What’s Hot in Outdoor Furniture Sales?

There are many things to consider when choosing your outdoor furniture, from design, durability, comfort, and chill factor. When you want to design your own personal sanctuary and oasis, it’s every part matters, whether you have a tiny balcony, a decent-sized patio or a sprawling backyard lawn.

Each year brings its own styles, and to help you get started on outfitting your outdoor living space, take a look at following most popular trends.

Outdoor Furniture Trends Comfort is a priority

Satisfaction is always the #1 concern when it comes to relaxing and lounging in the sun. With the outdoor space being an extension of the indoors, it’s understandable that it should be equally comfortable. For that reason, the material that outdoor furniture is made of and its sturdiness matters the most.

You should look for sturdy materials such as cast aluminum that offers strength and comfort at the same time, or if you prefer a warmer and more natural look, opt for modern teak furniture that can be tastefully accessorized with cushions and blankets. These materials can withstand the elements, whereas pillows and covers can be stored away when not in use. Moreover, teak weathers in a gorgeous silvery grey shade that adds a tone of the character and if you don’t like, you can either clean it or restore it to its natural color.

Durability matters

As mentioned before, besides comfort, durability is one of the highest priorities when choosing outdoor furniture. With so much furniture sets ending up in landfills, buyers are opting for strength over cheap and colorful designs. They instead go with long-lasting and hard-wearing materials and fabrics for which rust, moisture, and harsh sun are no match.

However, the durability of such materials as aluminum and teak don’t have to cost that much, so you need to sacrifice the style. Look for pieces that bring together function and beauty that you can even paint to match your setting and style. For instance, find a chunky timber sofa that you can pair with side table and a coffee table, and you’ll find that wood combines really well with brick, concrete, and stone outside. With the right texture of your outdoor upholstery, you can create a luxurious look and an inviting setting.

Flirting with past

The past often finds its way into the present, so another evident trend is the comeback of all things retro. Sleek, modern lines and contemporary styles are taking the back seat while vintage is taking the center stage back. Think in terms of sturdy aluminum cast furniture combined with vintage-chic lounge chairs.

A great thing about retro is that it’s very cost-effective as you don’t have to buy a whole new outdoor set. If you have an artistic flair and you love DIY projects, refresh an old and outdated collection with a fresh coat of paint and cushions upholstered in a retro-pattern design.

The love of light

As all designers say, light makes an essential part of any successful design, but many patios and outdoor spaces lack in proper light sources. The right lighting coming from natural sunshine, old-fashioned light posts or fancy festoon lights, will elevate any décor and bring life to any type of gathering you organize.

Just like the furniture and other accessories, opt for such lighting that can withstand the weather and then get creative with its position – place small solar lights into your flower pots, light up the trees with string lights, outline your meandering paths with solar-powered torches or hang lanterns from your pergola for an ambience of playfulness and romance. As long as you’re playing it safe, there’s no limit for imagination.

Having a variety of light sources and fixtures will help you create a warm and lovely atmosphere and enhance the beauty of your outdoor furniture and décor, however small and humble it may be.

Simplicity and peacefulness

Each year, design trends bring us closer to realizing ideas of a serene and tranquil retreat in the backyard. Even though they come and go, one constant trend is the simplification of designs with a calming effect. It’s no longer about having lots of different decorations that inspire peace, but rather having less to leave room for the design itself to breathe and ooze tranquillity.

For instance, one water feature can completely transform your space and create an ultimate atmosphere or peace and relaxation. Water is an element that relieves stress and tension; it rejuvenates both the body and mind and the sound of trickling water is not only calming, but it can also help muffle the street noise. It’s also a functional and practical solution for small backyards.

Accent colors

If you don’t like to make frequent changes, opt for furniture and furnishings in neutral colors and classic styles. In that way, when you wish to make a seasonal makeover, simply add different cushions, some candles, and small, colorful accessories.

As years and trends go by, so do the accent colors. So far, we’ve had mint green, lavender and now there’s blush or dusty pink. It’s a perfect accent color as it combines well with other patterns and gives them a fresher look. Introduce it in the form of pillows, chairs or even a sofa as your centerpiece.

With a plethora of choices today, you can use any color to enhance both your design and mood and express your personality and individuality.

Minimalism and modern style

There’s something very calming in minimal lines and sleek modern design that gives it enormous power to create a vivid and modern setting. With the right choices of furniture pieces with bold angles and colors in combinations such as mango and lime or raspberry and blue, you can create a unique design that conveys both retro and modern vibe.

The minimalist design incorporates streamlined silhouettes, a muted color palette, and functional materials. Many of high-priced pieces have been optimized for outdoor use and can be found at very affordable prices so you too, can have an elegant, stylish and contemporary setting in your own backyard without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the size and shape of your backyard patio, the right choice of your outdoor furniture is a crucial element in creating a comfortable, inviting, relaxing and inspiring setting for your days filled with sun, fun, and lounging in the fresh air.

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