What Outdoor Improvements Offer Great Returns?

No matter if you’re preparing to sell or just want to be sure if you ever decide to put your house on the market that you’ll get a reasonable price, you must pay attention to your outdoor space. Having an attractive exterior can not only make your property stand out, but also attract better-paying buyers who are ready to spend a lot of money on something they like.

So, here are a few exterior renovation ideas that will be worth the investment.

Exterior Home Improvements With Great Return on Investment Power-wash

One of the easiest and often most effective things you can do to your exterior is give it a thorough wash. Buy or rent a power washer and tackle everything from your siding to your garage doors, pavers, paths, and driveway. If you have a deck, wash that too. Once everything dries, your property will look a few years younger.


Exterior repaint offers possibly the best return on investment. If you want to completely change the vibe of your home and give it new life, grab a few cans of paint and don’t hesitate to get dirty. However, make sure to come prepared, especially for any painting that happens off the firm ground. Luckily, you can buy all sorts of equipment that will make your work easier.

Check out companies like Bayside Scaffolding Services and see their offer of scaffolding and ladders that will allow you to reach any area of your house with ease. Safety always comes first! Before you crack open any paint, do a little inspection while up there. If you need to fix any damage in your façade, do so before painting.

Patio deck

If you want to add something that is not too expensive yet brings good ROI, opts for a patio. A new patio deck can set you back anywhere from $2k to $10k depending on the size and features you include. If you choose to do it yourself, you can significantly reduce costs yet achieve great results. If customers can imagine themselves entertaining in the backyard, they will be completely hooked!

Outdoor seating area

Every outdoor space needs a place for sitting. Otherwise, it will be wasted and impossible to enjoy. If making a deck is too much work for you, you can resort to a more straightforward seating area on your lawn or next to your greenery.

All you need is a matching set of outdoor furniture to improve the presentation and a leveled ground underneath. Wicker furniture is usually not too expensive, yet it can be made very comfortable and trendy with a few cushions. Add a small fire pit at the center of your seating area will additionally boost the appeal.

You can learn about what is in style for outdoor furniture in this helpful article at Massachusetts Real Estate News.

Outdoor kitchen

While buyers are losing interest in pools and water features, outdoor kitchens are really trending. They require much less maintenance and have a more comprehensive use (you can use them almost all year round). So, if you want to go bigger with your renovation, opt for an outdoor kitchen and make your buyers’ dreams come true.

Excellent setup with a grill, food prep station, and an outdoor fridge will ensure your buyers can entertain like real hosts! And if you cover the space with a waterproof awning or a pavilion, you will provide the area can be used in all sorts of weather from strong sunshine to heavy rain. It’s a much better use of your money than a pool, especially if you live somewhere with short summers.


Curb appeal is essential when attracting buyers and forming your price. After all, your exterior is the first thing they will see when they stop in front of your property, so make sure to leave a good impression not only with your façade but also with your landscaping. And, adding greenery to your home isn’t that hard. Keeping your gardens looking impressive can make a significant difference, especially when it comes time to sell your home.

All you need to do is trim your trees and bushes and keep your grass neatly cut. A few flowerbeds with native plants will also look amazing yet require minimal maintenance. One or two larger planters next to your entrance will also leave a great impression and attract just the right amount of positive attention.

Rainwater harvesting systems

Many house buyers today are very eco-friendly and would love to live in a house that’s sustainable. The easiest way to boost your eco-friendliness is to add a rainwater harvesting system to your backyard. This feature will not only conserve precious resources but also allow your prospective buyers to save a few dollars on utility bills. And if you get a pretty harvesting system, it will even look attractive in your backyard.

Pet-friendly additions

Younger people see their pets not only as guards but as legit parts of the family, and they love to treat them as such. So, in order to appeal to pet owners (and those who might want to become ones) add a few pet-friendly additions to your backyard.

A stylish dog house, paths for patrolling, natural materials that don’t get too hot and extra features like fence window will leave a huge impression with all animal-lovers!


A beautiful home with a nice fence still holds its value. Your screening will boost the safety of your home and provide much-desired privacy. If you have a stable and attractive fence, it will leave an impression of sturdiness many buyers want. It will be especially appealing to pet owners and families with small kids.

You can read up on all the ways a fence will increase your property value in this outstanding article found on The Rochester Real Estate Blog.

Final thoughts

These outdoor renovation ideas will not only make your home irresistible visually but also make it a much safer and comfortable place to live so you can expect to reach a price that will keep everyone happy. These exterior renovation ideas have a high return on investment for a reason – home buyers love them!

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