belt. While some homeowners are in a position where they can write a check anytime an issue arises a lot of homeowners are not.

So to keep home ownership cost effective it’s important to learn how to perform certain home maintenance tasks to save money and make sure these little issues don’t turn into big issues.

From yard maintenance to simple carpentry skills Paul Sian at Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate shares just a few skills needed to survive home ownership. You’ll enjoy this wonderful guide to owning a home in this concise article.

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About the author: Michelle Gibson is a top Real Estate agent in Wellington Florida with the Hansen Real Estate Group and has been specializing in residential real estate since 2001.