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With the super-busy real estate summer months behind us, most of the real estate agents will see a slowdown in their property activities, and will be catching up on all of the previous months’ readings they’ve missed! There will probably a bit more focus on our social channels, content marketing, as well as gearing our marketing efforts towards next year.

Nothing better than starting off with the monthly Google Plus real estate blog article recaps!

As an avid reader of these monthly editions, you know how much great real estate related content gets published on G+ on a daily basis! If this is your first read, welcome! Grab your favorite cold drink, have a relaxing seat on the couch and enjoy these awesome articles!

For the month of September, these were among the best Google+ real estate articles! Plenty of great advice for home buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike!

Fall Curb Appeal Tips

While some people love spring time, a lot of us just love the fall season!

Regardless whether you prefer the cooler temperatures, colder weather, leaves changing colors, start of football season, or just happy to see that Christmas is getting closer, if you’re looking to be selling your home now, there are a number of fall curb appeal tips you need to keep in mind!

Plenty of awesome advice to assist you in getting that home ready before those first interested home buyers arrive! Fall can be a great time to sell a home!

Top 5 Marketing Ideas To Get More Listing Views

You’ve finally managed to secure that mandate, taken professional pictures, and put together a great property description.

Now what? How do you successfully increase the number of eyeballs seeing your newest listing? This article by Emile L’Eplattenier covers some simple, yet effective ways to immediately boost your real estate listing views!

Do you think content marketing might be involved? And might social media be part of that marketing strategy as well? How about online presence? These are all important marketing tips for selling a property. Want more? Have a look at these 18 tips for getting a home sold quickly for the most money! Make your sellers so happy they will be raving to all their friends and relatives about the marvelous job you did for them. These solid marketing tips will get you there!

The Cost of Adding Solar Power

Everyone knows the biggest benefit of adding solar power to your home comes in the form of reduced energy costs and the ability to help the environment. But how much do solar power systems cost and are they really worth it? The cost of adding solar power to your home can vary quite a bit as Bill Gassett explains in his latest article at RIS Media. On average, you can expect adding solar power to your home to cost anywhere from $20,000 to $35,000. As Bill points out in the article homeowners need to decide if this expense is really worth it.

If you are going to sell your home sometime in the near future it may not as the cost will be hard to recoup. Despite what many solar power companies tell you, don’t expect to be able to add the cost of a solar power system onto the asking price of your home. Understanding how solar power impacts home values is critical when deciding whether or not it makes sense.

Buying A Home: What Happens At A Real Estate Home Closing?

So you’ve found your dream home, made an offer and got it accepted! What’s all this talk of a “real estate home closing” actually about? No need to get all stressed about something you (and your agent) can easily prepare for!

Knowing what’s happening at a real estate closing is such a vital part of the entire home buying process. Yet, too many home buyers are left in the dark as to what to expect. Lynn Pineda takes it step-by-step and explains how being prepared can make all of the difference in the end!

Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse: The Essential Guide

Why might some people not be satisfied with their recent purchase? Psychologists would refer to it as buyer’s remorse, where the emotions (or circumstances) that caused one to buy a new product might change after the actual purchase. Unlike some basic retail product, once you’ve bought yourself a home, you better be 100% sure whether you like it ahead of it, as you’ll be stuck with it for the next few years!

There are more than enough reasons why one should be avoiding home buyer’s remorse!

Besides the more straightforward advice given to home buyers to rather take their time, Luke Skar covers a number of other factors which one might need to consider prior to finalizing the purchase of one’s home!

Safety Tips For When Your Home Is On Sale

The process of selling a home might not be an unsafe one, but nonetheless one shouldn’t take safety tips when selling a home too lightly! Plenty of personal belongings and/or loved ones which don’t need to be in harm’s way.

As Paul Sian explains in this article, some of those safety tips have dual purposes as well, as they not only help increase the safety but serve a purpose in making one’s home more appealing to home buyers. Overall, following the suggested tips, one can protect oneself better, and ensure a smoother home sale process at the same time.

6 Warning Signs You’re Addicted To Home Renovations

“Remodeling Addiction”, “Do-It-Yourself Addiction”, “Home Renovation Obsession” and “Home Improvement Addiction” are just some of the other names referred to as “Home Renovation Addictions”! And if you think that standing in queue at your local hardware store, weekend-after-weekend, for months on end, while your home doesn’t necessarily need much repairing, you may want to stop and read this article on

And if you think that standing in queue at your local hardware store, weekend-after-weekend, for months on end, while your home doesn’t necessarily need much repairing, you may want to stop and read this article on home renovation addictions! You might have a home renovation addiction without realizing it! Xavier discusses the major warning signs that one might be addicted to home renovations (and how one best deals with, and recovers from it as well).

Xavier discusses the major warning signs that one might be addicted to home renovations (and how one best deals with, and recovers from it as well). It’s actually a bigger problem than most of us realize!

Popular Fall Home Maintenance Tips To Tackle First

Another great article to read up on as we head into the fall season would be Justin Culley’s article!

Every season comes with both its upside/downside factors which might affect a property sale, so one needs to make sure to cover these popular fall home maintenance tips prior to selling one’s home this fall! Whether it be winterizing outside plumbing, or taking care of clogged gutters, there will definitely be a few points you may have missed last fall while doing your own rounds at home!

How To Sell A Home During The Fall and Winter

With fall season upon us, many potential home sellers are asking whether they should sell their home now or rather wait until spring time!

Why would one want to avoid such a beautiful season to be selling one’s home? Isn’t real estate being bought/sold 365 days a year?

Kyle Hiscock explains how selling a home in the fall and winter can be a great move, assuming the proper steps are taken. What is needed in order to get the job done? Does it make a difference which real estate agent one hires to help? Will staging make any difference? Check out his article to read some great tips on selling a home during the fall.

Home Inspection Repair Requests A Buyer Shouldn’t Make

What are reasonable home inspection requests? And which ones aren’t?! It’s more important than ever to make sure you pick your battles when it comes to home inspections!Rather not concentrate on the bigger ticket items instead of fretting over the little smaller value things? Do home buyers actually know the purpose of a home inspection?

Even though the home seller might be a reasonable person (up to a point!) and be willing to make some extra adjustments to please the home buyer, one shouldn’t try their luck, as it might backfire and jeopardize the entire real estate deal!

Real estate agents often see home buyers get too involved in the minutia of supposedly necessary home repairs, which turn out to be insignificant in the overall picture. Bill Gassett discusses what home buyers (and their agents) should actually be focusing on instead if they want to successfully carry this through to a successful close!


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Use all of the great advice from top real estate experts around the country to make informed decisions when buying or selling a home. Each of these best of Google Plus real estate round-ups are loaded with awesome tips and advice!

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