Best Google Plus Real Estate March 2017

Best of Google Plus Real Estate

This month we have some great contributions for our round-up of real estate articles from Google+. In order to provide quality information to a number of clients, we have information for sellers, buyers, and even homeowners.

The articles cover topics such as avoiding bad advice when selling a home, getting in the midst of a bidding war on a home and adding value to an existing property. All of this information, along with more helpful topics, are detailed in the following articles.

Home Sellers:

Bad Suggestions about Selling a Home

Taking advice from friends and family about almost every topic is to be expected. However, although it is to be expected, that does not mean that the advice is always good.

Bill Gassett points out some of the worst home selling advice that might be offered from various sources. The advice covers a range of subjects. From picking a real estate agent to determining the home’s value to picking a season for selling the home, this article helps sellers with reliable information. Don’t fall for the common real estate myths like open houses are needed to sell a home. Follow Bill’s advice and you should have more success with your home sale!

Advice for How to Sell a Condominium

Condos have special rules that normally do not apply to single family home. Since the individual condo unit is part of a much larger building, there are unique considerations that should be taken into account by the seller.

Leaning on experience, Kyle Hiscock offers some great advice about selling a condo. The tips recommend choosing a real estate agent that has substantial knowledge about condo transactions as well as understanding the special rules that govern the sale of condos. Getting familiar with this information will make the process easier for the home seller. Marketing condominiums is a bit different than a single family home.

How to Sell a Luxury Home

If you asked most real estate agents if they would rather sell a high-end luxury home or a cheap fixer upper there wouldn’t be much debate. Knowing how to sell a luxury home, however, is not as easy as one would think. Selling luxury real estate can be much different than selling your typical home.

In her first article over at Shee Knows, Adrienne Hollis has put together some great tips on how to hook a luxury home buyer. One of the things Adrienne mentions is knowing who you are selling to. She goes on to say that tailoring a specific marketing plan for the property is important. Take a look at the luxury home selling tips!

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Real Estate Agent

Too many times sellers feel like hiring an agent to help with the sale of their home will be a simple exercise. After all, as long as the agent helps pick the right price and list the home with the local listing service, the correct buyer will come to the place with check in hand.

But that is not the case. Lynn Pineda points out that there are several things a seller needs to discuss with their agent. More importantly, there are items that the seller absolutely should ask of the agent. Having the right information, and developing a good working relationship with the agent, will make things much easier for all parties.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

Real estate agents often get a bad reputation. The average person will only buy one or two homes in their lifetime. Therefore, they are not too well acquainted with the average amount of work done by a professional real estate agent in order to sell a home.

To shed some light on the amount of work needed to sell a typical home, Paul Sian covers some of the best real estate marketing strategies necessary to successfully sell a home. A sample of the topics covered is social media tactics, properly pricing the house and even purchasing internet ads. The average real estate agent will try to get away with as little as possible which is why interviewing multiple agents is a wise move.

Home Buyers:

What Happens If You and Someone Else Place an Offer on the Same Home?

If you are selling a house, it would be great to have multiple people trying to put a contract on your house. However, if you are one of the multiple interested buyers, things can get complicated.

In order to wade through the stress and all the things that accompany a multiple offer situation, Kevin Vitali has prepared information based on what he has witnessed among buyers and sellers. The aim for buyers is to understand the various scenarios that can happen and how to handle each situation. The article is filled with great advice for dealing with the environment in a sellers market.

The Consequences of Purchasing the Best Property on the Block

There is nothing wrong with buying the best house in a particular neighborhood. However, the buyer needs to understand the special consequences that might happen as a result of the purchase.

Luke Skar offers some valuable insight to what will likely happen in this kind of situation. The expected increase in value, along with the change in the value of the neighborhood, and what might happen if you decide to sell the home are all covered. Some people just don’t understand that buying the best home in a neighborhood will often limit its appreciation.

What Buyers Should Understand Prior to Looking for a Home

It is likely not feasible for a new home buyer to try and learn every possible situation involved with purchasing their first house. However, there are a few important things that are common to most transactions. These are the items on which new home buyers should focus.

These important first time home buyer items are summarized in a great article by Kyle Hiscock on Among other things, he mentions the value of a pre-approval from a mortgage lender and finding an experienced agent to help locate the right property.


Top Ways to Raise the Value of Your Home

Some homeowners have plans of projects that will raise the value of their home for an anticipated sale. Others simply wish to make the place more efficient and comfortable for their day to day activities.

In her home improvement ideas article, Susanna Petrosyan points out the areas of the house that will typically see the most bang for the buck. These ideas can be simple projects that an average homeowner undertakes or it can be complex tasks that need the help of a licensed contractor. In any event, these are the best bets for adding more value to the home.

Keeping Your Home in Top Shape

Considering the cost of a home, it makes sense to take the time to learn about basic maintenance that can extend the life of the property and hopefully lessen the overall repair costs.

A list of top home maintenance items for spring from Nathan Garrett on Kyle Hiscock’s blog is a great place to start. The suggestions cover basic items like the HVAC system and care for the windows along with more detailed items that can help keep your home comfortable and looking good.

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