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It feels like 20 years since 2020 began, as global and local economies struggle to regain their footing. But if there’s been one bright spot for many local economies, it’s their housing market.

As 2020 starts down the final stretch, many in the real estate industry find themselves focusing on the fundamentals rather than bogging down in the muck of election news, COVID-19 news, or volatile financial markets. Get back to the basics with these outstanding real estate articles from across the spectrum in October!

If you’re going to be buying or selling a home sometime soon, you’ll love all of the helpful advice from top agents.

What to Know About Cash Deposits

Best Real Estate Articles October 2020 Do you have a business where a significant portion of your income comes from cash? When you are a first-time home buyer it is essential to understand that your cash needs to come from legitimate sources when getting a mortgage. The lender is going to check so you’re going to need to be vigilant about keeping sound records.

See what you need to know about cash deposits when getting a mortgage in this excellent article at Point2 News.

Is Renting to Own A Good Way to Purchase A Home?

With many housing markets around the country frothing, aspiring first-time homebuyers have struggled to keep up and afford a down payment. Increasingly boxed out of real estate markets, some would-be buyers are exploring alternative paths to homeownership.

Enter: rent-to-own. Why do homebuyers consider rent-to-own agreements? Are they a realistic way to buy your first home? Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group ONE Real Estate explains the advantages and disadvantages of rent-to-own, along with the gritty details of this kind of contract.

Tips For Renting an Apartment or Home Without Credit

Are you looking for an apartment with no credit check? How can you show your landlord he can trust you despite a low credit score?

Not everyone has perfect credit, and blemishes on your credit report make it difficult to find a new rental home. Other renters haven’t established any credit history at all yet. Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure breaks down how to rent a home with no credit, for those who need to move before polishing their credit history to a perfect shine.

No credit check apartments are hard to find, so use these helpful tips.

Conventional Loans with Bad Credit

Renters aren’t the only ones who have trouble moving with bad or no credit. Eric Jeanette of Dream Home Financing explains the basic guidelines and requirements for conventional loans, along with how to qualify for a loan if you have bad credit.

What do you do when you’re turned down by a lender? Should you turn to FHA loans instead? Eric explores these and many other questions that affect aspiring homebuyers with weak credit.

What Is Owner Financing? The Buyer’s Guide to Seller Financing

Seller financing can help cover some or all of your down payment, or replace your mortgage entirely. Yet few buyers fully understand how it works, and even fewer ever ask sellers about it.

In today’s effervescent housing market, buyers need every trick in the proverbial book to help them score a home. SparkRental explains what is owner financing, along with tips for how homebuyers and real estate investors alike can use it to their advantage.

A Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers

No buyer wants to discover a nasty surprise on move-in day – after the seller cashed their check. It is essential to understand how a home inspection works as it is an integral part of a real estate transaction.

Paul Sian advises readers on how to tour prospective homes and scout for damage. He offers details on how an inspector will look at your home, and red flags to look out for, from the exterior, major appliances or systems, roofing, doors and windows, water flow, and way more.

While no five-minute article can replace years of training as a home inspector, every buyer can walk through homes with a savvier eye if they know what to look for. Paul explains what to expect before inspection, along with a full home inspection checklist for better homebuying.

Who Are The Biggest Self-Storage Companies?

One of the businesses that is exploding right now is the storage industry. If you are going to be buying or selling a home there is a decent chance you may have the need for a storage facility. Do you know who the players are in the storage business?

Hiring the right storage company is important. Over at The Rochester Real Estate Blog, you will find some terrific information on what self-storage companies you should consider hiring. Each of these storage firms has a sterling reputation.

When selling, you may even decide to donate some of your stuff so you’re not paying extra money to store it. Not only will your home look more presentable to buyers but you’ll be helping an excellent cause as well.

The Best Way to Increase Your Home’s Value

In the real estate industry, investors refer to “forcing equity” through renovations and home upgrades. But how do you know where to start? Which home improvements add the most value to your home?

If you have a long to-do list of home repairs, but limited funds to make them, Chris Highland of Frederick Real Estate offers some great advice on where to start. Every system in your home is somewhere in its repair or replacement cycle, and Chris offers eight inexpensive ideas to increase your home’s value and tips for each.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Home with a Swimming Pool

While few buyers have pools on their minds in the fall, they offer plenty of fun in the summer and can affect home values. But they also come with significant maintenance and other disadvantages.

Michelle Gibson of Wellington Homes explains each advantage and disadvantage that comes with owning a pool, including several surprises. Consider it a must-read for anyone considering owning a house with a pool.

17 Ways You Can Save Energy During the Winter

With colder weather lurking around the corner, fall is the perfect time to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency. Joe Boylan of Springs Homes breaks down 17 ways to help you save money and energy, for a thicker wallet and thinner environmental footprint.

Looking for tips about installing a smart thermostat? How to seal air leaks? How about adding better insulation to your home? Joe presents a comprehensive list of cost-saving options to save energy this winter.

Is Real Estate Still a Profitable Investment Today?

Higher home prices leave buyers with mixed feelings about real estate as an investment. Sure, it demonstrates the power of appreciation – but it also leaves many homebuyers and investors wondering if homes have jumped too high in value, and due for a correction.

Danny Margagliano of Destin Property Expert offers his thoughts on why investing in real estate remains profitable even when prices jump higher. From price appreciation to a breakdown of investment strategies, Danny explains how to stay profitable when buying real estate.

Final Thoughts on The Best Real Estate Articles For October

It’s been easy to succumb to news addiction in 2020, fretting and wringing your hands and lying awake at night. Which works out great for media corporations and their ratings but ends less happily for us the haggard viewers.

Give yourself a break from the vagaries of the political theater or COVID-19 trends. Focus on the fundamentals of saving money for a down payment, choosing a market to live in, or scoring the best possible deal on your next property. In a year from now, where you live will impact your day-to-day life far more than yesterday’s news.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed all of these terrific home buying and selling articles!

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