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Best of Google+ May 2017 It is that time of the month again when we celebrate some of the top real estate content found in the Google Plus real estate communities. This month there was an abundance of great articles from bloggers around the country. Below are 12 of the best articles to help both buyers and sellers. Enjoy!

The worst issues when selling a home – Posted by Bill Gassett.

The article introduces 13 frustrating things you can expect do deal with when selling your home. The author advises to stay strong, listen to the Realtor, because he or she is on the same team that you are, and keep an eye on the finish line. Don’t let these home selling annoyances get to you. You may have to show the home at the last minute – There are times where you will get a phone call saying that a buyer would like to look at your home in under an hour, and your stress level rises. Last minute showings can be annoying, but remind yourself that the buyer that is displeasing you may wind up buying your house.

You need to think that they find your home and believe that this could be the one. Buyers will not arrive for showings – You are working hard, doing the best to stage your home properly and you find out that the buyer will not arrive. While it can be irritating and inconvenient, it is best to try not to let it get to you.

The author also mentioned the following things as the most annoying things:

  • Finding your lights left on and your doors unlocked.
  • Discover damage to your home or even worse something missing.
  • Buyers may touch, move and otherwise disturb your things.
  • You can’t leave your pets in the house for showings.
  • The feedback on your home is insulting.
  • Your agent insists on open houses.
  • You finally got an offer, but it’s a low ball.
  • You got stuck in dual agency, and it doesn’t feel so good.
  • The home inspection was done, and the buyer expects perfection.
  • Packing your stuff up to move.
  • Having to move.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Compete With Newer Homes posted by Debbie Drummond

We begin with a great article which gives the solutions concerning selling older homes. The report contains the tips that will help the former homeowners make their homes competitive with the newer ones.

Tip #1 is to Conduct a Pre-Inspection to Find Lurking Issues. This tip offers the sellers to add something extra to the deal by having their older homes pre-inspected. If the pre-inspection report finds the home has a repair or condition issue, sellers can include documentation to show what they did to resolve the issue.

The author specifies that once the inspection has been completed and any necessary repairs attended to, the sellers may want to ask their listing agent to use the pre-inspection notice and resulting documentation as part of their marketing to help encourage buyer interest.

Tip #2 is about Gift Buyers with a Home-Warranty Plan. This includes systems in the homes, large appliances, additional coverage options, alternative seller coverage while the home is under contract.

Tip #3 is how important it is to Consider Repainting the Interior. Comparing with newer homes that have a more open floor plan or larger windows, the older homes’ interior seems dark and dreary. That’s why the author offers this tip, by following which your home will become more attractive to today’s active buyers.

Tip #4 is to Maximize Lighting and Minimize Window Treatment. A very productive tip. Make the interior of the home feel lighter and more inviting by making changes in the light. The author offers the sellers to replace existing light bulbs with newer, brighter ones that offer natural light, as well as to add additional lamps, to situate mirrors which will maximize the light sources in the home and brighten up the interior of an older home.

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell My House – posted by Paul Sian

The article illustrates when is the best time to sell homes. It depends on the type of area the home is located in. A home based in a retirement community is definitely going to have a different peak buyer time as compared to a home located in a neighborhood where local schools are one of the big draws.

For those markets where schools are the primary motivator for people to move in, spring time can be peak shopping time. The author refers to whether the market you live in is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, making the point that generally will have little impact on the best time of when to sell your home.

Home sellers should concentrate on proper home preparation rather than attempting to time the market. The article explains that just because there is a peak time when the most home buyers are out looking for home does not mean home sales do not happen on other occasions.

Many real estate markets across the United States have different times where peaks in the market activity for buying and selling a home occur. The ability to time when to sell a home based on economic conditions is challenging and will likely only result in a wasted opportunity. Generally, the best time for home sellers to sell their home is when the need to sell is immediate, and the home is in a condition ready to be sold.

A non-essential guide to home selling inconveniences – Posted by Conor MacEvilly

Home sellers who appreciate privacy may become stressed when they find strangers parading through their home kicking tires. The author emphasizes that if you overly restrict the access to you home, you are reducing your chances of getting the best possible price for it.

He notes that every buyer will not respect your home with the same level of respect you show towards it. In this article, we found two ways that buyers can get access to see your home. The first way buyers come to see your home is by viewing the home with their agent. This means that buyers cannot just walk up, knock on the front door and demand to see your home – they are supervised by the agents.

There will be a lockbox with a key to your home located near your front door, which can only be opened by a real estate agent, and it will record which agent showed your home. That’s great! The other main way buyers get to see your home is through open houses, which are held on Saturdays and Sundays. The visitors are particularly nosey neighbors and people who have no interest in buying your home and are just looking for something to do.

Some agents don’t follow the displayed instructions, such as “Please DO NOT call the sellers; Leave all the lights on; Do not let the cat out; please remove your shoes or use the shoe covers provided; Please do not sit on the bed.” The article offers some advice that might help restrict access to only committed buyers.

Buyers who are serious about buying a home do not wait until the open houses at the weekend. Instead, they will see homes with their agent. Another advice from the author is to prepare your home correctly for the market. Price it appropriately, stage and use a great photography, so you will sell quickly and be able to get back to your normal life and move on.

Mistakes Made By Home Owner When SellingPosted by Joe Manausa

This article introduces five mistakes made by the sellers, offers to take the tips to heart, which will help to sell your home for top dollar.

#1 Do a Research Before Listing A Home For Sale – Conduct your research online, as the big part of potential buyers for your home are online. It is not enough to have a friend tell you they liked working with Agent “X.”

Instead, go out and see what people are saying about that agent. This is what the author offers.

#2 Hire A Rookie To Be Their Listing Agent- In author’s opinion, you don’t need an agent to sell your home, just put a sign in the yard.

But if you want top dollar, you need an agent with a marketing plan.

#3 Do Not Demand Professional Photography- As most buyers are looking at homes online before choosing which ones to see, it is important to have photographs with high quality.

#4 Make The Showing Process Complicated- Whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market, a homeowner will fare better in the competition, if the home can attract multiple buyers. Making your home available at all reasonable times is an inconvenience, but it’s a very profitable inconvenience for the home sellers that do it correctly.

#5 Fail To Hold Their Agent Accountable- Do not tolerate a poor level of service. If you do not hear from your listing agent on a weekly basis, the author advises to pick up the phone and call their boss. Demand your money’s worth!

Choosing A Mortgage Broker Or Lender – Posted by Kyle Hiscock

Deciding on where to secure financing and the type of financing to use to purchase a house is one of the most important steps of buying a house. The article explains the difference between a mortgage broker & mortgage lender. A mortgage broker is a middleman between a potential borrower and mortgage lenders. Mortgage brokers help potential borrowers secure the best type of mortgage and rates. A mortgage lender is an actual organization who provides the funding for the purchase of real estate.

An example of a mortgage lender includes credit unions or banks. Ask For Referrals / Recommendations. Turn to family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations, as well as ask a real estate agent. An experienced buyer’s agent will have access to several brokers or lenders they’ve worked with in the past and had positive experiences dealing with. Research Mortgage Brokers Or Lenders Online.

A great tip for finding and choosing a mortgage broker or lender is to research potential companies online. The author offers the websites which provide reviews from previous customers which can be very helpful to a potential buyer. They are Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Trust Pilot, and Zillow

Learn About Mortgage Brokers’ Or Lenders’ Products. One of the top tips for finding and choosing a mortgage broker or lender is to learn about the products they offer. Each and every mortgage broker or lender will offer different types of mortgage products. Since every home buyer’s circumstances are different, it’s vital they find the best mortgage product.

Understand What Fees Are Charged. Before completing a mortgage application with a mortgage broker or lender, it’s critical to know exactly what fees are charged. The article gives some of the most common mortgage fees to be on the lookout for. They are Appraisal Fee, Rate Lock Fee, Application Fee, Origination Fee, Processing Fee and Underwriting Fee. Ask The Right Questions. Asking the right questions when talking with prospective real estate agents is always highly recommended. Home buyers who know the right questions to ask real estate agents when buying a home will have a better experience than those who don’t. If a mortgage broker or lender struggles to answer these questions quickly, you may want to shop around and talk with a couple of other brokers or lenders.

Buying A House For A Child With Vision Impairment – by Anita Clark

This is a useful article which figures out the best ways to create a comfortable environment for your child who has low vision or other impairments. The 1st tip is lighting. Lighting is the essential for anyone with a vision impairment, so when you are previewing a home, pay attention to the natural light the home receives and take into consideration how lighting could be added later, once you moved in. 2nd tip is color.

Contrasting colors can be extremely helpful for individuals with low vision, especially in areas where there is a lot of white-on-white. If your child has a color preference, try to incorporate that color as much as you can to draw attention to his/her belongings while helping your child feel at home by being surrounded by their favorite things. That includes their favorite color. The next tip is to de-clutter, which is regarded as a critical key.

Once you have purchased a home and have moved in, try to keep counter-tops and cabinets neatly organized and clutter-free so that your child can easily identify the things they need. Cutting down on the clutter in your home will enable you to put some space between shelved items, making them easier to see and identify. And the last tip the author offers is to consider a service dog.

While most children with a vision impairment will not require a service dog to help them get around the house, these animals also provide a level of comfort and stress relief that will be very helpful, especially for younger children. Service animals for individuals with a vision impairment can help prevent injury outdoors and assist them in staying safe when traffic is concerned.

Real Estate Terms 101 – Posted by Shannon Holmes

Real Estate Terms can be confusing if you have never bought a home before, or have not purchased a house in a very long time. If you are planning a home purchase shortly, the author offers you to get familiar with the words and phrases that will affect a major portion of your net worth.

Here defined Real Estate Terms 101 are – Your Quick Tutorial; Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Appraisal, Closing Costs, Credit Score, Discount Points, Down Payment, Escrow, Fixed-Rate Mortgages, Home Inspection, Mortgage Rate, Pre-Approval Letter, Primary Mortgage Insurance (PMI), Real Estate Professional. “The best way to ensure that your home-buying process is a confident one is to find a real estate professional who will guide you through every aspect of the transaction with ‘the heart of a teacher,’ and who puts the needs of your family first”,- notes the author.

First Time Home Buyer Programs – Posted by Nathan Garrett

Before getting started with the process of buying your first house, you will need to figure out how you are going to find the money to buy it. Do some research to find out what mortgage will be the best for you. There are many different programs available for first-time home buyers here in the Louisville area and nationally.

National Programs Available: aimed to help assist home buyers and first time home buyers. The Federal Government has developed different home loan programs to give buyers an opportunity to purchase a home with little to no money down. For qualifying home buyers, you may be eligible for a USDA home loan that may require zero money down. This makes it more affordable and easier for you to buy your first home in Louisville.

State and Local Programs Available: when taking advantage of a local program that is available for the first time home buyers you must qualify first. To meet these qualifications for an MRB KHC loan, you will have to meet certain requirements such as; your annual income will have to fall within the MRM income limitations (county specific). Ability to provide a down payment or at least to qualify for down payment assistance is requested. Also, satisfactory credit history is needed.

Factors that decide if a house appreciates or not Posted by Wendy Weir

Many factors can be used to determine a home’s current market value. These factors can also be considered when trying to determine whether or not a particular home will hold that value or even increase in value.

These factors include; location, land values, market conditions, the economy condition, size, age, layout of the home and the types of updates a home has. The author specifies two main predictors to concentrate most on as land values and location. The location of a home has an enormous impact on its value. Where it’s located within a town or city, the street it sits on and even the plot of land on which it’s situated are all determining factors.

The author offers to do some investigating. Start with the location and check public records to learn of any land use changes or other plans that may have an impact on the future value of the home.

Consider the following as red flags and a possible drain on value: The rerouting of traffic through the neighborhood in response to new development nearby, plans for a nearby hospital, shooting range, power plant or waste facility, the area’s zoning. A multifamily designation may mean that you will one day be living next to an apartment building, parks, active transportation amenities.

Advice about how to improve a home before putting it on the market is great, but if the home’s location is undesirable due to any number of factors, all the improvements known to man and woman won’t raise its value. The time to ensure you’ll realize a return on your investment is before you invest the money.

Top false Real Estate revelations – Posted by Lynn Pineda

Learning the facts can equip us for success no matter our goal at hand.

*You know the value of your home, as a home seller, so set the list price with what you think will get it sold, even though your real estate agent suggested lower. After All, You Know Your Home Best With All The Improvements You’ve Made, And You’re The One Who Has Been Living In The Home.

The author explains that the home buyer doesn’t want to pay higher than fair market value. There is so much that goes into pricing a home accurately, and your Real Estate Agent knows how to price homes correctly.

Open houses are not needed to sell a home. Even though lots of agents do them that doesn’t mean it’s necessary.

There used to be a time when open houses were more useful when home buyers were not searching for homes on the internet, but rather by driving through neighborhoods or searching through newspaper and local Real Estate guides. However, times have changed, and home buyers are looking for the home they want to buy via online websites. A tiny percentage – 8% of homes are sold via an open house. So you do not need an open house to sell your home.

Popular Real Estate sites with their mathematically imposed algorithms showcase accurate pricing recommendations for home sellers and home buyers to look to for advice. They’re so helpful.

These mathematical algorithms are fake. Forget them. Contact a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent for an accurate home value whether you’re trying to sell a home or price a home that you want to put an offer in on. Mathematical algorithms are fake, not true. This is not a home’s real, fair market value.

*Buying A Home Requires A 20% Down Payment.

You’re not the first to hear about this down payment requirement. It’s fake news. It’s not true. You don’t need a 20% as a down payment. You don’t have to have 20% for a down payment to buy a home. There are many options where you may be able to qualify for a mortgage from nothing down to 3.5%, 5%, 10% and the like. You just need to speak with a qualified mortgage lender to determine what you qualify for when buying a home.

Will sex sell in the luxury home market? – posted by Xavier De Buck

The aim of the article is to cut through all the gray areas and settle this question once and for all. In general, attractive agents will close more sales than their ‘plainer’ counterparts. Plenty of social science studies has proven this assumption. It doesn’t mean that as a real estate agent, you now need to start showing more skin, sporting shorter skirts and lower-cut blouses; there is a line here that you shouldn’t cross.

On a more serious note, a professional approach will win out, in the end, every time!

A piece of advice from author – keep good hygiene, take care of your physical appearance, dress presentably, and try to remain professional when words start coming out of your mouth! Any relationship guru will tell you that what is most attractive is confidence.

The author gives an affirmative answer to the question about whether there have been cases when scantily-clad models in the advertising have helped luxury real estate sales. So, there may be some merit in adding these elements to your marketing campaign. However, the fact remains: if the product is no good, consumers stop buying.

And what about sexual features in the property itself, you may ask? Nude sculptures in the garden area, nudes in the wallpapers or bathroom frescoes, that sort of thing? These features often appeal to a very limited set of luxury home buyers. While they don’t necessarily hurt sales, they could be the first things that most buyers remove or renovate upon moving in.

The author thinks it doesn’t cost you anything to use impassioned and emotive language to set your product apart as unique and desirable.

A desirable lifestyle depicted in the marketing materials is useful. But if any point in the process is overtly sexualized or objectified, it can cut across your marketing efforts. And, by far the most important goal is that content always wins over style.


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