Best Google Plus Real Estate january 2018 Google+ has proven to be one of the best spots to find some killer Real Estate articles. Each month, Bill Gassett has been featuring the Best of Google+ Articles each month on his site here; they’re well written, helpful and entertaining articles for your education and enjoyment.

As more and more Real Estate authors sharpen their writing skills, it’s not getting any easier to see the cream rise to the top. This month is what I found to be pretty amazing when it comes to Real Estate articles. I hope you enjoy my selection and learn a thing or two. Dig in.

Strategies Used to Make Home Sellers More Money

Home Sellers are always interested in making more money from the sale of their home. Should you choose to sell it on your own as a FSBO the best route? Is that your best strategy?

In Jeff Nelson’s article he shares some of his strategies to earning more money from a home sale . Were you considering making some updates to your home in order to provide a return from the monies you invest to spruce up a home? Where would you even begin and what really matters? Jeff will guide you very well.

Top 25 Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2018

With so many Real Estate Blogs published online, how do you know which ones are really the best to follow?

Looking for some new Real Estate Blogs to follow in 2018? Rent Prep has assembled an amazing list of top notch Real Estate writing. After browsing through the list, I’m confident you’ll discover a few new Real Estate Blogs to start reading – I know I did!

You’ll find informative, helpful and entertaining blogs that are guaranteed to help home buyers, home sellers and Real Estate agents alike.

What is it About Food and Real Estate That Will Make Your Senses Ignite?

What about our senses is shared by Food and Real Estate? Have you ever thought of how the two are so much alike when it comes to stimulating our senses? You likely have not thought of it too much, but here in my article where I talk about food, Real Estate and our senses, you’ll likely be nodding your head in agreement.

The joy we find in our homes (Real Estate) is often surrounded by enjoying some really good food. At home, with family and friends savoring some tasty bites of food quite often is attached to the wonderful memories created that last a lifetime.

Should I Get a Home Inspection on my Property?

One of the questions that sellers will often ask their real estate agent is should I get a home inspection before selling. Great question right? There really are very few downsides for a seller to get a pre-listing home inspection. By getting a home inspection done a homeowner can discover if there are any significant issues with their property.

One of the biggest hurdles in a real estate transaction is the buyers home inspection. More sales fall apart for something discovered at an inspection that at any other point in time. For this reason Bill Gassett recommends having the seller insect their home!

Bill has written an extremely helpful article that you’ll want to read when you’re thinking of selling your home. Getting that inspection done gives everyone confidence. See all of Bill’s great points.

Cheerful Winter Decorating using Hygge

What the heck is “Hygge”? Do you have any idea? I know I didn’t prior to reading Ellen Pitts’ very interesting decorating article. It has to do with the art of creating intimacy. When I read that, I thought to myself that this certainly sounded like something that a lot of homeowners would like to employ in their homes. Would you?

Read Ellen’s article where she fills you on on making your home comfortable, cozy, filled with familiarity, security and simpleness. The focus will be on lighting, texture, your senses and so much more.

Get “hoo-gah” ing! (the pronunciation for Hygee)

8 Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make

Avoid these mistakes at all costs when selling a home, as presented by Michelle Gibson. This is particularly important when your goals are to sell your home for the most money and in the shortest amount of time.

What could this possibly include, you wonder? For one, take a look at your emotional attachment to your home that Michelle goes over as one of the worst mistakes you can make. Your home holds many memories and quite often it’s hard to separate those memories from the home you’re selling. We get it. That’s understandable. Yet, if you don’t put it on the shelf, the home selling process will be very difficult.

Michelle’s excellent advice goes on and on so be sure to read more of what she suggests you avoid.

Pros and Cons of Sharing a Seller Home Inspection with Buyers

Stop. Wait. Should you share your home inspection report with a home Buyer as a home Seller? Conor MacEvilly talks about the pros and cons of doing such and offers up some very good insight when you decided to do your own home inspection before listing it for sale.

Finding out about what may need repairing in a home that you’re trying to sell can be beneficial as a home Seller. This is the topic that Conor addresses expertly, letting you know just what to anticipate should you decide to go that route.

Prepping Your House For Sale

Preparing your home for sale before you put up that “For Sale” sign can be critical if you want to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Luke Skar has offered up some helpful advice to spruce up your home.

I liked how Luke said to take some time to let go. Oh how important. This can indeed be an important step in the preparation process. Plus, Luke doesn’t stop there with good tips. From highlighting your home’s appeal, to fixing the smaller items, to making your home neutral, you’ll understand just what to do after reading Luke’s article.

Seller’s Myth: I Need to Price My Home Higher For Negotiating Room

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a home Seller say they want to price their home to leave room to negotiate, I’d be a rich woman. Karen Highland has torn into this subject very well identifying just what will happen when you go this route with your home’s price. As Karen says, it is a myth.

Karen points out; “If a home is priced at market value and in great condition concerning other comparative homes, every 10 to 11 showings will net one offer.” Wouldn’t it make sense to simply price your home right from the beginning? Karen is going to show you why this matters.

Should I Sell or Rent My Home?

Rent or Sell? Which should I do, you’re wondering as you’re trying to determining which will work out best for you. Here Anita Clark gets into the details on how you can make the right choice for your circumstances.

Quite often it all simply boils down to the financial numbers for you and of course, at the same time, it involves how you’ll feel about being a Landlord. If you take the rental road are you okay with having Tenants where you’ll have to be their Landlord?

Read Anita’s article full of great advice so you know what road to travel down.

10 Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Home

We often hear the importance of adding curb appeal to your home when selling, yet don’t know where to begin. Sharon Paxson has written a curb appeal article full of some very sound advice for boosting your home’s curb appeal that you’ll want to learn more about.

From cleaning your home’s exterior, to adding pops of color and more, you can make your home gorgeous to attract home Buyers ready to want to present a purchase contract.

Choosing a Community to Live in

All the choices – how will you ever decide which community is right for you? From affordability to the amenities the community offers, it should be a carefully thought out decision. Here Kevin Vitali discusses all that you’ll want to explore to ensure you made the right choice.

Do you know about the Grocery store test? Kevin fills you in on exactly what he means to provide some amazing advice for choosing the right community.

Moving Tips: How to Pack a House in 8 Easy Steps

As Maria Mastrolonardo points out in her article; “Moving is easy and packing is fun”, said no one ever!” How true is that! Reading Maria’s article, you’ll discover organized, well thought out ways in which to tackle a move. If you’re looking to avoid the headaches associated with moving, be sure to read Maria’s article.

Did you think about the “who to notify” checklist? Maria covers it. Should you send everything along with the movers? Maria covers it. She covers so much more, so be sure to read her helpful article.

How Will the New Tax Changes Impact Real Estate?

A new year, a new tax plan and its impact on Real Estate. If you’re buying a home or selling a home, you’ll want to check out Paul Sian’s article where he highlights the tax changes that will impact you in 2018. Paul discusses the mortgage interest rate deduction, home equity loan deductions, property tax deductions and more.

It’s always important to stay informed when the tax laws change. You’ll need to know what the change means and how it affects you and your individual circumstances.

Wrap Up

So there you have it, as promised, some amazing Real Estate articles published on Google+. Really good reads you’ll want to bookmark to read as you have time. Just make sure to save them or better yet, share them so others can enjoy them too.

Thanks to Bill Gassett for letting me share my favorites with you.

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