Best Places to Retire

Retirement doesn’t come without its challenges, and one of them is about location. Are you planning on staying put once you retire or do you want a change of scenery?

While most Americans would rather continue to live in the same house and on the same property they raised their children, about 30% of seniors choose to relocate. The reasons are multiple, but most want a cozy and small place, away from the craziness of big cities, where they can enjoy their golden years in a peaceful environment.

The destination you choose to live in obviously has significant importance. However, don’t forget about how critical your housing selection will be in your golden years. It will be much different than when you were a spy youngster. Here are some tips on how to pick a home to retire in. The article is full of helpful advice to help you determine the right retirement property.

If you are among the 30 percentile and are currently looking for your retirement destination, here are ten of the best locations for retirement to consider in the US.

Best Places For Seniors to Retire 1. Sun City, Florida

Florida, in itself, is a wonderful state for seniors! In fact, the state registers most people over 65 in the entire country, so it’s clear they are doing something right.

The warm weather and beautiful beaches make for an ideal location to spend the final years of life. Not to mention that your nephews and nieces will gladly come to visit! We think Sun City (in the Tampa Bay area) is the best location because it’s well situated and has access to all sorts of fun activities such as golf courses and museums.

2. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state with deep roots in American history, but you don’t have to be a passionate historian to live here. The state is well known for its tax-friendly policies and vast expanses of wilderness where you can hike and enjoy some time away from the city. In fact, it’s one of the best locations for retirement in the US!

Portsmouth may be a bit more expensive than other cities in the country, but it is well-known for its peaceful neighborhoods. Also, you have Boston near-by so you can always enjoy the big-city life without actually living in it.

3. McLean, Virginia

If you like mountains and enjoy life by the river, McLean may be the perfect city for your senior years!

While the city promotes an expensive cost of living, it is incredibly tax-friendly with seniors due to deductions and reasonable healthcare costs. It’s also located on the shores of the Potomac River and near-by Washington DC, which is why so many diplomats, businessmen, and members of Congress call this city home.

4. Sheridan, Wyoming

If the name makes you think about a city in the Wild West, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. This is a small town indeed, but it is close to Yellowstone National Park which guarantees pristine air quality.

If you’ve lived in big cities all your life, the air in Sheridan will give you a new experience and energy!

Wyoming is also the first state that allowed women to vote, and its people continue to support women’ rights and equality. Furthermore, the healthcare costs are low, and there is zero state income tax, which leaves you with more money in the pocket at the end of the month.

Still, keep in mind that the winter is snowy, so if you don’t like building snowmen, you may not enjoy it here.

5. Lewes, Delaware

With a moderate climate and lots of things to do outside, Lewes is one of the cities that allow for a peaceful small-town life while keeping you near the big guys (Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and more).

In Lewes, there is no tax on sales and the Atlantic is nearby – what could you want more?

6. Boston, Massachusetts

If you don’t want to retreat in a quiet location, then Massachusetts may be the right state for your golden years. True, the cost of living is higher, and properties are more expensive than in some other states, but you are in the middle of the events!

For those of you who love life in the big city, we recommend Boston – you have access to world-class museums, Ivy League education, and lots of reminders of Massachusetts’ historical importance. However, if Boston is too crowded for your taste, cities such as Burlington or Danvers are just as recommended.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you could also choose one of the more popular areas of Massachusetts known as the Metrowest area. It is located about twenty-five miles outside the city. It is close enough to enjoy the city life at the drop of a hat but also far enough away for those folks who like a quieter atmosphere.

See a real estate review of towns around the Metrowest Mass area. One highly recommended town is Hopkinton Massachusetts known for the start of the world famous Boston Marathon. Hopkinton also provides easy access to all the major highways, including the cross roads of New England – Route 495 and The Mass Pike.

7. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Mount Rushmore State offers impressive landscapes and a rich Native American culture, and wide-open spaces. So, if you like being alone with your thoughts and partner, a city like Sioux Falls may be the perfect location for retirement.

Not to mention that housing and living costs are low, healthcare is excellent, and you get that small-town feeling and active community that you can only find in movies.

8. Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa may not be the first on anyone’s list, but the low living costs and access to a city like Des Moines may make you change your mind.

Des Moines is a big city without the hassle and noise of a big city. It has all the amenities, but it doesn’t promote the same rush and craziness you see in cities like Boston or New York.

9. Garden City, Idaho

The Gem State’s offer for seniors who like to keep active is hard to ignore when you hear there’s no tax on Social Security benefits and no estate or inheritance tax. Moreover, their largest city (Garden City) is a small town but with big city amenities because it is placed in the Boise metro area.

It’s also a city that offers wonderful mountain landscapes and lots of outdoor activities. The climate is mild so that you can go cycling or hiking at any time of the year.

10. Auburn Hills, Michigan

If you like rivers, friendly neighbors, and snowy winters, Michigan is the perfect retirement state for you! Besides the affordable housing options and below average living costs, the state also offers several small towns that are friendly and cozy.

One of them is Auburn Hills, a city situated along the Detroit River and close to Lake Ontario. While the winters are a bit harsh, the spring, summer, and autumn are gorgeous in this city, and there are plenty of outdoor activities for active seniors.

Helpful Tip For Moving

One of the worst parts of selling a home is the move. Moving can cause a lot of undue stress if you don’t plan for it in advance. Here are some moving tips for seniors who are relocating. Use the advice to help prepare for your relocation, especially when it is a long distance move.

Wrap Up

The good news is that there are lots of senior-friendly places in the US. The not so good news is that besides the ten we mentioned above you’ll have to do your own research. However, it’s worth the effort, so don’t give up until you find a location that suits your needs.

Picking a top destination to retire in for your needs should take a lot of time and effort. It is a critical decision that needs careful thought.

About the author: The above article on the best places to live in retirement was written by Graham Cook. Graham is the editor-in-chief at FindReviews. He’s been writing about technology, retirement, travel and other topics for more than 10 years.