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It’s that time of year again, the kids are going back to school, so here’s your opportunity to catch up on the best real estate articles for August.
In this month’s edition of the Best Real Estate Articles for August 2019, you will find informative content about buying, selling, and financing.

From how to make your home feel luxurious on a budget to learning the in’s and out’s about FHA financing; you are sure to find some helpful information.

Best Real Estate Articles August 2019 A Guide to Home Inspections

One of the many steps to purchasing a home is having a home inspection. However, not everyone knows why they’re important, who they should hire or how to handle any issues the inspector finds. In fact, some buyers think home inspections are a waste of money, especially if the home is brand new.

Well, Jeff Nelson does an outstanding job providing tips for home buyers and the home inspection process. Regardless of how old or new a home is, buyers should always have a home inspection done.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

Some folks are fortunate enough to be able to pay off their mortgage well in advance of when the loan will become due. But should they? In the excellent article at Realty Biz News, see the upsides and downsides of paying off your mortgage early. Learn some of the most essential considerations in determining whether a mortgage should be paid off before it’s time.

There are certainly pros and cons worth your time and thought.

Creating a Luxurious Home on a Budget

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make your home feel luxurious. In fact, Sharon Paxson shares how to do it on a tight budget! From selecting the right paint color to adding the perfect area rug a room can feel like a million dollars, but only cost $100. Luxury on a budget is possible; it just takes vision, shopping around, and a little work.

Sometimes merely cleaning and removing items, like outdated window treatments and damaged furniture can turn a room from drab to fab.

Home Selling Mistake #1

Home sellers can make a lot of mistakes during the home selling process. The first mistake most sellers make is hiring the wrong real estate agent. Some will hire the agent who suggests the highest list price while others will go with the one who charges the lowest commission or is the neighborhood expert.

While sometimes these agents may be the best ones for the job often they aren’t.
As Michelle Gibson explains if a seller does their homework and hires a top agent, they will be able to avoid mistakes moving forward.

Think Twice About Accepting Dual Agency!

Every state is different when it comes to who represents a seller and who represents a buyer in a real estate transaction. In some states, agents don’t represent either; they represent the transaction. While in other states, one agent can represent the buyer and seller in the same transaction, this is referred to as dual agency, something buyers and sellers should think twice about.

Often buyers assume going directly to the listing agent will save them money, but will it really? On the flip side, some sellers might be under the impression the transaction will go smoother, or they too can save money if their agent finds the buyer, but in reality that could be far from the case.

The main question buyers and sellers need to ask themselves is can an agent do what’s best for them if they represent the other party too? Sure, the agent might be able to be “fair” as Bill Gassett discusses in great depth on this topic, but fair doesn’t equate to best terms for both parties.

How to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

Home appraisals can make or break a real estate transaction, which is why some buyers, sellers, and agents get anxious about this step. If the home doesn’t appraise the entire deal can fall apart.

Even if the buyer feels the home is worth every penny, they agreed to pay doesn’t mean the appraiser will concur. Ultimately it’s the appraiser who has the final word on what a home is worth. However, there are steps a seller can take to prepare for the appraisal. By accepting these recommended steps by Luke Skar, they can increase the odds of their home appraising.

What Happens at a Home Inspection?

Home inspections, they aren’t just for homebuyers! It’s not uncommon for home sellers to have their home inspected before listing it for sale. By doing so, they can make any needed repairs ahead of time.

It’s also not uncommon for homeowners to have their home inspected so they can keep up with maintenance. However, not everyone knows what happens at a home inspection. From the different types of inspections to who to hire it can be a very confusing process, but Jamohl DeWald put together an outstanding guide that explains the process step by step.

F&Q About FHA Loans

An FHA loan is one of the most popular loan programs, especially for first-time homebuyers. However, FHA loans aren’t limited to buyers who don’t have a sizeable down payment. Sometimes it’s a better option for those that can put a large down payment down.

This is where buyers need to weigh their options and ask questions about the loan programs they qualify for. And if you’re a home buyer exploring an FHA loan, Eric Jeanette has put together an excellent resource where he shares 50 of the most frequently asked questions about FHA loans along with the answers.

How to Landscape a Small Yard

Landscaping a small yard isn’t always easy. In fact, landscaping a small space can be more complicated than ample space. Eileen Anderson has put together a priceless resource on how to design and landscape a small yard. Regardless of the size, there are many things homeowners need to think.

Are you looking for more privacy? How much maintenance do you want to do; every weekend, once a month or as little as possible? Do you want to keep it green or add color? Is hardscaping in the budget? Planning is key to transforming your small yard into a beautiful oasis.

Should You Sell Your Home Before Buying a New One?

Are you a homeowner who’s ready to up-size, downsize or relocate to a new area? If so you might be wondering what you should do first; sell your current home and buy or buy your next home then sell your current one. This is an excellent question and one that needs to be answered before you start packing.

One of the determining factors for most homeowners is budgetary needs, as Paul Sian explains. If a homeowner needs the equity from their current home to purchase a new one, the answer is pretty simple, sell first. However, if a homeowner is in a position to buy a new home without selling, there will be a lot more to think about.

How to Avoid Security Deposit Disputes when Renting

Your lease has come to an end, you’ve moved out of the property and cleaned it from top to bottom. The next step is to get your security deposit back, but hold up, the landlord said they’re going to keep it.

Security deposits can turn into a nightmare, especially if both parties feel they’re entitled to the deposit. Joe Boylan shares excellent tips on how to avoid security deposit disputes altogether. First and foremost, both parties need to document the condition of the property prior to move-in with photographs and notes.

This alone will put a lot of questions to rest of who damaged what at the time of move-out. It will be tough for a tenant to claim they didn’t punch holes in the wall when photographs clearly show no holes in the wall when they took occupancy.

Communication between landlords and tenants is also crucial. Often when a landlord and tenant have a good relationship, security deposit disputes are less likely to happen.

Building a Home: Avoid Mistakes

While buying re-sale home for the first time can easily lead to mistakes, purchasing new construction can increase those odds tremendously. In his article at Realty Biz News, Danny Margagliano shares some of the new home problems to avoid. By knowing what the pitfalls are when going through the building process, you can almost certainly put yourself in position not to make terrible blunders.

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed these articles from top bloggers around the country! Each of these articles is packed with helpful advice for anyone who owns or wants to own real estate.

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