Top Real Estate Articles For April 2019

Top Real Estate Articles April 2019 The spring real estate market is in full swing. Buyers and sellers can benefit from some great real estate advice. Here is a roundup of expert real estate advice with tips on buying, selling, home staging, landscaping, downsizing, and mortgage information.

Check out these articles by top REALTORS® all over the world and make sure your real estate transactions go smoothly and stress-free. Be sure to check them all out!

The Ultimate Real Estate Roundup For First Quarter 2019

Here at Massachusetts Real Estate News there is not shortage of putting the best real estate articles in the spotlight. Over at Active Rain there was an article just published highlighting the best real estate articles of the first quarter of 2019. Take a look at this long list of exceptionally written gems. There are close to twenty real estate bloggers featured sharing their best advice for buyers and sellers.

You will love the variety of topics that come up all the time in the world of real estate.

Hiring a Buyer’s Agent is Beneficial

Many consumers think it is perfectly fine to be unrepresented when purchasing real estate or worse yet work with the listing agent. Buyer representation is vital when making one of the most significant financial decisions of your lifetime. Bill Gassett covers all the reasons why it is beneficial to hire a buyer’s agent to look out for your best interests.

Some people incorrectly assume that a real estate agents primary function is to show houses. In fact, showing homes is one of the least important aspects of having a buyer’s agent. Anyone can open a door. The real value in having a buyer’s agent comes in the form of advice and guidance. An exceptional buyer’s agent will look after your best interests throughout the transaction.

The best agent is not worried about making a commission but what’s best for the client. Is this the kind of agent you are working with? You should be!

8 Tips to Boost Curb Appeal

Don’t turn off a potential buyer by neglecting the curb appeal of your home. Your home may be spectacular inside but if the buyers don’t go in due to lack of good landscaping you will lose the sale. Sharon Paxson discusses landscaping tips to boost curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Not only does awesome curb appeal put more money in your pocket but your house will sell quicker than others you’re competing with.

Tips to Keep Your Property Secure During an Open House

Most homeowners who have never sold a home before think an open house is a valuable marketing activity. Why wouldn’t they? Real Estate agents promote open houses like they are necessary to sell a home. One of the best kept secrets in real estate sales is that open houses are completely unnecessary to sell a home.

The biggest benefits of an open house go to the real estate agent in the form of potential new prospects they meet. One of the most significant downsides of open houses that real estate agents ever talk about is theft. Keep in mind “open house” means open to anyone. You will certainly have people in your property that don’t belong. It happens all the time!

For this reason you need to know how to keep your property safe during an open house. Take a look at the excellent tips found at Realty Times on increasing the chances your home will remain secure. The best advice may be to skip the open house altogether. Remember “real” buyers schedule showings!

How to Overcome the Fear, Stress, and Pain of Downsizing

Leaving a family home after many years can be a fearful and emotional experience not to mention the logistics involved. In this article, Eileen Anderson gives solid advice on how to let go of a lifetime of belongings, how to hire the right team to assist you, how to find a home that fits your lifestyle and the financial pros and cons of downsizing. Downsizing is such a significant decision in one’s life. It makes sense to give it a lot of thought before jumping in feet first.

Improve Your Credit Score With Eight Easy Tips

Don’t let poor credit get in the way of the American dream of home ownership. Even if you can well afford a mortgage payment, poor credit can put a halt to achieving your goals of owning a home. Michelle Gibson has spelled it out in this article of how to improve your credit score. Well worth the read. Borrowers with the best credit scores generally get the best mortgage terms and conditions.

Smart Things to Do After Buying a Home

During the home buying process and the excitement of moving into your new home, don’t neglect to consider the types of services you will be needing. There are several things to do after buying a home. In this article, Paul Sian explores what kind of service providers should be contacted by new homeowners. He offers advice on how to steer clear of getting overcharged by those claiming to be service brokers. You’ll see all the things that make sense to explore after you’re in the property.

Selling Your House By Owner – Here Are Some Considerations

There are many reasons a homeowner would like to sell their home without the aid of a professional REALTOR®. The first being “saving“ on commission. Before you go FSBO be sure you understand the pros and cons of selling your own home.

In this article, Danny Margagliano gives you advice on selling your home yourself. Learn about home maintenance, proper paperwork, safety, and pre-qualifying buyers. The information in this article can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

First Time Home Buyers Guide

First time home buyers have a lot to think about when buying a home. There are many unrealistic expectations set up by new TV shows about affordability, maintenance, renovation expenses, and neighborhoods. In this article, Jamohl Dewald gives solid advice for first time home buyers and helps them find a home they will love. If you have never purchased a home before, you’re going to love the tips found here.

Getting Your Home Ready for the Market

There are so many things to consider when getting your home ready for the market ranging from home staging, curb appeal, maintenance, and updates. It can be helpful to have another opinion when trying to decide what projects to take on and how much work is needed to be done before it goes on the market. Karen Highland gives a detailed account of how to get ready and the priorities to focus on when selling.

There are not many more important things before the for sale sign hits then lawn than being prepared.

Don’t Short the Home Selling Process

When you are selling your home, some steps need to be followed for a successful outcome. In this article, Kevin Vitali explains how to get top dollar for your home, sell it fast, and with few hassles. Follow the home selling process and your transaction with be a smooth one! Make the home selling process work for you. If you have never sold a home before, you’ll find compelling tips to increase your chances of a smooth and successful sale.

Realtor Commissions and Other Myths when Buying and Selling a Home

In this article, Glenn Shelhamer reveals the facts of working with a Realtor. He discusses what commissions are paid, who earns the commissions, and the process of what the agent broker relationship is. It is quite an eye opener when you learn the truths about realtor commissions and other myths when buying or selling a home.

Many people incorrectly assume that when you get a real estate agent to lower their commission you will net more money. More often than not the exact opposite occurs.

What Should You Know When Flipping Your First Home?

Many buyers think they know what it takes to make a financial gain on buying, remodeling and selling a home. Kyle Hiscock has excellent advice about the financial risk associated with flipping a house. It is a huge commitment, and it’s important to know what you’re signing up for if you’ve never flipped a home before. Be prepared for some setbacks and learn what you should know when flipping your first home. Learn some of the more detailed inner workings of a real estate transaction like who works for who. Never accept dual agency when buying or selling a home.

Pros and Cons of FHA Loans vs. Conventional Loans

In the world of mortgages, there are several options for borrowers. For home buyers, two of the most popular types of home loans are the FHA and conventional mortgages. Luke Skar explains the pros and cons of an FHA loan vs. conventional mortgage allowing the readers to make the best choice for their needs.

Given these are two of the most popular types of loans, you’ll want to have a better understanding of why one product may work better than another for your personal circumstances.

Do I Really Need A Home Inspection?

Can a home inspection save your life? You bet! Petra Norris explains exactly which inspections you need and why, as well as the one type of home inspection that could save your life!

There are the seven home inspections you should never skip, including an critical inspection you must perform to keep your family safe and the one inspection that routinely saves lives. Not only do you want to do inspections on homes that are older, but it is also highly recommended to get inspections done on new construction and remodeled homes.


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