Best Real Estate Articles October 2021

As we have officially started off the final quarter of 2021, we are looking back at the month with another ‘best of real estate articles’ edition. As usual, we managed to get a roundup of real estate articles, with topics varying for buyers, sellers, homeowners, as well as Bitcoin!

Without further ado, let’s get started with the first article:

How to Find Out Who Owns a Property

Have you perhaps seen a waterfront house you like? Or, is it that abandoned house around the corner that has drawn your attention? There are quite a few reasons as to why one would want how to find out who owns a property. You may be interested in finding an off market home that someone is interested in possibly selling.

Sometimes people have a very specific location in mind and a particular house fits the bill nicely.

Whatever the reason might be, this article by Bill Gassett discusses the many ways one can explore in finding out more information about a specific property.

Best Real Estate October 2021

What Not to Do Before Closing on a House

Buying a home is one of the most exciting times of our lives. The American dream of home ownership is still is a significant life goal of many people. When you have never purchased a property before it is easy to make mistakes.

Sometimes buyers do things they shouldn’t that can impact their ability to get financing. There are some things you should never do before closing such as making a substantial purchase.

Many home buyers have purchased a new vehicle during the time of trying to buy a home. At times doing so can totally change a buyers debt to income ration which can cause them to lose their loan commitment.

Ownerly takes a look at all the things to avoid having problems when trying to buy your first home.

FHA Minimum Property Standards

Mortgages of different varieties will share a number of different general features, the one thing about the FHA mortgage is that is rather unique, hence it has its own (property) requirements.

As Luke Skar discusses in this informative article, these property requirements are intended to protect both lender and buyer – specifically, it protects the buyer by preventing them from buying a home that is in terrible condition, and it protects the lender by making sure the home is worth at least as much as the loan.

Understanding these requirements will help buyers and sellers through the appraisal process and not be alarmed if there are issues noted on the appraiser’s report.

Tips For Buying a New Construction Luxury Home

Has the time come to build a new construction luxury home? As noted in this article by Paul Sian, the process of building a new home takes more planning than buying an existing home.

As you can imagine, the process of building a new home can be a lengthy process; start in the wrong order and months can be added to that timeline. This article provides an excellent overview of what luxury home buyers should be doing when they want to buy a new construction luxury home.

Do I Really Need Title Insurance?

When buying a home you are going to be asked whether or not you want to have an owner’s title insurance policy. If you are wise, you’ll say YES! Like most insurances, title insurance saves you from a catastrophe when you really need it.

Not purchasing title insurance is like being an addicted gambler. Eventually it will cost you a ton of money. In Petra Norris article, you’ll see helpful advice on why title insurance is so vital in a real estate transaction.

Selling a Luxury Home Without a Price Drop

Unlike popular belief, selling a luxury home was quite different than selling a traditional house.

How is the house presented? What marketing strategies and tools are being employed? Are there any specific restrictions or requirements by the homeowner which can be different than a traditional listing? And bottom line: how does one price it correctly from the start and sell the home without a price drop?

In this informative article, Ben Kubricki discusses some of the best ways you need to be aware of in order to sell a luxury home without a price drop.

What to Know About Self-Storage

When buying or selling a home you may find there is a need for self-storage. If you have never renting a storage unit before there are quite a few things to know. Over at Clever Real Estate, you can see an excellent guide on what to know about renting storage space.

Take a look for the timely article on what you should know about storing your belongings before a move.

Who is Working For Me in This Real Estate Transaction?

If you don’t think many buyers and sellers ask themselves this question during a sale you would be dead wrong. Unfortunately, who is working for whom in a real estate transaction confuses many consumers.

It’s no surprise as many real estate agents don’t explain agency law correctly, especially when it comes to dual agency. In his article, Kevin Vitali accurately describes the landscape and problems that so many consumers face.

What Are HOA Special Assessments?

Owning a condo or home that is part of a Home Owners Association (HOA), means you can’t escape the possibility of a special assessment, which can sometimes run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

As Conor MacEvilly explains in this excellent article, these are anything but special, as they can leave a significant dent in your savings account – or even financially crippling for some! The ‘how, what, when’ are all discussed, to minimize surprises when considering buying a home that is part of a homeowners association.

Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Once you have become a homeowner you’re bound to be looking for ways to save money. One such was is through refinancing your mortgage. Saving money, however, doesn’t always have to be the primary reason to rewrite your mortgage.

Take a look at some of the other reasons you may want to refinance into a different mortgage.

Can You Buy a Home With Bitcoin?

Here’s an article by Paul Sian that discusses a very relevant topic – can one buy a home with bitcoin?

Withe the ever-increasing price levels of these cryptocurrencies, as well as the gain in popularity, you might wonder whether one can buy a house using cryptocurrency.

Homes in the US are usually bought using US Dollars, so where does cryptocurrency fit into this equation? How about all the associated costs with buying and selling property? As explained in this very informative article, it’s not as straightforward as one might think.

Does it Make Sense to Install Solar Panels?

Budgeting one’s monthly bills is a very important task. Taking a closer look at some of those recurring expenditures, specifically, electricity bills, can yield a substantial benefit. Depending on the size of your household and the number of appliances that run on electricity, cheaper alternatives might be a potential.

One of the best alternatives is solar energy, as it isn’t just affordable, but also saves one quite the frustration of dealing with inflated energy bills and power shut-offs. As Vicki Moore asks (and answers) in this informative article, are solar panels worth it?

What is The Least Expensive Way to Transport a Car?

Looking to ship your car? What options are available? What costs are involved? It can get quite hectic really quickly!

In this educational article by Bill Gassett, one gets informed of the many options available, and the many different factors (ie location, distance, type) that will affect your final transport decision.

Have you ever transported a car before? Make sure to give this article a read as it’s filled with lots of useful information on shipping a car cheap! Relocating across the country can be very expensive. One place to save will be shipping your car.

Steps For a Successful Estate Sale

Have you, or something you love, recently lost a family member? You might be stuck with a property you don’t necessarily want. That’s where an estate sale comes in to liquidate the property left behind by the deceased.

How does it work though? Who gets what? Is a court involved? These questions and more are being answered by Sharon Paxson’s educational article with tips for a successful estate sale.

Guide to Selling a House With Solar Panels

And last but not least, here’s another solar panel article which made this month’s list!

Without a doubt, today’s home buyers are looking to save money on energy. Solar panels become the most common green feature in residential real estate. If your home has solar panels and it’s time to sell, have a read of Joe Boylan’s article as it nicely explains a number of important things you ought to know before putting your home on the market.

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