December had some great real estate articles submitted to the Google Plus real estate communities. It was was hard to narrow down a list with so many great pieces of content being shared, but I managed to do it. Here are 10 of the best real estate articles from December 2014 that I found on Google Plus, in no particular order. If you enjoy reading about real estate then you are in for a treat as you will see some of the best real estate bloggers around share their expertise. Dig in and enjoy!

Best Google Plus Article December 2014


Fantastic real estate marketing!

107 Proven Real Estate Marketing Ideas


Many Realtors struggle to properly market themselves in today’s changing technology driven industry. In this article, Placester covers 107 marketing ideas to help you get more exposure and ultimately generate more leads. If you are looking for direction as a real state agent when it comes to acquiring new leads, you’ll definitely want to check out this article. It’s packed with great info.


Interviewing a Realtor is something all consumers should do!

How To Interview A Buyers Agent When Buying a Home

Kyle Hiscock

In this article, Kyle Hiscock explains the importance of interviewing your real state agent when buying a home. Many people interview Realtors when they are looking to list their house for sale, but most Realtors will agree that they rarely get interviewed when working with homebuyers. Kyle does a great job of directing consumers through the interviewing process.


When getting a mortgage the source of your funds is key!

Making Sure Your Cash-To-Close Comes From The Proper Source

Ken Caiani

As a Realtor, I get asked many mortgage related questions that I may not know the answer to. I just had a buyer ask me whether it mattered where the source of her funds came from when she showed up at closing. I knew that it mattered, but I didn’t know all the specific details to this question. In this article, Ken Caiani covers all of the major points to help understand where your money needs to come from when buying a home.


How do you know when it is the right time to buy a home?

5 Signs That You’re Ready To Buy Your First House

Andrew Fortune

This is an article that I wrote to help potential first-time home buyers determine whether or not they are ready to buy a house. I cover 5 main areas that can help you determine if you are ready to buy your first house. The information is based off of my personal experience as well as my extensive experience working with lots of first-time home buyers.


What are the latest bathroom trends for the coming year?

Bathroom Design Trends 2015

Karen Highlands

In real estate, kitchen and bathroom design trends are very important. In this article, Karen Highland covers some of the most desirable bathroom design trends of 2015. She walks us through new technologies, popular design materials, the use of natural elements, and many other details you should know about when remodeling and designing a bathroom. Karen provides some great visual examples, as well as a Pinterest board that she created on this subject.


How do you know you hired a bad Realtor?

Signs You Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent

Bil Gassett

Hiring a real estate agent can be difficult. In this article, Bill Gassett explains the learning curve that most consumers face when hiring a real estate agent. Bill covers all of the main warning signs that you may have hired the wrong real estate agent to represent you. He also provides some helpful advice on how to fix the situation, should this ever happen to you. This is a great article loaded with expert tips and insights.


Understanding how to negotiate is a priceless skill!

The Ultimate Negotiation Technique That Nobody Talks About

Seth Williams

Real estate negotiations can be tough. Good negotiation techniques are very valuable. In this article, Seth Williams walks us through a recent real estate transaction and provides detailed negotiation techniques that he used to help the deal work in his favor. It’s a unique article that has strong educational points, while being an easy read to follow with real life experience.


Before selling your home look it over with a fine tooth comb!

Inspect your Home a Little Closer, Before Selling

Lynn Pineda

When you sell your house, it’s inevitable that the home buyer is going to hire an inspector to inspect your home before moving forward with the deal. In this article, Lynn Pineda connects with some great home inspectors to give you a list of things that you should inspect before listing your house for sale. The information is very valuable and can help save home sellers money and frustration by dealing with these items before entering into a sales contract with a potential buyer.


What’s the difference between a pre-approval and pre-qualification?

Home Loan Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval?

Sean Young

Yes, there is definitely a difference between a mortgage loan pre-qualification and a pre-approval. Most consumers do not know that there is a difference though. In this article, Sean Young uses some great graphics, along with easy to follow information, to quickly explain the main differences so that we all understand why a pre-approval is so much better.


What are some of the best gift for a real estate agent?

Top 10 Gifts for Real Estate Professionals

House Hunt Agents

This may be my favorite article on the list…. because it’s about giving gifts to real estate professionals. If you know a real estate professional who is a friend, family member, or co-worker and you would like to buy them something special for Christmas this year, check out this great article form that covers some of the most popular gift ideas.



Thanks for taking the time to browse through this list of real estate articles found on Google Plus. If you found any of the articles useful and interesting, please consider commenting, sharing, or reaching out to the authors to let them know your thoughts. Google Plus is my favorite social environment to interact with other real estate professionals. If you are not actively involved with Google Plus, I recommend getting the app on your phone and hanging out in the real estate communities on there. You will meet some great professionals and find the best content being created in our industry.

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