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Best Google Plus Real Estate Articles Mar 2016 What will you find that these articles all have in common? I’d start by saying, they’ve all got some good meat on the bones; words, lots of words and well thought out content. So important, particularly that everyone seems to be beefing up their content and as the experts recommend when SEO matters.

These articles all show that these writers know a thing or two about Real Estate and selling homes. Do not just trust anyone with one of your most prized investments.

It was not an easy task to select from all the articles presented on Google+ during March. I could have gone on and on adding articles here, but I had to trim and now I’m already busting at the seams as it is, but here it is, presented for you, like a much anticipated good movie that hits the theaters. Enjoy the best Google+ real estate articles from March 2016.

The Featured Articles

Probably the meatiest of all articles for March comes from Luke Skar of Inlanta Mortgage and the Madison Mortgage Guys. It’s timing is just right too, as Spring is in the air. Luke discusses home selling tips for the Spring and also invited in Real Estate professionals to share their expert advice on getting a home ready to sell in the Springs. An incredible gift for any home Seller who is thinking Spring is the time to sell their home.

Read Luke’s article: Spring Home Selling Tips

Tenants can be wonderful when they’re cooperative, treat your home like your own and pay their rent on time, especially when the time has come to sell your investment home. Then there are those tenants that aren’t such a prize – what do you do with them? Either way with the good and bad there are a number of things that you must consider when selling a home with tenants. Xavier De Buck of North Cliff Real Estate provides 5 terrific tips that will make the arrangement of selling your property a whole lot easier.

Read Xavier’s article: Selling a House with Tenants

What better time to hunt for the perfect house then Spring time. There is so much that you can do as a prospective home Buyer, to find your perfect house and it simply requires a bit of proper planning. The excitement that goes along with the thought of owning a new house can often blur your vision. Ferris Property Group has gathered up 5 savvy tips to get you closer to moving day.

Read Ferris Property Group’s article: The Hunt for the Perfect House

Are you considering buying or selling a home? If so, are you looking for some solid guidance to get you on track and keep you on track? There’s nothing like being guided from someone who knows about buying and selling homes, and that someone is Paul Sian of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. Paul covers this with first-rate advice in his article.

Read Paul’s article: Guide to Buying or Selling a Home

What should you expect from the Realtor you hire? It’s a huge decision and of critical importance when you’re dealing with one of life’s most important investment. Do you really want to approach the subject lightly? No way! Don’t worry however, as Sylvie Zolezzi of Your Piece of Marin, has put together a list of 12 questions that you should ask the Realtor you’re considering hiring. Sylvie’s list is a magnificent list of questions that will put your mind at ease once you have these questions answered.

Read Sylvie’s article: 12 Questions to Ask a Realtor

Appraisals are an integral part of a home sale. Not always an often used strategy, but a home appraisal can provide relief to a stale listing. When a home Seller views their home as pure perfection that surely a home Buyer would pay top dollar for, the appraisal can help to set the value straight as Tom Horn of Birmingham Appraisal expertly discusses 5 ways to do this in his article.

Read Tom’s article: 5 Ways to Help a Stale Listing

I don’t think we can talk enough about the right way to price a home for sale. In one of Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure’s, latest articles, he masterfully, hits on many of the myths about pricing a home for sale. You’ve got to read this from Bill, as remember everything that you read on the internet or hear from a not-so-knowledgeable source will likely lead you to your home not selling. Bill knows Real Estate so you can trust what he writes.

Read Bill’s article: Home Pricing Myths

Adding value to your home without breaking the bank is a dream for any homeowner wanting to spruce up their home. How would you feel about doing several projects for under $100 while increasing your home’s value?! It can be done and it can certainly make a difference to a home, especially if your goal is to sell a home for top dollar. The Keadle Real Estate Group of Search for Mount Pleasant Real Estate has compiled a super list of home projects to tackle.

Read The Keadle Real Estate Group’s article: 100 Projects to add Value to Your Home

You’ve started the planning and preparation of buying a new home. How exciting – that’s great! There’s nothing like a new home to begin creating wonderful, new memories that will last a lifetime. Before you get there however, you need to determine which type of mortgage is going to work best for you. Kyle Hiscock of Rochester Real Estate Blog has put together an exceptional article that assists you in determining what type of mortgage will be the right fit.

Read Kyle’s article: Determining the Best Mortgage for Your Home Purchase

Our daily habits can make or break our success in Real Estate. Are you just starting out in Real Estate or perhaps you need to tweak your habits for better success in Real Estate. Dustin Brohm of Search Salt Lake reveals some remarkable habits of 8 top Real Estate Agents. I’m sure you could incorporate a few of these habits into your daily routine to get yourself kicked into gear. You’ll certainly pick up a few good tips from Dustin’s article.

Read Dustin’s article: Daily Habits of Top Real Estate Agents

You’ve just gone under contract on a home you’re purchasing, you’ve completed the inspection, the Inspector provided you with the results of the inspection and there are items on the list that you want addressed. Where do you begin? Don’t let a home inspection worry you as there are ways in which to best negotiate after you have completed a home inspection. Anita Clark of Selling Warner Robins has put together a crucial “how to” article on negotiations after a home inspection. Don’t blow your negotiations and dig into Anita’s helpful article.

Read Anita’s article: How to Negotiate After Your Home Inspection

When buying a luxury home, there are number of important considerations that need to be made before you make a luxury home purchase. Here Debbie Drummond of The Las Vegas Luxury Home Pro, provides some first-class tips and reminds us that it’s not always as simple as the view!

Read Debbie’s article: Luxury Home Buying Tips for 2016

We all know how huge social media has become with Real Estate Agents. If you’re not an active participate, you’re certainly missing out on Real Estate business. Do we all know how to make it work and want not to do? Lori Thomas Dickert of Social Media by Lori very clearly illustrates those glaring social media mistakes made by Real Estate Agents across all of the many social media platforms in her article. Lori lets us know what you need to do to have success with her article on the popular RESAAS Blog.

Read Lori’s article: Common Social Media Mistakes that Real Estate Agents Make

It’s moving time. Where do you begin? I don’t know about you, but I love checklists. Checklists can make any task that much easier. Ryan Fitzgerald of Raleigh Realty Homes has put together one heck of a checklist, detailing each step for you. Don’t let a move overwhelm you. Use Ryan’s incredibly useful list.

Read Ryan’s article: Moving Checklist

Did you know there are Listing Agents and Buyer’s Agents? When you’re searching for a home do you think it’s easier to simply call the Listing Agent from that sign you see posted in their front yard? Think long and hard about that. Andrew Fortune of Great Colorado Homes provides the glaring reasons why it’s dangerous to use a Listing Agent when you’re the Buyer. Andrew explains, very well, the reasoning behind such dangers. Don’t do it. Listen to Andrew.

Read Andrew’s article: The Dangers of Using the Listing Agent when Buying a Home

You’ve found the perfect home to buy and you have no idea of where to begin with the offer price. How much money should you offer the Seller? Do you come in low or right on the list price? Do you love the home? Are you in a hurry or are you taking your time to find a home? I (Lynn Pineda of Imagine Your House), share some solid reasoning behind what you should do depending upon your circumstances.

Read Lynn’s article: How much money to offer on the home you want to buy

So as you can see, March was a simply amazing month for incredible Real Estate articles on Google+. We’re finding Real Estate professionals are pumping out better and better Real Estate articles all the time. It is never an easy job to select those to highlight and I sure hope that I didn’t miss any, yet I’m sure I likely did, as it’s hard to run across them all. In the meantime, enjoy this month’s selection.

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