Real Estate Roundup For July 2019

The real estate market continues to be strong in July 2019. With the low interest rates, homeowners are refinancing to take advantage of the low rates. Buyers are purchasing as they now have more buying power with the low rates. Despite the fact it is busy, Real Estate Bloggers continue to share excellent content.

In this month’s edition of the Best Real Estate Articles for July 2019, you will find excellent content about whether or not you need a listing agent, VA loans, FHA loans, buying a home, Eco-Friendly Paint, moving, and much more from experts in their field!

Best Real Estate July 2019 Moving Blunders That Can Be Costly

Whether you are buying or selling a home your move will be an integral part of completing the transaction. Lots of folks dread the thought of moving with good reason. Moving, especially when it is a distance can be extremely stressful.

In the article published on Active Rain by Bill Gassett he provides tips on the moving mistakes to avoid. If you a move is in your near future make sure you take a look at the sensible advice. Your home sale went smoothly, so should your moving experience!

Pros and Cons of VA Loans

Are you eligible for a VA loan? The United States Veteran’s Affair Department is the guarantor for all VA mortgages. A buyer who is eligible for a VA loan must obtain their Certificate of Eligibility in order to apply for a VA loan. Luke Skar has written an excellent article about VA Loans and discusses the pros and cons. One of the cons is there is a VA funding fee which is assessed at the beginning of the loan. VA Loans are a great option for Veterans. This is a very informative article about these types of loans.

Guide to Getting an FHA Loan After Bankruptcy

Filing chapter 7 is not something that a person wants to do, however, sometimes life happens and a person may accrue debt which they are unable to repay. Joe Boylan has written an excellent article about obtaining an FHA Loan after Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 or liquidation bankruptcy, is the process of selling assets to pay off debt. It is possible to obtain an FHA loan after filing bankruptcy. A borrower will need to be out of bankruptcy for two years and have established good credit. Other considerations is that a borrower will need to also have stable employment.

Getting a Mortgage For Your First Home Purchase

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things you can do in ones life. The process of looking at homes can be fun and stressful at the same time. Once you’ve found “the one”, it will be vital to have all your financial ducks lined up. In his terrific article, Danny Margagliano provides some truly helpful tips on how to get a loan. Take a look at his excellent advice. Doing so will speed up your home buying process.

Never Lie on a Mortgage Application

One you are getting a loan to purchase a home one of the things you’ll be required to do is fill out a mortgage application. It is imperative that you are truthful when filling out mortgage paperwork. In his excellent article, John Cunningham shares his expertise on what can happen when you fudge the answers.

Never put yourself in hot water and jeopardize your home purchase.

Tips on How to Make a Room Look Larger

Sometimes less is more! Adding too many furnishing and accessories to a room can make it appear to be cluttered. Eric Jeanette has written an excellent article providing Tips to Make a Room Look Larger. He discusses utilizing light colors, optimizes the lighting, and don’t cover windows!

Clean windows also help to make a room look light and bright. Decluttering and removing unnecessary accessories will make a difference. Framed mirrors also can add light to a room, especially if the outdoors has a lovely view!

Things to Do After Moving

Moving can be a monumental task, especially if you have resided in the home for an extended period. Chloe Taylor discusses Things to Do After Moving to make it less stressful. Before moving in, be sure to give the home a deep cleaning! Also, take a couple of days off work in order to facilitate the move-in process.

Other considerations include updating your address to ensure you don’t miss important mail. Another important consideration is to change the locks on all entries. There are some home warranty companies who offer this service at a discount when a new buyer moves in. Change all the batteries on the smoke detectors, and be sure to add to your calendar to replace them again after six months.

Tips to Add Appeal to Your Home this Summer

Summer is a great time to add appeal to your home! Kyle Hiscock provides Tips to Add Appeal to Your Home. He discusses tidying up, be sure to clean the interior and the exterior. Clean out flower beds and make sure the lawn is lush and green. This will help with the overall curb appeal of the home, as the front yard and exterior of the home is the first thing a buyer will see.

Add color to the flower beds, and there are many annual flowers which produce color such as marigolds, lobelia, and ageratum. Exterior lighting also adds to the overall appeal and ambiance of the home. Overall excellent tips to add appeal to your home and enjoy it at the same time.

Prevent Mosquitoes from Taking Over Your Yard

You want to enjoy the outdoors and your backyard. Nothing is more annoying the mosquitoes. Many people and animals can be allergic to the bites! Paul Sian has written an excellent post about Preventing Mosquitoes from taking Over Your Yard. Any standing water should be drained, as that can be a breeding ground for them. Even a pool if not properly maintained will be standing water, and mosquitoes can breed. Citronella candles or torches can be utilized outdoors to deter them as well. An electric fan outdoor can also help to repel them.

Do I Need a Listing Agent to Sell my Home?

Are you considering selling your home without a Real Estate Agent? If so, you may want to read Sharon Paxson’s article about Do I Need a Listing Agent to Sell? A professional Realtor will guide you through the home selling process and utilizing a professional reduces your liability.

There are many disclosures that a for sale by owner seller may not be aware of. Additionally, a Realtor will ensure that you are obtaining the highest amount of money for your home as they prepare comparable sales. Your Realtor will help to identify problems in the home which may result in a lower sales price.

Realtors will also qualify buyers before they even come to the home! They schedule showings in accordance with the seller’s instructions.

Eco-Friendly Paints for a Non-Toxic Home

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside a home can be three times more toxic than the air outside. The walls can be the cause of the toxic air. Michelle Gibson has written a very informative article about Eco-Friendly Paint for a Non-Toxic Home. Lead was banned from paints in 1978, most paints and paint thinners still contain volatile organic compounds or VOC.

There are many nontoxic paints which have low VOC’s. They may cost a bit more, however, in the long run, your health is worth it. Michelle discusses different manufacturers of these paints. This is a very helpful guide, and it is great to have these options.

Should I Buy a Home this Year or Wait?

Are you considering buying a home this year, or think it might be better to wait until next year? Petra Norris has shared an excellent article about Whether or Not to Buy a Home this Year or Wait. She discusses that last year the predictions were for the Feds to raise interest rates in 2019, and so far, this year, they have not. Interest rates are low, and it is a good opportunity to borrow money at the lower interest rates.

Factors which need to be taken into account include having enough of a down payment, determining how much you can afford monthly and credit scores. Other important factors include having an emergency fund if needed.

Buying a Home Now is Cheaper

When trying to decide whether now is a great time to purchase a home, one of the considerations should be the interest rates on mortgages. At the moment interest rates are near all time lows. Experts will tell you that because money is so cheap it is the perfect time to purchase real estate, especially if you have a long-term ownership horizon.

In his outstanding article, Dave Martin discusses how you can buy a home for less money today because of the financial environment. Who knows when rates will change? Now could be the perfect time to stop renting and get into a property you love.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed the content in these articles. These Real Estate Bloggers continue to share information to provide buyers and sellers with knowledge about the Real Estate industry. Each of the articles is packed with helpful advice from professionals who have years of experience.

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