The Best First Time Home Buyer Tips

First Time Home Buying Tips The home buying journey can be an emotional roller coaster. Often, first-time home-buyers can be uneasy about deciding what is the right home for them. You might even be thinking to yourself if this is the right time to buy a house. This is a reasonable thought process that most people have.

With this said, there are sure-fire signs that prove a specific home is right for you and that it is time to make an offer.

Smart folks do a lot of research before they step into the home buying arena. You need to be patient and carefully plan your journey before ever stepping foot inside a home.

Want some great real estate advice from someone who has been in the business for three decades? Take a look at these excellent first time home buying tips. You will be well armed for a successful purchase following these steps.

From experience, you can never have too many tips for buying your first home!

Prepare Financially in Advance

While the thought of looking at some cool homes is enticing, you want to make sure your finances are in order before looking at homes. The most well-prepared buyers find the process go much smoother.

The stress levels can be held in check when you are extremely confident you’re well prepared financially. It takes a lot of off your plate.

Besides the last thing you want is to be denied getting a mortgage. You will disappoint quite a few people!

You Want to Go Inside

When you are looking for homes online, you may come across a couple of properties that look like they match your criteria perfectly. If you see yourself itching to get inside the home and make sure that the pictures are accurate, this may be a sign that the house is right for you.

Seldom will you hate the pictures and love the home. Almost always, finding the right property begins when you see the listing, and fall in love with the pictures.

Listen to Your Gut

The moment you walk into a home, you get hit with a gut reaction. This feeling either tells you that you love the place, or you hate it. While there is no method for understanding your gut reactions, it is essential to listen to yourself and how you feel about the home.

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you will make. Because of this, it is essential to enjoy the house that you are buying.

If your gut is telling you that you love the home, chances are, it is going to be a great fit. However, if your instinct is of disdain, more than likely, you will never love the home and regret the purchase.

When uncertainty arises, you’ll undoubtedly get the feeling of “buyer’s remorse”.

The House Fits Your Basic Needs

When finding the right home, it is imperative that you choose one that fits your basic needs. While an in-ground pool is nice to have if a home doesn’t have what your family needs, you will never commit to purchasing that home.

Often, homes do not costly fit every dynamic you are looking for; however, if the bedroom count, bathroom count, overall size, and location are matches, the home may be perfect for you and your family.

Be Sure The Structure, and Mechanical Systems Are Sound

While your dream home may look great on the surface, what is most important is the bones. You need to make sure the house you plan on living in for a while is structurally sound and not a money pit!

Nobody wants to purchase a lemon so make sure you check out some of these common home buying issues before proceeding. These are potential problems that could cause substantial financial headaches down the road.

You Love Kitchen and the Bathroom

You may have heard the kitchen is the most important room in the home? This is true whether you like to cook or not. As a homeowner, you’ll quickly discover everyone loves to congregate in your kitchen.

While this may seem trivial, you will spend hours every day in the bathroom. More than likely, the beginning and end of every day will be spent grooming yourself. You will spend hours shaving, brushing your teeth, showering, and using the facilities.

If you are not comfortable in the bathroom, the home is probably not the right fit for you. On the hand, if you love the look and feel of the shower, this is a significant sign that the house is going to be a hit.

Keep in mind both the kitchen and baths are very expensive rooms to renovate. You will want to be sure these spaces fit your needs.

Imagining Furnishing the Home

Another significant way to know if you have found your future home is if you are imaging furnishing it. Specifically, you may be daydreaming of how the living room is going to look, what color the walls are going to be, and even, the specific appliances you plan on bring into the house.

Furthermore, you may even be envisioning how you will celebrate parties, what rooms guest will sleep in, and how you will cut the grass. If you find yourself consumed in thoughts of decorating your prospective home, there is a considerable chance that this home is right for you.

You Become Possessive

Finding the right home can be like getting in a new relationship. If you like the property, you may get extremely possessive, in hopes that no one else will put an offer down. This stems out of fear that you are not the only one interested in the home.

This is a major sign that the home is right for you. Again, it is vital to listen to your gut when buying a home. If you find yourself obsessing over a specific house, chances are, this home is the one you have been waiting for.

Real Estate Professional Will Not Pressure You

When finding the right house, a good real estate agent will never pressure you to buy a home. If you are about to close on a home, and you feel like the Realtor wants you to purchase it more than you do, back out of that deal as soon as you can; and more importantly, find a new real estate agent.

Fundamentally, a good real estate agent will assist you, ask you relevant questions, and try to increase your home buying experience. They should never put pressure on you to purchase a home. With this said, if you find a home you love, and your agent is giving you unbiased, positive, feedback, this may be a sign that the house could be the right fit.

Avoid dual agency, a situation where the real estate agent cannot give you any advice because they represent the seller as well. Be aware of this situation and instead make sure you have your own buyer’s agent.

You Want To Stop Looking At Other Homes

When you find the right house, you will probably stop wanting to look at other homes. You will begin to put all of your efforts into securing this home, rather than looking at other properties. This is a significant sign the home is the one you have been dreaming of.

Keeping an open mind is vital. Often, things go astray, and it is critical that you do not put all of your eggs in one basket.

With this said, when you begin to zero in on a specific home, it is a tell-tale clue that you have found the right one.

Don’t Sleep on Your Decision

Often, first time home buyers find a home they love, however, are tentative on making a final decision. Because of the weight of this purchase, it is more than understandable to take some time. With this said, if you love a home, chances are other people do as well.

There are plenty of home-buyers that wait to make a final decision, and the home gets bought in that time. This will be a painful moment of regret; however, this does not have to be you. If you truly love a home, and the time is right, do not be hesitant to make to try to secure the house.

All in all, buying a home is a long process of ups and downs. When securing the home of your dreams, you can be nervous to put a firm offer down. However, if these tips begin to be evident in your own home buying process, chances are, you have found the perfect home, and it is time to commit.

Hopefully, these home buying tips have been helpful. Best of luck in your first purchase!

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