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Each month the Real Estate articles here on Google+ seem to dig a little deeper and continue to shine with a lot of well written and entertaining articles by Real Estate bloggers highlighting words at their best; words demonstrating their virtuoso in Real Estate. It’s not an easy task to choose between all the articles for our reading pleasure either. This monthly tradition was started by Bill Gassett as his aim was to pick out some of the best articles out there on Google+. Here’s what stuck out to me this month and perhaps it includes one or two that you might have missed, as I know I always seem to miss a few myself. Happy reading!

Sellers Making More Money With Great Strategies

Realtors who are masters at their craft know how to analyze the local market and trends. Knowing the local markets can make all the difference to a homeowner wanting to sell their home. When selling a home, I’m confident that selling a home for top dollar is likely top of mind for most homeowners. There are home selling strategies to accomplish this as Ryan Fitzgerald lays out in his article.

Ryan Fitzgerald a Real Estate Agent serving Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding areas, details exceptionally well, exactly what strategies Realtors use to get a home sold. Strategies you won’t want to miss. Is your Realtor taking these steps to get your home sold? Maybe you better check!

Listing With a Realtor and Why it Beats FSBO

“Buyers hate when the owner of a property is around during the showing. Allow me to repeat, Buyers hate when the owner of the home is present during a showing” Jeff’s comment was so true, that I too found it important to repeat! If you’re considering the selling of your home alone as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), would you have any idea that this is the truth? Likely not and this is just one issue that a valuable Realtor will advise you of when it’s time to sell your home.

Jeff Knox a Real Estate Agent serving Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas discusses 9 reasons why listing a home for sale with a Realtor sure beats selling it as a FSBO in his savvy article. When saving money is on your mind, you won’t want to miss this one. This has to be one of the most comprehensive articles you will find on the subject of selling your own home!

Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse

Having remorse about a purchase is awful. Have you ever bought a pair of shoes, bought them home and thought, oh geez, do I really like these after all? Did you save your receipt? Sure you did, then just go ahead and return the shoes that you bought in a flurry of rushing. (You always seem to be rushing, don’t you?!)

Now, what if that happened when you bought a new home? Go to your all important file box, pull out your settlement statement and then go back to the closing agent and tell them you changed your mind about the home and want to return it. It does not work that way when you buy a home. You’d better make an educated decision when you buy a home because, simply said, you just can’t return it.

Kyle Hiscock a Real Estate Agent serving Rochester, New York and surrounding areas tells you in his brilliant article just how to avoid remorse when buying a home. This is home buying advice worth following.

Home Selling Disclosures

“I’ll just keep this moldy little secret to myself”, you thought as you get ready to sell your home. You’ll just paint over the mold right before you put your home on the market to sell, so the prospective Buyers won’t even notice it. What happens when the Buyers discover that the mold was hidden from them? Did you really think this wasn’t going to be a big deal? Better hire an Attorney!

Debbie Drummond a Real Estate Agent serving Las Vegas Nevada and surrounding areas expresses keen insight on what should be be disclosed when selling a home. She discusses the importance of disclosing all that is known about a home that can and will affect it’s value. This is a very interesting read as it contains two recent disclosure cases where the seller and real estate agent are getting sued for non disclosure. Pay careful attention to the story about the “stalker”. It is a riveting story that every Realtor should be familiar with.

Avoid Mistakes in Real Estate Agent Selection

Choosing a Real Estate Agent matters in whether or not you want to get your home sold fast and for top dollar. Do you really think that it’s the wisest thing to do in selecting the agent that agrees with you on everything, especially the price?! You aren’t the least bit concerned that they’re just trying to land your listing at all costs?

Xavier De Buck a Real Estate Agent serving Johannesburg, South Africa and surrounding areas addresses home selling mistakes in his astute article on the mistakes that home sellers keep making over and over again. These are blunders any home seller will want to avoid as they cost you money and time.

Seller’s Home Improvements to Avoid

Not every home improvement is a plus for home sellers as Karen illustrates in her article. There are some home improvements that will not benefit your wallet as you had hoped for when you went all out making radical changes to your home. In fact, the hiring of a landscape designer and architect to plan out your garden paradise in the home you’re now trying to sell could bring you much regret when you determine you over improved your home.

Karen Highland a Real Estate Agent serving Frederick, Maryland and surrounding areas points out what to avoid and which improvements afford the greatest return on investment in her outstanding article. Before you consider home improvements, you’ll want to read her advice.

Moving and What to Leave Behind

Moving is never easy. It’s a big job trying to sort through all your belongings getting them packed up to move. Where do you begin? Here Anita gives you a heads up on where to begin and what to tackle. Have you ever considered having a “maybe box” when at that moment you can’t stomach throwing anything away? That’s a great idea, a “maybe box”!

Anita Clark a Real Estate Agent serving Warner Robins, Georgia and surrounding areas shares some very sound advice on what exactly should be left behind when moving and how best to process it all. Don’t fret, just be sure to read it. You are guaranteed to see some moving tips you never thought of!

Dealing With Low Ball Offers

Unfortunately, as a home Seller, it’s best to expect some buyers to throw a low ball offer at you when you’ve listed your home for sale. It’s not meant to offend you, but rather as Paul points out, it’s all about somebody that will always try their best at getting a deal. How you handle the low ball offer is what matters which Paul addresses here.

Paul Sian a Real Estate Agent serving Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky offers up smart recommendations on just how to handle a low ball offer. Be sure to take Paul’s advice so you’re well equipped when the low ball offers come in. Above all else keep your emotions in check if you are dealt with an offer you find revolting. It is not where the buyers starts, it’s where they end up that matters.

What Are The Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

You may be trying to decide whether you should renew your lease for one more year or take the plunge into home ownership? There are a lot of buyers who are on the fence on whether they should rent of buy a home. Oftentimes buyers do not have the full financial picture of what home ownership can do for your long term finances. When you purchase a home more than likely over time you will rack up some considerable equity.

Bill Gassett, the owner of Maximum Real Estate Exposure, a Realtor serving Hopkinton, Massachusetts and surrounding areas explains brilliantly the tax advantages of owning your own home. In addition to building equity, Bill explains all of the financial benefits that can be gained over the time you own a home, as well as when you go to sell. Whether you are taking advantage of the yearly mortgage interest tax deduction you can file yearly, or all of the capital gains that are sheltered when it’s time to sell, Bill details it all so well. If you are still on the fence of whether to buy or rent this article may be the kicker that makes you stop and think about how great it will be to have your own place.

Common Home Buying Pitfalls

Pitfall – a danger or problem that is hidden or not obvious at first. Is that ever the truth in how Merriam Webster defines Pitfall! Everyone wants to avoid pitfalls and unfortunately they seem to be ever present in home buying when a Buyer either doesn’t plan properly or let’s their emotions get the best of them.

As Lynn Pineda, a Real Estate Agent serving Coral Springs, Florida and surrounding areas, I’ve gone over some of the most common buying pitfalls and how best to avoid them. I’ve done my best at drilling home the message in hopes of saving home buyers from living any of the scenarios I’ve described.

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Lynn Pineda The following Google Plus real estate review was written by Lynn Pineda, a licensed Southeast Florida Real Estate agent for 9 years currently at Keller Williams Coral Springs Realty.