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Best of Google Plus October 2018 The best of Google Plus for October has just been released. No reason to find home buying or home selling “scary” this October. There have been some great real estate articles shared on Google+. Check out these and more!

Top Mistakes When Hiring A Listing Agent

When it comes time to list your home, the real estate agent you choose, can make or break you. As a home seller you have a lot at stake. Your probably like most sellers, you want to sell for top dollar and as quickly as possible.

Much of that success lies with the agent you.

Kevin Vitali discusses the top mistake home sellers make when listing their home. Find out what you should avoid when hiring a listing agent. One common mistake is hiring an agent that “buys your listing”

An agent that buys your listing will quote you a hire price they can sell your house for than every other agent you interview.

Also find out is it a good idea to hire a family member or friend as well as other top mistake you can make hiring a listing agent, along with other hiring mistakes.

Understanding Buyer Agency

There are a lot of moving parts to buying a home. If it is not something you do often it can be overwhelming. That is why you should consider using a buyer’s agent for your next purchase.

But to understand buyer’s agency you need to understand that there are several ways an agent can work with you. The question is do you want your agent working for you or for the home seller? In her article Karen Highland highlights the many capacities in which an agent can work for you, as a buyer.

With so much money involved when purchasing a home why not have a buyer’s agent looking over your shoulder and counseling you to make good decisions during your purchase. In a related article, you can see why dual agency is terrible for buyers and sellers.

Licensed Bonded and Insured

Does saving money on a contractor really save you money in the long run? What if the contractor doesn’t complete the job? Or, if someone gets hurt on the job?

Conor MacEvilly discusses the importance of hiring a contractor that is properly licensed, bonded and insured to do the job. But that also comes with a price tag.

Did you know if a friend doing work at your house or even a contractor that is not insured puts you at great risk if an injury should occur? Yes, you can be liable for whoever comes on to your property. Don’t ever assume a contactor is insured, bonded and licensed.

Ask for proof. Every contractor should able able to provide you with a copy of their license, insurance certificate and surety bond.

Property Liens Can Hold Up Closings

What is a lien? A lien is where a third party has a security interest in a home. The lien will be filed at the registry of deeds and be on public record.

A mortgage is a type of property lien. Most often a mortgage is paid off out of the proceeds, removing the lien and allowing the property to close.

Bill Gassett goes into other types of liens that can prevent a closing on a home. A lien becomes an encumbrance on your home. When agreeing to sell your home, you are usually agreeing to deliver your house free of all encumbrances or liens.

While a mortgage is the most common lien you will see on your home there are also plenty of other liens you need to be aware of. A lien can be attached to your home and go unnoticed until you try to sell.

What are some other types of liens? Mechanic’s lien, tax liens from either your city, state or federal government, creditor’s liens etc…

Most often a lien is levied against your home because of something you left unpaid. If you are trying to sell your home, do a title search early so you can take care of any issues before they hold up a closing.

Choosing A Neighborhood

While first and foremost price dictates the home you can buy, but, don’t overlook the neighborhood.

The right neighborhood can increase your quality of life and enhance your lifestyle. It makes no sense to spend several hours a day commuting to work just to have a less expensive house.

Paul Sian an provides some great advice on choosing the right neighborhood when you are buying a house. Make sure you find the right balance of commute, school systems and local amenities when you buy.

Don’t forget to check into taxes and any HOA fees as well as physically check out the neighborhood and meet the neighbors.

Make sure your new home’s location provides you with what you need.

Buying a Home This Fall

Fall is a popular time for home buyers to buy a home. Vacations are done and the kids are back in school. It’s now time to get serious. Take the time to follow Anita Clark’s tips on buying a home this fall.

Anita covers the steps from finding a real estate agent, to researching a home, to squaring away your financing. Each home buying step will help you walk smoothly through the home buying process.

Follow the guide to home buying success this fall to help you buy that perfect home.

Must Know Home Inspection Tips

One of the more important steps of buying a home is having a proper home inspection. Luke Skar provides us with 9 home inspection tips.

The first tip is not to forgo your home inspection. As tempting as it may be, homes have problems that may go undetected if you are not paying attention. Don’t skip the inspection.

And, don’t price shop! Hire a home inspector based on references and referrals not based on the cost. The inspection is too important to skimp on the cost.

Show up and pay attention to ensure you get the most out of your home inspection.

What Is Mortgage Insurance?

If you are buying a home with less than a 20% down payment and financing your purchase through a bank most likely you will be purchasing mortgage insurance for your lender.

Mortgage insurance is a type of coverage that your lender will take out on your loan to help shield them against loss should you default. It covers a portion of the loan amount if you should stop paying your mortgage and the bank needs to foreclose. Jamohl DeWald goes in to details on

Mortgage insurance is a necessity and is what makes low down payment programs available to purchase a home.

Jamohl DeWald goes in to details on how to eliminate or reduce your mortgage insurance premiums.

Sell Your Home Fast

When it comes time to sell your home your probably like most sellers and you would like to get it under agreement quickly.

Most successful home sales require a plan and not just slapping it onto the market. Attention has to be given to the interior and exterior of your home as well as properly marketing your home on the internet. Jeff Nelson has put together 67 tips to sell your home fast.

You will find great tips on selling your home from preparing the interior of your home, giving your homes exterior curb appeal, to some great ways to market your home.

The End of Google Plus is Coming

It is with heavy hearts to hear the news that Google has decided to scrap Google Plus as of August 2019. There is no doubt a lot of real estate agents are saddened by the end of Google Plus. There is no doubt that Google+ was one of the best places for a real estate agent to establish meaningful relationships with their peers.

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About the author: This article has been written by Kevin Vitali a Tewksbury Massachusetts REALTOR®. Kevin has been serving the residential real estate needs of Essex and Northern Middlesex County for over 16 years.