Best of Google+ Real Estate Articles July 207 Real Estate articles can be a dime a dozen with all the content madness that is thrown at us each and every day. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to wade through it all. And, worse yet, sometimes the really good articles are missed for any number of reasons.

However, ever since Bill Gassett has been rounding up his monthly Best of Google+ Real Estate articles we can breathe a little easier, knowing that in case we did miss some of the really good articles, Bill’s monthly post will bring many to light. And, this month, I had the task of finding the articles to put a spotlight upon for your reading pleasure.

So here goes. Let me tell you about what real estate articles I found appealing enough to share with you. Each article offers a ton of guidance to buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike.

5 Ways to Determine if You Are Ready to Become a Homeowner

So you’re thinking of buying a home. That’s really exciting! Home ownership is just amazing, but are you ready to become a homeowner? Do you have any idea of what comes next after you own your new home and how it will affect your lifestyle and budget?

Dan guides you through several things that you’ll want to plan and prepare for if buying a home is on the horizon for you. You won’t want to miss this read.

Getting ready to be a homeowner

Dan gives you advice you can use to ensure you are ready for the home buying journey.

Essential Tips to Buying a Home with Bad Credit

Just what are your options? Can you buy a home with bad credit or better yet, how do you clean up any bad credit? Joe provides some welcome advice for anyone who has gotten themselves in the undesirable position of having bad credit. You do have options. Don’t delay and discover what Joe has to say.

Buying a house with bad credit

Joe takes you through the options of understanding how your credit score can impact your home purchase.

3 Things to Scrutinize Before Selling a Home

To have any rate of success in selling a home, it’s important to scrutinize 3 things before putting the home for sale. It’s like you’ll be investigating a few things to make sure you get it right BEFORE the yard sign is even installed. Scrutinize, scrutinize, scrutinize. Read my article here, Lynn Pineda, to find out just what you need to zero in on for the ultimate home selling success.

So is it wrong of me to include my very own article in the “Best of” collection?! Hope you don’t think so, as this was a quicker and easier read than some of my more lengthy articles, so I just had to tag it onto the end here. Hope you like it!

What to scrutinize when selling a house

See some things you should always consider before selling a home.

Are you Chasing Unicorns?

What a title – with chasing unicorns! Are you chasing Unicorns? Those mythical creatures seemingly carry resemblance when home Buyers seek out homes that really don’t exist. You’ll enjoy Kevin Vitali’s article as he explores the Unicorn in homes and how to get off your unicorn.

Are you chasing a homes that don’t exist

Kevin gives guidance to buyers on understanding how to know your home shouldn’t be a needle in a haystack!

The Drawbacks of For Sale By Owner in the Summer

It’s summer. Lazy days of summer. Why not sell your home this summer by yourself. After all, it’s easy to sell a home during the summer months when everyone just seems to be a bit cheerier. Hold on. First, check out Bill Gassett’s article where he makes you aware of a some potential drawbacks of attempting a “for sale by owner” home sale. Bill’s article is a must read to really know about selling a home by yourself; is it really for you?

Selling my home for sale by owner

Bill gives some insightful advice not only on why selling as a for sale by owner can be so challenging in the summer but also how to go about doing it.

6 Gadgets to Make Life Easier at Home

With what seems to be like more and more things being crammed into our every day, discovering gadgets to make our lives easier is certainly welcoming news as Frederick Franks presents to us in his recent article. Dig in to find out what these gadget are that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Cool gadgets for your home

Looking for the latest in cool gadgets around your home? You’ll find a great introduction here.

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist tips

Perfect timing for an article from Kyle Hiscock on summer time home maintenance. I love checklists. So easy to follow. Just review your list and check off what you’ve completed. Keeping a home maintained will always save you money. Let your home go and you’ll wish you discovered a real article with a great checklist.

Summer maintenance checklist

Kyle offers great guidance on what you should do around your home in the summer months.

Appraisal Mistakes New Agents Make and How to Avoid Them

A home’s value can make or break a home sale. Here in Tom Horn’s latest article he supplies some truths behind a home’s appraisal and just what mistakes that Real Estate Agents need to avoid when determining a home’s value. This should be a must read for anyone who sells homes; from the new Agent to the Agent who has been around awhile. It’s always best to ensure accuracy.

Appraisal mistakes for real estate agents to avoid

Tome offers in-depth insight on what to avoid from an appraisal perspective as a new real estate agent.

Selling a Luxury Home

A luxury home differs from a more typical median priced home, therefore, as you can imagine it will differ in how you sell a luxury home. Paul Sain illustrates well in his article exactly what can be anticipated when selling a luxury home. There are certain preparations that will be made to accommodate such a home. As with anything, planning is key.

Luxury home sale advice

Paul has some excellent thoughts on what it takes to sell a luxury estate home.

Golf Course Living

Golf course living can be beautiful when your home overlooks freshly manicured greens of a golf course. It is important to consider all the pros and yes, cons of golf course living before you make the decision to buy a home on a golf course. Anita Clark has written an article all about golf course living to guide you on whether it will be a right fit. Anita has covered the subject well, so be sure to read.

Tips for living on a golf course

Find out what you need to know about living on a golf course in Anita’s timely post.

Different Colors to Consider When Selling a Home

Oh the effect of colors on the emotions of a home Buyer. Debbie Drummond reflects upon the color choices we make for our homes and what story they will tell. When selling a home, the different colors present in our homes will certainly have an effect on getting the home sold.

As Debbie say, “.. your home’s color will tell a story; what do you want it to say?”

Colors that help sell your home

After reading Debbie’s article you will know what colors make a home easier to sell.

Wrap Up

That’s it for this month. Hope you found some articles that caught your fancy and you clicked through to read them. Be sure to check back next month when Bill gets ready to reveal the next edition of the Best Real Estate Articles on Google+ published here on Massachusetts Real Estate News. If you are a blogger and are active on posting in the Google Plus Real Estate communities you might end up seeing your article featured here!

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