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It’s 2020 and here are the best Real Estate articles for September. As the tradition continues, this month I’ve been designated as the September Real Estate content seeker to present articles to all of those yearning for great Real Estate content.

Here is where you’ll find a summary of just such superb Real Estate content, this month proves to be stellar again. Top Real Estate bloggers know how to pump out articles filled with knowledge, advice, and entertainment. Take a closer look below at what great reads are in store for you this month.

The enthusiasm behind this monthly sharing of exceptional articles comes from Real Estate blogger, Bill Gassett on his Real Estate site, Mass Real Estate News. This month’s features will not let you down. Enjoy the real estate round-up.

Best Real Estate Articles September 2020 Advice for buying a fixer-upper

Knowing what to expect when buying a fixer-upper is paramount in order to have any type of success and Ben Mizes with Tom O’Shaughnessy of Clever Real Estate has written an excellent article to read to ensure success when buying a fixer-upper.

From setting a budget to determining whether you will do the work yourself or hire a contractor, are key issues you’ll need to establish upfront. Ben has provided some welcome advice for those of you who are considering tackling a fixer-upper.

Getting a Kitchen ready when selling a home

Preparation is critical when selling a home. A Kitchen will always look its best for prospective home Buyers when you do a little preparation to make sure it looks it best. Here, I, (Lynn Pineda) have put together a checklist of just what to do to put your Kitchen in the best light. Appealing to the most buyers will bring you top dollar when selling a home.

You don’t always have to spend a ton of money updating your kitchen to get some extra bang for your buck when selling a home.

All about Climate-Controlled Storage

Have you decided you’re going to need access to additional storage? Maybe there will be a lag between when you sell your home and buy another?

What are your options and will climate-controlled storage be a must? Bill Gassett has put together an informative article that explains everything you need to know about climate-controlled storage. The necessity of climate control for your storage needs will depend upon what it is your storing and for how long as Bill discusses. See what items should have a climate-controlled environment so they don’t get ruined.

The last thing you want is to put items into storage and later discover that your items were damaged due to environmental elements. Read Bill’s article to get in the know on climate-controlled storage.

What’s Considered a Great Credit Score?

When buying a home, especially for the first time, one of the most essential considerations for a lender is your credit score. The lender will use this information for one of the factors in considering whether you are worthy of the loan.

From a buyers perspective, a good credit score will give you more favorable mortgage terms. Considering it is likely you will have your home for quite a few years to come, it makes sense to strive to work on your finances before you make a move into homeownership. Take a look and see what lenders see as an appealing credit score.

How to Appeal to Home Buyers when Selling a Home

In Danny Margaliano’s article, he discusses what home buyers are looking for in the homes they purchase. When selling a home, this is of critical importance for you, as a home Seller, to know. Danny discusses what updates home Buyers are seeking, where to put your focus on and just how to “spice up a bathroom” as Danny explains. Making your home cozier and comfortable is top of mind in his article.

Other Options Besides Hiring a Moving Company

One of the most expensive aspects of buying or selling a home is moving. Without a doubt, moving expenses can put a real dent in your wallet. For some, hiring a professional moving company is not an option due to the extreme cost.

Those who are in this position will look for moving alternatives. In the article at Active Rain, see some of the more common options to go with besides hiring professional movers. You will save a few bucks in the process.

Getting a Mortgage when Moving out of State for a Job

Moving is exciting, yet at the same time it can bring on a bit of anxiety, particularly when you’re wanting to buy a new home. Are there certain criteria you must meet in order to qualify for a mortgage?

Luke Skar has put together an article that streamlines exactly what you can plan for when it’s time to get a mortgage for a new home in a new state for your new job transfer.

What job changes will be acceptable and what documentation will be needed. This and many more things are covered in Luke’s well-done article.

Staging a Home to Sell

Selling a home and staging go hand in hand when your desire is to sell your home for the most money. Here Vicki Moore provides some amazing advice on just how to stage your home. As Vicki says, “…Buyers will overlook some repairs and upgrades if the house looks like Joanna Gaines decorated it. And it allows the focus to be moved from defects to the bigger picture. They’re very visual…”.

This is an article you won’t want to miss to make sure you nail down all things home staging.

All things regarding an earnest money deposit in Real Estate

Earnest money or home deposits are standard in Real Estate contracts, yet an often misunderstood component. Kevin Vitali has written all about earnest money deposits and what you need to know.

As Kevin shares in his article, earnest monies or home deposits indicates that you are serious about your offer to purchase the Seller’s home.

There are many common questions that come regarding an earnest money deposit such as how much do you offer? When is it due? And are there any risks to it?

Kevin answers these questions in his informative article.

Calculating for Square Footage

Knowing a home’s square footage will assist home buyers and home sellers in determining a home’s value, along with knowing how you’ll be best able to use the rooms of a home.

Knowing what is actual living space that will count towards the home’s square footage and this will matter when determining value. Knowing a home’s value must be interpreted by utilizing its square footage, to name a few things. Here Sharon Paxson does a great job in talking square footage and why it matters.

What to avoid in fix and flip investing

Paul Sian discusses fix and flip investment pitfalls in his latest Real Estate article. Much can be said about underestimating repairs and knowing that the lowest price isn’t always the best, both significant points shared by Paul.

When deciding to invest in the often lucrative business of fixing and flipping, it’s best to get yourself informed before you begin such an endeavor. Paul gets you in the know so you can avoid catastrophes.

Appliance considerations when selling a home

Are you selling a home and are considering what to do about your home’s appliances? Must you upgrade them all or will what you have be sufficient? Xavier DeBuck explores the thought process on all things alliances for your Kitchen and what effect they might have on your home’s value. Discover if the value will be added by taking a closer look at Xavier’s article.

The Best Real Estate Articles for September Wrap Up

There are many Real Estate bloggers who continue to write informative and entertaining Real Estate articles. This month, as you can gather from glancing above, the selection of articles I just featured are ranging in topics.

Details within the articles provide useful advice for those seeking a mortgage, home buying, home selling, investing, and all things Real Estate knowledge. Enjoy the articles.

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