The Best Of Google+ Real Estate July 2018 Summer is in full force with plenty of hot weather and a variety of fun activities to keep consumers busy while the temperature remains high. Also hot are real estate markets around the country with both buyers and sellers reaping the benefits of local market conditions to find and sell homes. This article highlights 9 outstanding real estate resources found on Google Plus this month to help buyers, investors, and sellers gain a better understanding of the topics covered.

When Buyers Hire The Wrong Real Estate Agent

It happens. You took the advice of a co-worker, have a friend who used a particular agent, or listened to a family member and chose the wrong agent to help you buy a home. Maybe you picked one on a whim (from a sign or an open house stop through). Whatever the case, there are telltale signs potential buyers should be on the lookout for when preparing to start looking for a home to buy so they do not choose the wrong real estate agent.

In this excellent article, Michelle Gibson outlines 8 key ways you will know if you chose the wrong real estate agent when searching for a home. Whether they are unresponsive, go on vacation without making arrangements, do not stay in contact, or are not prepared to show you homes, there are definite ways to know if you have picked a lemon for an agent with very little hope of making lemonade. Do your homework upfront and you can avoid the pitfalls associated with picking the wrong agent to assist with your home buying needs.

Tax Deductions Home Sellers May Qualify For

There are many benefits of owning your own place, but did you know there are also perks many homeowners can take advantage of when they sell their house. There are significant tax breaks you may be eligible for so it pays to understand what is available and whether or not you qualify. In this article that outlines tax deductions home sellers can take advantage of, Bill Gassett provides sage advice to put sellers on the right course to ensure they get everything they are entitled to after their home sells.

Did you know you can deduct a share of the discount points you may have paid to buy down your interest rate? Even some repairs and improvements made to prepare the property to sell can be deducted. Military members can benefit by potentially being able to deduct moving expense costs. Bill covers several other ways homeowners can receive tax deductions or benefits on their property, so ensure you check them out, so you can get educated on the money saving options available to you when you prepare for and sell your home.

Home Inspection Negotiation Tips

While they are not mandatory, it is highly encouraged for all buyers to have a home inspection performed on the property they are buying. It is best to find any issues and address concerns before you sign on the dotted line and become a homeowner. Just keep in mind the burden is on the buyer to locate a home inspector and fund the inspection. When in doubt, ask your agent who should have a list of local home inspectors you can choose from.

If you have never bought a house before you may not know what a home inspection entails, your options once you receive the report, and some of the important things you should ensure get repaired or receive a credit for. Thankfully, Sharon Paxson has these items covered and more in her thorough article on key things buyers should negotiate after a home inspection. Buyers…visit the article and learn what you can and should do concerning a home inspection.

Vacation Home Buying Guide

It has been said countless times that purchasing real estate can be a wise investment. Over time, equity is built and the opportunity to increase the retirement portfolio loom large for many consumers. For those who have the funds, and are considering the purchase of a second property, having a handy guide for buying a vacation home can be incredibly beneficial to navigate through the process. This article initiates the buying process by giving you a blueprint to hit the ground running.

Whether funds are a factor or not, the opportunity to own a getaway place in a setting you enjoy is a huge turn on for many consumers. A quiet retreat, a cottage in your ideal setting, a loft in a downtown location, or something entirely different can be yours. With careful planning, the prospect of relaxing in a vacation home you have often dreamed about can become a reality.

What To Do If You Get Multiple Offers On Your Home

If you have ever been the process of selling a home, you know how chaotic and exciting it can be to receive and negotiate multiple offers on your house. It can also be a little bit scary and overwhelming if you do not have a plan in place to evaluate the offers in an expeditious manner and choose the one that best matches your needs. So what do you do when you are suddenly faced with several offers, each with its own set of conditions, prices, and stipulations?

Karen Highland does a great job of outlining what happens, key buyer tips, why you should not over negotiate, seller advice, savvy negotiation points, and why hiring an experienced agent matters when negotiating multiple offers on a home. It can be survival of the fittest so ensure you stay calm during the negotiations, effectively communicate your needs and wants, and you will not only survive but thrive through the experience.

Hiring The Right Agent To Sell Your Home Makes All The Difference

As Jamohl DeWald deftly points out, who you hire to help sell your home is critical. The right agent can do so many things to put you in the best position to net a strong return at a timeline that meets your needs. But how do you know what to look for or even if you have chosen the right agent?

One of the key things you can do is to interview prospective agents upfront. That way you can eliminate those who do not meet your requirements and focus on the few who do. As Jamohl discusses, your agent should provide a list of things they will do to market your property and be available when key events or actions occur. Do not be impressed by “bright and shiny” unless the agent can prove how they will utilize that tool to benefit you. Just remember, at the end of the day you want a quick sale for the highest price possible.

Condominium Terms You Need To Know

For many buyers, the prospect of owning a condominium makes perfect sense. However, there are a variety of things that are unique to condo living that consumers need to be aware of before diving into this market. As Kevin Vitali talks about in this must read article, there are numerous condo terms buyers need to understand so they go into the purchase with eyes wide open.

For instance, understanding what a common area is and who is responsible for it can eliminate hard feelings and embarrassment once you move in. Also, knowing what a declaration of trust is and how it drives actions by the condominium board as they enforce the homeowners association is critical to know what you can and cannot do to your property. These are just a couple of the 19 terms that are discussed in this thorough write-up.

Can A Fence Increase Your Homes Value?

Let’s face it, sellers want to maximize return on investment when they sell their home without spending too much money during the closing process. That means they should ensure the features their property currently has are in good working order and provide value that buyers will appreciate. One of these features that can be a benefit when you put your home on the local market is a fence.

As Kyle Hiscock discusses, things like privacy and aesthetics immediately come to mind when you think about home fencing. Fencing can increase the value of your property and provide a level of security that can keep pets and children in and intruders out. The type of fence you install can provide added curb appeal and help attract buyers too. If you already have fencing around your home, ensure it is in good shape so buyers have a positive first impression when they view the property. If your home does not have a fence, you should consider whether adding one will be a benefit to help you sell the property when you get ready to put your house up for sale.

Millennial Home Buying Wish List

Do you ever get buyers remorse? Not the wholesale kind where you wish you had never purchased a property but the kind where you wish you could change a few things up or make an item a two a priority when you were out home searching? With this guide produced by John Cunningham, not only do you have a blueprint to go by, but you have specific things to look for in a home.

This homebuyer wish-list is especially important for first-time buyers, such as millennials, who are looking to become new homeowners. If you put into action the 5 tips provided by John, you will have a leg up on the competition and in a better position to find and actually buy the home you want. Happy house hunting!

In Summary

There is a lot of quality content above to both educate and provide helpful advice to buyers, investors, and sellers. Having key information at the ready when you want to make a move, or need advice on an issue, will keep you focused on the important topics that arise during your home buying or selling experience.

I hope you enjoyed reading the informative articles highlighted above as much as I did. As always, if you found the information in this post helpful, please share this G+ compilation so other consumers can also benefit from the information provided.

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About the author: This monthly best of Google Plus compilation was written by Anita Clark. She is consistently a top producing residential real estate agent in Houston County, Georgia, and has been helping real estate consumers buy and sell homes in middle GA for the past decade. Anita enjoys educating buyers and sellers by providing quality real estate topics and information on her Bonaire real estate blog and via social media to assist local and national consumers and other real estate professionals.