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How does a real estate blog article stand out from the crowd? What is each of these real estate professionals thinking prior to putting their article together? Sometimes, it’s a controversial topic which gets explained from a different angle, or even a frequently asked question from a client that’s enough to stimulate their writing juices. Whichever inspiration caused it, they put enough heart in their blog article for it to grab people’s attention, and mine!

Needless to say that there are quite a number of real estate related blog articles released in any given month, and especially now that we’re heading into the busy real estate season again, the month of May was no different! Even though we all enjoyed reading many interesting real estate blog articles, there can only be a handful of them selected for this monthly edition.

Let’s jump right in and have a read of the best Google Plus real estate articles for May 2016:

The “Who’s Who” Of The Real Estate Industry To Follow On LinkedIn by Kyle Hiscock

One of the more popular real estate articles I’ve read this month was put written by Kyle! As most of you know, Kyle has written a number of “Who’s Who” articles for different social media platforms before.

As a layer in a real estate agent’s overall marketing strategy, one should not overlook this solid social media tool called LinkedIn. In his article, he lines out why one as a real estate agent ought to (1) have a presence on LinkedIn and (2) make an effort in getting involved with like-minded professionals.

Exactly why this list of “Who’s Who” comes in very handy to get started reaching out & get connected to these 20 very active LinkedIn real estate professionals! You’re guaranteed to not only find great real estate updates from them, but also avoid getting spammed with ‘Just Listed’ posts!

First Time Home Buyer Advice by Anita Clark

There aren’t too many things as excited as buying a new home! Especially if it’s your first purchase ever!

Whether you’re looking for a bachelor pad, modern family home, or fixer-upper you’d like to turn into your dream home, there are quite a bit of pitfalls one needs to be careful of. Anita’s article talks about first time home buyer tips in guiding you along that exciting path of homeownership! Start by keeping an eye out on a few key things which will make the process a much more seamless and a lot less frustrating one for all parties involved!

Importance of Real Estate Listing Descriptions by Bill Gassett

There’s no doubt about it that great pictures AND property description are a basic must for any great real estate listing! However, reality does paint a different picture as we’ve all seen the ‘less-than-stellar’ descriptions on some of those property listings.

How is a property supposed to get a lot of potential home buyer interest if the basic description copy is a major letdown?! In his most recent blog article, Bill did an amazing job in breaking down a listing description and going over the detailed parts one-by-one.

If you’re looking to sell a property in a timely fashion, knowing you’re facing 1,000’s of other properties per week as your competition, you need to go the extra mile in taking your time in writing out an inviting listing description! Start by going over Bill’s article and see how it’s properly done!

Can The Seller Afford To Sell Their Home? by David O’Doherty

During the real estate market crisis in 2007-2008, a lot of homeowners owed more on their property than it was worth, or could sell for.

With the market having mostly recovered in recent times, and even turned some into a seller’s market again, David explains what one needs to pay attention to when selling in today’s market. How much did the homeowner pay for his house? Did he have a downpayment? What about refinancing over the years?

What’s happening 20 miles down the road will not be relevant to your particular case when selling a property! Real estate is hyper-local.

The Benefits Of A Having A Pre-Listing Home Inspection by Rochester Real Estate Blog

With one of the busiest real estate periods of the year upon us, a lot of home sellers are gearing up to kickstart the marketing of their property. One important element Kyle made sure to point out is the subject of getting a pre-listing home inspection done!

Whereas one can wait for the interest buyer to come along to do a home inspection, getting a head start and knowing what you’re in for once negotiations start, is considered to be one of the many advantages of getting a pre-listing home inspection! Any (house) problems which might derail the sale can be addressed ahead of time and save you a lot of time and money by ensuring that part of the deal will go smoothly!

Reasons To Have A Home Inspected Before Buying A House by Xavier De Buck

The popular expression says not to judge a book by its cover. And this is no different in real estate!

Whereas a certain property might be ‘perfect’ for the home buyer, it would be silly to jump in head first without having done a home inspection beforehand! There are just too many things which could go awry in a house. There’s no doubt that 99% of the time, a home inspection will avoid a messy real estate deal!

What a great way to get peace of mind knowing what you get yourself involved by having a home inspection done! No ugly (and expensive!) surprises afterwards as you’ll be able to budget for any potential repairs or replacements a few months down the line.

Xavier discusses some of the many reasons why a home buyer should get a home inspection done before buying a house!

Best Tips For First Time Home Sellers by Maximum Real Estate Exposure

Your home is most likely the most expensive asset you own! When it’s time to sell it, you better give it the attention it deserves! As the majority of home sellers aren’t in the business of buying and selling property, this process might not be something one’s too familiar with!

There are so many things to keep in mind and consider when marketing your home. A successful conclusion of the sale will depend on how you’ve dealt with them! Whether it’s choosing the right real estate agent, pricing the property correctly, or doing what’s necessary to get the most exposure for your home, a first time home seller might be overwhelmed by all the factors which might potentially hurt the final sale price. It can be a very daunting task, but it’s not rocket science, so make sure you do your research and get educated!

In this article, Bill discusses a number of tips for first time home sellers, if properly followed, should seriously increase the odds of a successful home sale!

Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection by Ferris Property Group

The topic of home inspection is a very important one, and this month’s release of articles covering this only proves its importance! Once you’ve found your ‘dream home’, and have negotiated a deal, it will be time for the home inspector to get involved.

Will he discover any big issues? Lots of repair or replacement to be done? Which issues is the home inspection report likely to point out that your basic walk-through didn’t see? Hidden water damage? Defective plumbing? Ineffective roofing materials?

All of which aren’t easy to discover, which is exactly why the home inspection is such an important part of any real estate transaction! Make sure you read this article as it’ll come in very informative with its detailed list of issues (plus pictures)!

How To Sell The House Nobody Likes by Debbie Drummond

Has your property been on the market for a couple of months? Has the buyer interest been disappearing faster than snow in the sun? Even though the property was correctly priced relative to its comparables nearby, it just hasn’t sold yet!

Time to look at your home’s marketability, and re-strategize! How’s the online presentation? Can a home buyer easily find it online? Debbie’s articles talks about the main issues affecting your home’s listing and which changes might be needed.

The Science Behind Selling Your Home by Paul Sian

There are so many elements that get involved when doing a proper job in marketing a property. Whereas beautiful pictures and detailed listing descriptions are very important parts, the Number One factor to take into consideration will be the price!

How quickly will a home sell? What price will it fetch? Paul explains a number of key factors behind selling one’s home which can make or break the sale from the start! Find the correct mix and you’ll be successful selling your home; don’t mix it correctly and you’ll be in for a long marketing period!

Home Staging Advice To Appeal To Millennial Buyers by Teresa Cowart

Given the latest statistics by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 32% of home buyers are so-called Millennials. Quite a bit of research has been conducted in how these Millennials have different tastes and habits when it comes to home shopping.

In her latest article, Teresa talks about what these home buyers are looking for in a home and how one as a home seller can stage one’s home accordingly to get the most attention! In other words, certain likes and dislikes can be addressed before going onto the market! Modern setup? Hardwood flooring? Wall paper? Stainless steel? How do you think they view these features?

With this, we are rounding off another amazing real estate content-rich Google+ month. Never an easy assignment to dig through all the month’s real estate articles and determine which ones provide the most value to its readers! It’s always great to see a few new real estate professionals diving into the world of blogging! If you’ve missed these articles as they were released during the month, let’s hope you’ll enjoy reading this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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