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The month of July was super busy for real estate around the U.S., but not too busy for these pros to produce some great real estate articles. Check out this impressive list of articles put together by some of the top content producing real estate professionals in the business.

All of the articles are found on a monthly basis as part of the best Google+ real estate article round-ups. Whether you are a buyer, seller or a real estate professional you are sure to find something helpful here. Take a look at each of the topics below and see if something catches your eye.

Welcome to the best Google+ Real Estate articles for July 2016!

Top 10 Problems Home Sellers Try To Hide

It’s no secret that real estate transactions are riddled with hurdles. One of those hurdles is the home inspection process. In this article, Xavier DeBuck covers 10 of the most common problems that home sellers try to hide when selling their house. He covers water leaks, mechanical issues, and many more topics. It’s a great read.

If you are selling your home it is never a good idea to purposely conceal problems. In fact when you do the likelihood increases that someone will slap a lawsuit on you. Be particularly careful with not disclosing mold as it is at the forefront of the real estate industry at the moment due to the health issues it can cause.

Check Your Credit Score Before Buying a Home

Credit scores can be complicated. With phone apps like Credit Karma, many consumers feel that they know their true credit score, but this is not the case. Mortgage companies use different sources to pull your credit, so it’s important to use the proper channels to determine your true credit worthiness. In this article, Bill Gassett breaks down the credit score process and gives some great tips on how to improve your credit.

Make sure you check your credit before buying a house Bill proclaims is a great thing to do. I happen to agree! Those who have the best credit scores generally get the most attractive interest rates. It only makes sense to do your best to make sure your financial house is in order well before you will out a mortgage application.

What To Think About When Buying A Bank Owned Property

In this article by Rachel Everly, you’ll learn about some of the pitfalls of buying a foreclosed home, and how to avoid them. Foreclosures are typically “as-is” sales. For this reason, you need to be knowledgeable of the main issues to avoid when buying a foreclosure. This article discusses tax issues, closing issues, and other common problems that can be avoided with some basic knowledge of the process.

16 Experts Share What NOT to Do When Buying a House

Continuing the topic of home buying issues, Ryan Fitzgerald uses his networking skills to gather tips from other top Realtors scattered throughout the country. He organized this article to offer insight into what you shouldn’t do when buying a house. You’ll read about stories of real life situations that went horribly wrong in this article. It’s a great read that is both educational and interesting.

If you are a first time home buyer this will certainly give you some great knowledge on what the pitfalls are worth avoiding. It is quite common for first time buyers to make mistakes – don’t be one of them!

The Costs of Buying a Home

Buying a home for the first time can certainly be an exciting proposition. Home ownership comes with major responsibility and signals life changes that are often viewed in a positive light. Buying a home however comes with certain expenses that many buyers are not aware of. The average buyer typically finds out about many home buying expenses during the process and not before. This can become a shock to many buyers, especially when working on a tight budget.

In Greg Hancock’s excellent article he prepares buyers for what lies ahead. See a breakdown of some of the less well know expenses a buyer will have to pay when purchasing a home.

How NOT to Screw-up Your Mortgage Approval

Mortgage approvals are more complicated than people think. There are multiple things that consumers can do to cause their mortgage approval to fall apart. In this article by Joe Samson, you’ll learn about some of the most common mistakes made by consumers that screw up their mortgage pre-approval. Joe also offers some great insight into fixing problems to get past these issues. Thinking about purchasing a car or other large item? Make sure you don’t do it during the home buying process unless you want to complicate your life tremendously.

A Dozen Reasons to Love Being a Realtor

Being a Realtor is a challenging job, but also very rewarding. In this article, DJ Morris discusses the main reason why he loves being a Realtor. He discusses how beneficial it is to work in an industry that has such a large amount of information and requires so may skill sets. Being a Realtor is rarely ever boring and usually a roller coaster ride. This article explains this in great detail. Take a look at some of the perspective of being a real estate agent. If you have ever thought of being one you may enjoy this.

Fannie Mae Home Ready Loan Guide

The Fannie Mae Home Ready Loan is a great loan product that many home buyers take advantage of. In this article, Toni Mariotti puts together an extensive guide on the qualifying criteria for this loan type, and all of the important details that surround it. This is a good article to save as a resource for the next time that you are using a the HomeReady option.

Moving to Colorado Springs? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You’ll Love It!

As a Realtor, creating local content for out-of-town buyers can pay off big time. Many people will search the term “moving to ____city_____”, but surprisingly there are not many LOCAL real estate agents writing about this topic. In this article, I put together an infograph that explains the top 10 reasons why people love living in Colorado Springs. It’s an article that is sure to rank for the keywords above and attract a lot of people to this website.

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