Selling a home in a buyer’s market in Massachusetts can be daunting, filled with uncertainty and stress.

One unique method some people use is the St. Joseph prayer, a tradition steeped in the Catholic faith that promises a smoother transaction. This practice involves a ritual where St. Joseph is asked to intercede in selling a house.

I will provide you with the knowledge and advice to understand the practice. You can then decide if this home-selling folklore is correct for you. The tradition can be used when selling a condo or a house.

  • Who St. Joseph is and his connection to home selling
  • A step-by-step guide on performing the St. Joseph home-selling ritual
  • The St. Joseph prayer novena
  • Testimonials from individuals who have experienced success with this method

As a Massachusetts Realtor, I have had a few clients use this sales method. Several years ago, the real estate market was much different. Today, homes are selling like crazy without any religious intervention. Does that mean you shouldn’t try it? Of course not if you have strong beliefs of faith.

Let’s examine how this ancient tradition could help you sell your property.

Using St. Joseph Prayer to Sell a House

Tips For Using St. Joseph Prayer to Sell a House.

Who is St. Joseph, and Why is He Associated with Home Selling?

St. Joseph: The Patron Saint of Real Estate

St. Joseph was the earthly father of Jesus Christ and is revered in the Christian faith for his protection and guidance. He is considered the patron saint of the home and family. The tradition of burying a St. Joseph statue to help sell a house originated from an ancient Catholic custom.

Nuns would bury a St. Joseph medal to symbolize their desire to acquire land for convents.

The Ritual’s Rise in Popularity

This practice gained popularity in the United States during the late 20th century. It has become a spiritual remedy for many facing real estate troubles, blending religious faith with superstition.

The Historical Route of The St. Joseph Prayer and Statue Buriel Tradition

Where did this tradition originate?

The tradition of burying a St. Joseph statue and prayers to assist in selling a house has a rich history that dates back to the 16th century with St. Teresa of Avila.

She initiated securing land for building convents, laying the foundation for a widespread custom among homeowners seeking divine intervention in real estate transactions.

This anecdote adds depth to the ritual and connects it to a historical figure renowned for her faith and determination.

Understanding this background can reassure those considering the practice, highlighting its longstanding significance within the Catholic faith.

How to Perform the St. Joseph Home Selling Ritual in Massachusetts

1. Purchase a St. Joseph Statue or Kit

These kits can be found online or in Catholic supply stores. They typically include a small statue, a prayer card, and an instruction booklet.

2. Prepare the Statue

Wrap the statue in a protective cloth to show reverence and respect.

3. Choose the Right Location

The statue should be buried upside down in the yard, facing the house or the road. This placement symbolizes St. Joseph’s need to work quickly to leave the ground and find a worthy buyer.

4. Say the Prayer

After burying the statue, recite the St. Joseph prayer for selling homes:

“O, Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade and saw to it that he was always properly housed, hear my earnest plea. I want you to help me now as you helped your foster child Jesus and as you have helped many others in housing. I wish to sell this [house/property] quickly, easily, and profitably. I implore you to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer who is eager and compliant and by letting nothing impede the rapid conclusion of the sale.”

5. After the Sale

It is customary to retrieve the statue from the ground, clean it, and place it prominently in your new home as a gesture of thanks. This is done once the home is sold.

Use The St. Joseph Novena as Part of The Prayer Ritual

When using prayers to St. Joseph, many like to utilize the Novena, a series of prayers conducted over nine days. Here is the Novena of St. Joseph:

Day 1: Oh God, guide those who listen and help those who hear your voice; speak to me, as you did to St. Joseph, and help me accomplish the things you give me to do.

Day 2: O God, you love your people and bless the ordinary lives we quietly live. As you blessed St. Joseph, bless what I do, however hidden and simple it may be, and let all I do be done with love.

Day 3: O God, ever faithful, you remember us always and reveal your blessings in time. Help me trust in you, as St. Joseph faithfully trusted, and never let me lose faith in the beautiful gifts you promise me.

Day 4: God of families, bless the family that’s mine. Keep us safe from harm, and never let evil come between us. Let peace remain in our hearts.

Day 5: O God, who loves children, be kind to our children today. Give them eyes of faith for seeing far, a loving heart for welcoming life, and a place always at your side.

Day 6: God of our heavenly home, bless our home on earth. Let the spirit of Mary and Joseph rest at our table, shape our words and actions, and bring blessing to our children.

Day 7: God, our Father, give your fatherly spirit to those who are fathers now. Like Joseph, give them hearts of devoted love for their wives and children and strength for forgiveness and patience.

Day 8: Give shelter, O God, to those who need it, and bring together families divided. Give us enough to eat and decent work to earn our bread. Care for us, O God.

Day 9: Bless all families, O Lord, especially those in need. Remembering the life of your Son, we pray for the poor, for those who lack a good home, for those in exile. Grant them a protector like Joseph, O God.

Testimonials from Believers

While the effectiveness of the St. Joseph prayer and statue burial is a matter of faith, numerous homeowners have shared compelling stories of how this ritual helped them sell their properties swiftly.

These testimonials serve as anecdotal evidence that, for many, the practice is more than just superstition—it’s a beacon of hope during the stressful process of selling a home.

Hearing about the experiences of others can offer comfort and encouragement to those considering this method. Whether it’s a story of a house selling days after burying the statue or finding the perfect buyer against all odds, these narratives underscore the potential impact of faith and tradition in the real estate market.

Many swear by the power of this ritual, claiming that it has helped speed up their home sales in Massachusetts.

  • John from Framingham, Massachusetts, shares, “After two months on the market with little interest, I buried a St. Joseph statue. Within a week, I had three offers.”
  • Emma from Medway, Massachusetts, recounts, “I was skeptical, but I tried it as a last resort. After planting St. Joseph in my yard, I sold my house much faster than expected.”

Real Estate Agent Experiences

Debbie Drummond, a Realtor at The Las Vegas Luxury Home Pro, offered this analysis:

I have used the St. Joseph prayer in conjunction with burying the statue several times. Each time, the home sold, but there wasn’t a realistic way to tell if this was the reason. I certainly believe my success in selling homes was part of the reason. The bottom line is it can’t hurt.

These stories highlight the positive outcomes people attribute to their faith in St. Joseph’s intercession.

Where to Buy a St. Joseph Statue or Home-Selling Kit

You can purchase St. Joseph home-selling kits at religious goods stores, online through websites like Amazon, or directly from Catholic supply stores.

These kits are affordable, usually ranging from $5 to $15, making them an accessible option for many.

FAQ About the Home Selling Ritual

FAQs St Joseph Prayer

FAQs About St Joseph’s Prayer

Does this method guarantee a sale?

No, there is no guarantee. It is a faith-based practice, and results can vary. It is often used by homeowners selling a property in bad condition.

Is it disrespectful to bury the statue?

This practice is done with respect and prayer and is intended to honor St. Joseph, not commodify him.

Is there any controversy associated with this practice?

Some religious leaders and communities view the practice as superstitious rather than a demonstration of faith. Critics argue that it reduces the role of St. Joseph to that of a mere “good luck charm” rather than venerating him as a saint.

What happens if I forget where I buried the statue?

Mark the spot where you bury the statue. If it is lost, pray to St. Joseph for his help.

Can I reuse the statue for another house sale?

You can clean and store the statue for future use, respecting its spiritual significance.

What should you do if the house still doesn’t sell?

While many view burying a St. Joseph statue as a faith-based act that can aid in selling a house, it’s also vital to ensure all practical efforts are made—such as proper home staging, competitive pricing, and effective marketing. If the house does not sell, revisiting these aspects can be essential.

Additional Tips to Help Sell a Home in Massachusetts

Here are ten vital tips to help sell your Massachusetts home, accompanying the St. Joseph prayer. You should put your best foot forward when selling a house. The advice is based on three decades of selling properties.

  1. Price It Right: Set a competitive price based on market analysis. Few things are more vital to a successful Massachusetts home sale. If you get the price wrong, selling the property will be far more challenging.
  2. Enhance Curb Appeal: Improve the exterior to make a great first impression. It will be the first thing a buyer sees and thinks of if it’s not appealing.
  3. Declutter and Depersonalize: Make the space clean and neutral so buyers can envision themselves in it. Cleaning up is one of the best ROI improvements you can make to your house.
  4. Professional Photography: High-quality photos can make a listing stand out. Ensure your real estate agent hires a professional. I recommend you make it mandatory to do business with you.
  5. Market Effectively: Your agent should utilize online, social, and traditional platforms.
  6. Stage the Home: Arrange furniture and decor to showcase the home’s potential. The better presentation, the more likely someone will fall in love with your home. Following the best staging advice will help.
  7. Be Flexible with Showings: Make it easy for buyers to see the home. Over the years, a few clients have made viewings challenging. Their homes always took longer to sell.
  8. Respond Promptly to Offers: Keep the momentum going by responding quickly.
  9. Negotiate Effectively: Understand the fine points of the offers and negotiate smartly. Work with your real estate agent on the most essential points.
  10. Hire a Competent Real Estate Agent: An experienced agent can relieve much of the stress and guesswork. Without a top-producing agent, you will likely get less favorable results. Selling by owner is also far more challenging.


Whether you try this unique ritual or stick to more traditional selling methods, St. Joseph’s story is a fascinating example of faith intersecting with everyday life, providing comfort and hope to many during challenging times.