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If this is the first recap of the “Best Google Plus Real Estate Articles” you’re reading, you’ve missed out! Google Plus is a great place to find real estate content from some of the best real estate bloggers. There are many Real Estate communities that are geared towards real estate industry professionals who create and share excellent articles, tips, and tricks! Google Plus communities are not only a great place to find excellent content, but also a place to network and interact with top real estate industry professionals! One of the most popular real estate communities on Google+ is where all of these monthly featured articles come from. Every month the real estate advice is hand picked among all of the posts shared on Google plus.

Thank you Bill for asking me to once again put together a recap of the Best Google Plus Real Estate Articles for October 2014! So without further ado, here is a recap of some of the most informative articles found in the Google+ real estate community in case you missed them the first time around. If you are in the real estate industry or just like reading about it consider joining the group where there are already nearly 14,000 members.

Surviving the home loan process

The first article of this month’s Google+ recap comes to us from Grace Keister, the content marketing specialist for First Team Real Estate. In Grace’s article, surviving the home loan process: Homebuyer FAQs, she does an excellent job breaking down the process of a home loan. The article explains the importance of being pre-approved when it comes time to negotiate on a home. There are many people who think a mortgage pre-qualification letter is the same as a mortgage pre-approval, which is completely false! A pre-qualification is not worth the paper it is written on as it does not assure the seller of anything. A pre-approval on the other hand checks the buyers credit, income and employment history.

In many regions of the United States, the cooler and cold weather is certainly upon us! This means it’s time to inspect and clean those chimneys and fireplaces. The next article by Tammy Behnam, regarding fireplace and chimney maintenance, gives some very nice tips to those who have fireplaces in their homes. The article points out some simple but important maintenance tips. Only burning wood, burning dry wood, and building a fire slowly are just a handful of useful tips that are found in the article. Take a look as you are sure to learn a trick or two about having a wonderful fire in your home!

Writing excellent real estate headlines

Learning to become a successful blogger is not impossible, even for those who feel they are “bad writers.” One of the most important tips for someone learning to blog is understanding the importance of creating quality titles and headlines for articles. Our next article, how to write successful real estate headlines for increased sales, comes to us from the folks over at HomeFolio Media. In this excellent article there are many tips provided for writing successful real estate headlines. Does the article sound useful? Is the headline unique? Does the title provide an urgency? These are all questions that a blogger should ask themselves before hitting that “Publish” button! You only have a few seconds to capture a reader and the title is a critical aspect in achieving this goal.

Why you need home owners insurance

Buyers commonly ask for recommendations to insurance companies as they are required to have home owners insurance. But the question I pose is, do they really understand what Homeowners Insurance is? In our next article done by Anita Clark, what is Homeowners Insurance and Why Do I Need It?, she has done an excellent and in-depth job explaining homeowners insurance. In the article you’ll find not only an explanation of what homeowners insurance is, but also quality tips such as knowing what your credit score is as it can impact the premium and also finding out if the home is located in a flood zone. This is a helpful article on home owners insurance you won’t want to miss!

Buying a home with little or no money down

Much of the general public has the misunderstanding that the only way to purchase a home is with a large amount of money down. This is not the case at all! The next article done by Luke Skar at Inlanta Mortgage, 6 ways to buy a home with little or no money, which was featured on my blog provides 6 methods to purchasing a home without “breaking the bank!” There are many grants, incentives, and mortgage products available to buyers who don’t have buckets of money laying around. One example is the 100% Financed VA Loan which allows a Veteran the option to put no money down! The are also additional programs where home buyer are able to put down 3 to 5 %.

Selling a home with tenants

Selling a home that is tenant occupied is less than desirable. If at all possible, it’s best and easiest to sell a home that is vacant or owner occupied. Coordinating showings, inspections, and bank appraisals are normally more difficult with a tenant in place, in most cases. This is especially true if the tenant has no desire to leave. Our last article done by Bill Gassett, how to sell a house with tenants, provides some awesome tips for selling a home with a tenant. As Bill points out, it’s best to wait for a lease to expire, but if this isn’t possible, he provides some actionable tips that will help your transaction proceed more smoothly. In addition, Bill explains the importance of knowing the tenancy rules and also establishing a rental game plan. This topic is rarely talked about, so make sure not to miss Bill’s article!

The above recaps and articles are just a teaser of what to expect on Google Plus, especially within the Real Estate Communities. If you haven’t started using Google Plus, don’t wait any longer and you won’t have to miss out on other great articles!

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