Winning Real Estate Articles on Google + in February

The Best of Google+ Feb 2018 February 2018 is a month for Olympic Winners, in every way…even in real estate content! If you’re looking for Olympic Glory, check out these medal-winning blog posts with nothing short of stellar information for today’s Realtors®, home buyers and home sellers.

DIY Projects to Do and Avoid

With Spring just around the corner, many home sellers are beginning their home preparations to get their digs in shape for the spring market. In Paul Sian’s recent article he suggests several DIY projects for sellers to do and to avoid, when getting a home ready to sell.

Homeowners can save money by tackling some jobs themselves, like deep cleaning the home and renting a carpet cleaner. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a tired-looking space, and it is a common do-it-yourself job. When it comes to replacing the flooring, or major items like the roof, most of the time it is best to call in a specialist. Saving money is always a good thing, but never at the expense of a job well done.

Staging a home for sale: should you use virtual staging?

When you’re getting your home prepared for the real estate market, you certainly want to put your best foot forward. Staging a home is a great way to do just that. With improvements in software, there is a growing trend for virtual staging. In his informative article, Virtual Home Staging, Penny Wise, Pound Foolish, Conor Macevilly explains the pros and cons of virtual staging, and the difference that real staging makes. Is virtual staging a bait and switch tactic? Read up and let Conor know what you think.

Buying a Home at Auction: What You Need to Know

Home buyers often ask about buying a home at an auction. There are experienced investors who understand the auction process and can unearth a great deal here and there, but you can also lose your shirt if you’re not familiar with auctions.

Bill Gassett has written a thorough explanation of how real estate auctions work. He explains the layers of due diligence required on the part of the buyer, as there is typically no agent representation involved in a live auction. If you’re at all curious, give Bill’s article a read, you’ll learn a lot.

6 Reasons Why Your House Hasn’t Sold

It happens in lots of neighborhoods…two homes are for sale, very similar, but one house sells quickly while the other sits on the market, languishing. Why does this happen?

Maria Mastrolonardo shares six all too common reasons why a home isn’t selling. Whether a home is not priced correctly or not presented in it’s best light, sellers will benefit from Maria’s advice and will learn how to get their home sold in the shortest amount of time for top dollar.

Why New Home Buyers Should Not Work With the Model Home Agent

Words like “representation” and “fiduciary” come to mind when we talk about the concept of Agency. When a buyer walks into a model home and works with the model home agent, they are denying themselves the benefits of a buyer’s agent. They are not represented.

Many would-be home buyers are not aware that the model home agent works for the seller and represents the builder’s best interest. Jeff Nelson wisely points out several reasons why new home buyers should not work with the model home agent. When buying a new construction or any home for that matter seek out and hire your own agent. It makes sense to have someone fighting hard for your best interests.

Don’t Accept Dual Agency

Speaking again about representation – you want someone in your corner fighting hard for your best interests when buying or selling a home. A real estate agent representing a seller is know as a “sellers agent”. A real estate agent working for a buyer is known as a “buyers agent”.

A third type of agency you should avoid at all costs is what’s known as “dual agency”. In dual agency the real estate agent represents both parties. Unfortunately, that is impossible to do. You cannot represent two masters when each has different goals as Kevin Vitali explains in his excellent article.

Home sellers want to sell their homes for the most money and buyers want to pay as little as possible. With dual agency the real estate agent becomes a neutral party. They cannot advise either the buyer or the seller. Many real estate agents practice illegal dual agency and give advice to both parties. This is what’s known as the dark side of real estate.

How to Create a Renovation Budget: Steps To Take

Is it time to renovate your home? To make sure you have the best success with a renovation, careful planning is a must. With that careful planning comes a budget. Anita Clark has an exhaustive guide that addresses all aspects you’ll need to consider to create a renovation budget that will work.

Quite often people overspend on projects that don’t offer much return. Don’t fall for over improving your home in the wrong places.

Why Zestimates Are Zillow’s Weak Spot

Zillow has been in the news quite a lot lately…and it’s not good news. Facing yet another lawsuit, this time on the subject of Zestimates, one has to wonder how long the mega marketing company can last. Zestimates are Zillow’s weak spot, as most agents know, but this time they just might be Zillow’s undoing. Read on and see if you agree.

Never rely on a Zillow estimate when you want the actual value of your house.

Guide To Saving You Money During Your Move

Once the keys are handed over, the ink is dry and the funds are transferred…guess what’s next? Moving day, oh joy! Well, we always hope it will be a joy. To minimize the stress and hopefully the cost, take a look at some great advice from Kyle Hiscock in his guide to saving you money during your move. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, we’re happy to have assisted and wish you the best possible move.

Three Common Home Pricing Mistakes

Pricing a home correctly from the start is one of those crucial elements that can make or break a sale. Correct pricing can save a seller time and money, and heeding the listing agent’s advice on pricing is one of the most important first steps in the home selling process.

Far too often, real estate agents see their good advice being ignored. Whether the home is overpriced for the market, or whether a seller gives too much credence to an online valuation or even the neighbor’s valuation, the wisest method to avoiding the three most common pricing mistakes is to take the professional opinion of your Realtor®. Teddy Runge has provided us with just that in this helpful article.

Overpricing a home is the sure fire way not to sell your house!

Using Pinterest For Business Marketing

Last but certainly not least, all of the bloggers and digital marketers will love this! Joy Bender has put together 37 awesome tips for using Pinterest for business marketing. She shares statistics and screen shots, and explains all the best methods to get a massive lift to your blog traffic. This one is certainly a gold medal winner!

Many real estate agents are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to drive traffic to their websites. Pinterest is a real social media powerhouse that should be taken advantage of!

Should a Real Estate Agent Flaunt Their Money

In real estate their is a fine line between being a show-off and successful individual. While some people might be drawn to outward appearances of success others could find it a turn-off. In his latest article Xavier De Buck takes a look at whether a real estate agent should drive a fancy car. What do you think? Is this appropriate or not?

In Summary

I learned some things and got inspiration from all these blog posts this month. I had no idea that auctions were so complicated. A big thanks to these top 10 gold medal winners for the education!

There were a number of others that were equally informative…but sadly, there’s only so much room! Thank you to all of the skilled and talented bloggers who are creating useful and helpful content for consumers. You are all making the internet a better place!

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