Top August 2021 Real Estate Articles

As we head into the fall season, the real estate market continues to crank on high speed in most areas of the country. No matter what the market, Homebuyers and sellers, and homeowners are still seeking good advice for the decisions they face.

Fortunately, some of the smartest real estate pros I know are providing helpful information. Pull up a chair and grab a cuppa and enjoy some great advice!

Let’s have a look at some of the best real estate articles published in August.

Moving With PODS

When you buy or sell a home, you might find yourself in a position where you need storage space. There are quite a few options when it comes to storage. One of the most popular is portable moving and storage.

As far as portable storage goes, the most recognizable name in the industry is PODS. You can have a pod delivered right to your home and have the convenience of accessing all of your belongings whenever you need to. Buyers and sellers often compare the pricing of self-storage with portable storage units.

Have a look at how much it costs to rent a pod. The pricing of a pod rental varies based on a few factors, including your location, how many you need, and the time you will have the units. Take a look at the excellent guide from Bill Gassett over at Maximum Real Estate Exposure to get an understanding of what you’ll expect to pay.

Tips When You’re Getting Financing For a Home

Are you going to be purchasing your first home soon? If so, you probably have a few butterflies, especially when it comes to getting a mortgage. It is a natural feeling when you are borrowing so much money.

The key is to minimize any potential mistakes. Take a look at some excellent tips for getting a mortgage. The advice found at Active Rain and will provide the basics on making smart mortgage decisions.

Homebuyers Beware

Petra Norris, Lakeland Florida Realtor, has some timely advice for buyers. In a decidedly strong seller’s market, buyers find themselves in competition often.

When you know that you might not win the bid against 12 other buyers, it might be tempting to write a few offers at the same time…you know, hedge your bets. There are several dangers in writing multiple offers at the same time.

Please don’t do it! We understand the frustration of missing out, of spending time on multiple offers that haven’t worked out.

But, as Petra points out, writing simultaneous offers is wrong on so many levels…it is unethical, to say the least, and it may be illegal, depending on your jurisdiction. But seriously, the worst could happen: a buyer can end up in real trouble, having more than one offer accepted simultaneously. What a conundrum!

Petra goes over several points that buyers can use to make their offer more appealing than the rest. Be sure to check out her seven tips…and be sure to use a strong buyers agent!

Home Maintenance Tips

Now that you have won the bid, lucky home buyer, and purchased the dream house…now there is the prospect of home maintenance. That’s right, this investment you just made has to be maintained to keep and even increase its value.

But no worries, Luke Skar, with Madison Mortgage, has nine home maintenance tasks that new homeowners should know about over at World. Edu.

I know that new homeowners just made a monumental leap…buying their first home, and the thought of selling it is not even a remote thought.

But, as Luke points out, keeping your home in great shape will pay off immensely when it is time to sell. Following these simple home maintenance suggestions should keep your home in good shape and allow you to enjoy the home for years to come.

Home Seller FOMO

Danny Margagliano, a real estate pro in Destin, Florida, addresses a timely topic for those thinking of selling their home during this crazy runaway seller’s market: Low inventory coupled with strong demand has spurred the rising home values that we see in most places across the country.

With fears of not finding an affordable next home, many would-be sellers are deciding to wait…to stay put.

Danny points out that real estate market changes occur rapidly, and many see that these accelerating home values are slowing down and could be peaking.

Some would-be sellers are feeling the fear of missing out, or FOMO, about the possible changing tides of the market. He asks the question, will seller FOMO help balance the real estate market?

While there are no certainties, there are always opportunities for someone. Take a look at the article and see if opportunities are right for your situation.

Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Vicki Moore, Pacifica, California real estate pro, has a helpful list for would-be home sellers, pointing out the mistakes that home sellers often make. One mistake Vicki points out that I often see is when sellers use a real estate agent from outside of the area.

In this time of low inventory, agents are unfortunately taking listings for houses outside their area of expertise.

Real estate agents should have expertise in the area they serve. Without a thorough knowledge of the values, the home styles, and market trends, the seller whose agent is not familiar with the market is truly at a disadvantage.

It makes getting to the closing a lot more challenging for a seller when there isn’t proper representation.

They take the risk of being overpriced or underpriced, both of which are damaging to their bottom line.

Advice for Homeowners

With an increased emphasis on staying at home, many homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their home’s livability. We all dream of an outdoor oasis, and outdoor rooms are a growing trend, especially outdoor kitchens.

A Newport Beach, California agent, Sharon Paxson, writes about six essential stipes to create an amazing outdoor kitchen. No matter what your budget, there are many things you can do to upgrade the outdoor cooking and dining experience in your backyard. Grills, pizza ovens, dining space, storage, and prep space are great things to consider.

The attic space is another area of the home that can add usable, valuable living space. Paul Sian, Realtor in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, give us ten ideas for transforming the attic space. When finished into bonus living space, this often unfinished area can make a big difference to your daily life. It can also add to your home’s overall value if done well.

Families with children would benefit from a game room or a home theater. With so many working remotely, an unfinished attic would make a great home office space.

If you are bursting at the seams for an additional bedroom or bathroom space, take a look at the unfinished attic. Before you decide on the best use, make sure you plan for climate control, light, water, and access, as well as other options. And don’t forget to get the building permits!

Post-Pandemic Housing Trends

Is it too early…to use the terms “post-pandemic”?? We certainly think not. Chris and Karen Highland, Frederick, Maryland real estate agents, along with many real estate agents, are seeing the shift in the market on the horizon. What can we look forward to as we come out of this unprecedented time?

In our latest article, Post Pandemic Housing Trends, we have outlined the changes we’ve seen in housing, as homeowners’ needs have pivoted in response to spending much more time at home. Homes are larger, include a dedicated home office, and people have voiced a need for SPACE…both inside and outside.

We see a demographic shift as many people continue the flight to more suburban areas. Location, location, location has taken on a new meaning as more and more people are working remotely. We also see a coming change in the market. Check out our take on the latest housing trends.

Buying A Home? Condo vs. Single-Family

Michelle Gibson, Wellington, Florida, real estate agent, has 16 popular pros and cons to the often asked question…condo or single-family home? Important questions to ask include very practical aspects, like getting a mortgage, maintenance costs, and questions about

Homeowner Association rules and costs vs. Condo Association rules and costs, and in some cases, there might be both. There are also lifestyle choices that warrant consideration, like privacy, location, and access to amenities.

Michelle wisely brings up lifestyle questions that buyers should be asking. How long will this home fit your needs?

What happens if the condo association is poorly managed? What kind of restrictions are imposed? Will your pet chinchilla be welcome? Buying a condo is much different than purchasing a house.

There are many considerations to buying a home vs. buying a condo, and of course, having an experienced buyer’s agent on your side to help you get your questions answered is a must!

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Karen Highland About the author: The above article on the top real estate articles for August 2021 was written by Karen and Chris Highland, with eXp Realty in Frederick, MD. Chris and Karen have been helping people buy and sell residential real estate in and around Frederick, Maryland, for 30 years.

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