Are you going to be relocating from Massachusetts? Moving out of state is typically more challenging than relocating across town.

You must notify the necessary contacts to ensure a smooth transition when moving. We will cover advising companies, utilities, insurance providers, family and friends, government agencies, financial services, people and animal care, and memberships.

From informing your suppliers and clients to updating your address with government agencies and financial institutions, knowing who to let know about your move is essential to avoid disruptions. Look at the following sections to learn more about each specific area and make your move hassle-free.

When you’re changing addresses, having a checklist is helpful. Maximum Real Estate Exposure has an excellent guide. We will also cover who to notify.

Whether moving from an apartment, condo, or single-family home, you’ll want to start the process early. Let’s dig in.

Who to Let Know About Your Address Change

Who to Let Know About Your Address Change From Massachusetts.


Notification to Company Suppliers

When you are moving, it’s essential to inform your company’s suppliers about your change of address. This ensures that your business transactions continue smoothly without any interruptions.

Contact your suppliers through email or phone and provide them with your new contact details. Be proactive in updating your shipping and billing addresses to avoid delays in deliveries and invoices. Remember to notify your key suppliers and any other vendors or service providers you regularly work with.

Communication with Company Clients

Maintaining open lines of communication with your company’s clients during a move is vital to sustain good relationships and avoid misunderstandings.

Inform your clients about your upcoming relocation and the expected timeline. Emphasize that your commitment to delivering quality services remains unchanged despite the move. Please provide them with your new contact information and ensure that all necessary channels for communication are updated.

Consider sending personalized emails and reaching out individually to your key clients to address any concerns and reassure them of your continued dedication to meeting their needs.

  • Notify suppliers promptly about your change of address to prevent any disruptions in business transactions.
  • Update shipping and billing addresses for smooth logistics and financial processes.
  • Communicate with clients about your move, reassuring them of your ongoing commitment to exceptional service.
  • Share your new contact details and keep open lines of communication to address any client concerns.


Utilities play a vital role in our daily lives, and it’s crucial to update your new address with the respective providers to ensure uninterrupted services. When moving from Massachusetts, you may discover where you’re heading has different utility providers.

Here are the critical utility categories to consider:

Gas and Electricity Providers

To avoid service disruptions, informing your gas and electricity providers about your move is essential. Contact your current utility companies and provide them with your new address and move-out date. This will help ensure a smooth transition of these critical services to your new home.

Water and Sewage Services

Don’t forget to notify your water and sewage service providers about your upcoming move. Contact your local water and sewage department or utility company, and inform them of your new address and the date you will be moving. This will ensure your water and sewage services are correctly transferred to the new location.

Remember to update your contact information with these utility providers to receive essential notifications and bills promptly. Taking the time to inform your gas, electricity, water, and sewage service providers will help minimize any potential complications regarding service disconnections or billing errors.

Check with your utility providers if they require additional documentation or specific procedures for updating your address. Keep a record of all communications for reference and peace of mind during your moving process.


Notifying your gas, electricity, water, and sewage providers is crucial to ensure uninterrupted essential services when you move. Contact these utility companies, provide them with your new address, and stay up to date with any procedures or documentation they require.

Updating your information will help ensure a seamless transition to your new home.

Insurance Providers

When moving, updating your insurance providers with your new address is essential. Notifying your insurance companies ensures you maintain proper coverage at your new location.

Here are two key areas where you need to inform your insurance providers:

Home or Renter’s Insurance

Contact your home or renter’s insurance company to update your address. This step ensures that your policy remains valid and that you continue to receive the necessary coverage for your new residence.

Please provide them with accurate details of your new home, such as the address, size, and any additional features that may affect your coverage.

Health Insurance

To avoid any disruptions in your healthcare coverage, contact your health insurance provider and inform them about your change of address. This notification lets them update their records and ensures that your insurance information aligns with your new location. Please provide them with any necessary documents or forms they require to facilitate the process smoothly.

Contact your home or renter’s insurance company and your health insurance provider to update your address and maintain appropriate coverage during and after your move.

Family and Friends

When planning a move, it’s crucial to inform your family members and close friends about your upcoming change of address. This will ensure they have your updated contact information and can stay connected with you during and after the move.

Here are the key steps to inform your loved ones:

Informing Family Members

Notify your immediate family, including parents, siblings, and children, about your new address. Please share the details with them through phone calls, emails, or even a group message to keep everyone in the loop.

Providing your new address will allow them to update their records and send any future correspondence to the right place.

Notifying Close Friends

In addition to your family, informing your close friends about your change of address is essential to ensure you can maintain your friendships even if you’re physically farther apart. Reach out to your closest friends individually and share your new address and any other relevant contact information.

Consider organizing a small gathering or virtual meet-up to celebrate your new chapter and strengthen your bond before your move.

You can ensure that your connections remain strong regardless of distance by informing your family members and close friends about your move. Keeping them in the loop will also allow them to support you during the moving process and make any necessary updates to their contact information.

Government Agencies

United States Postal Service

Notify the United States Postal Service (USPS) about your change of address to ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new location for up to 12 months. You can easily update your address online through the USPS website or by visiting your local post office.

Federal and State Tax Agencies

Ensure to inform the federal and state tax agencies about your new address. This includes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for federal taxes and the appropriate state tax agency for your specific condition. Update your tax return address or contact the respective tax agencies directly.

Social Security Administration

If you receive Social Security benefits, you must notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) about your change of address. This can be done online through your SSA account or by contacting the SSA by phone.

Ensuring the SSA has your updated address will help you receive the necessary documentation and correspondence.

Motor Vehicle Department

Notify the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration with your new address. Contact your local MVD office or visit their website to find out how to update your information.

Accurate address details on your driver’s license and vehicle registration are crucial for legal purposes.

Financial Services

When moving, updating your address with various financial institutions is essential to ensure a smooth transition. This section covers notifying banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions of your address change.

Banks and Credit Card Companies

Notify your bank and credit card companies about your new address to ensure that your statements, notifications, and cards are delivered to the right place. This will help you stay updated on your account activity and prevent potential issues.


  • Contact your bank’s customer service via phone, online banking, or in person. Please provide them with your updated address, contact information, and other necessary details.
  • Inform your credit card companies through customer service channels like phone or online account management. Update your billing address and contact information to receive important notifications and avoid payment delays or fraud concerns.

Other Financial Institutions

Aside from banks and credit card companies, other financial institutions may need to be informed of your address change. These can include loan providers, investment firms, and insurance companies.


  • Contact your loan providers, such as mortgage lenders or auto loan companies, to update your address. This ensures that you receive essential correspondence regarding repayments and account statements.
  • Inform investment firms, brokers, or financial advisors about your new address. This way, they can send you investment reports, tax documents, and other relevant information.
  • Update your address with insurance companies, including life, health, and auto insurance providers. This ensures you accurately receive policy updates, premium notices, and claims-related communications.

By notifying banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions, you can maintain uninterrupted access to your accounts, stay informed about your finances, and avoid potential security or financial risks associated with an outdated address.

People and Animal Care

Healthcare Providers

When you move, it’s crucial to inform your healthcare providers about your change of address. This ensures a smooth transition and avoids any disruptions in medical services.

Remember to notify your primary care physician, specialists, and other healthcare professionals you regularly visit. It’s also important to update your address with pharmacies and medical supply companies to ensure your prescriptions and necessary supplies are delivered to the correct location.

Contact each provider directly, either by phone or through their online patient portal, and provide them with your new address and contact information.

Veterinary Services

Don’t forget about your furry friends during your move! You must notify your current veterinarian and find a new one in your new location. Request a copy of your pets’ medical records from your current vet to provide to the new vet. Doing so will help them become familiar with your pets’ medical history and provide personalized care.

Additionally, update your contact information with any pet insurance providers you may have to ensure uninterrupted coverage. Research and schedule an appointment with a new vet before you move to have their information readily available when needed.


Updating your memberships is essential to ensure a smooth transition during your move. Don’t forget to notify clubs, associations, and subscription services about your change of address.

Below are the main subcategories to consider:

Clubs and Associations

  • Inform any clubs or associations you belong to, such as social clubs, sports teams, or hobby groups. Let them know your new address so that you can continue receiving newsletters, updates, and correspondence.
  • If you have active memberships at gyms, golf clubs, or other recreational facilities, update your address to avoid any issues with billing, communication, or continued access to facilities or services.

Subscriptions and Online Shopping Sites

  • Notify your subscription services, such as magazines, newspapers, or online streaming platforms, to ensure you continue receiving your favorite content at your new address.
  • Update your address on online shopping platforms where you frequently make purchases to ensure timely delivery of your orders to your new location.

Remember to contact these memberships before and after your move to ensure seamless transitions and continued enjoyment of their services and benefits.

Final Thoughts on Moving From Massachusetts

Whenever you’re relocating, it’s best if you start the notification process early. Once you are sure of your move, begin letting everyone know. By taking care of the process upfront, you ensure there will be less chance of losing critical mail.

You’ll increase your chances of a successful move when everything falls into place due to proper planning. Hopefully, you have found this guide on who needs to be notified when you change your address valuable.