How to be a military friendly real estate agent You may have heard the term “military friendly” used in and around the real estate industry. But what does it really mean to be considered a military friendly real estate agent? While the definition may vary from user to user, the central idea remains the same. These agents want to support military home buyers.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to support our nation’s heroes in their home search by becoming a military friendly agent.

Identifying Military Home buyers

The first step to working with military home buyers is identifying who’s a veteran or current service member. Most of your military clients aren’t going to walk into your office in uniform. You need to be proactive and ask each and every one of your new clients “Did you serve?” By taking the pledge to ask you’re on your way to helping achieve the dream of home ownership.

Asking the question opens the door to identifying who’s eligible for the VA mortgage guaranty. If they answer yes, you have an opportunity to set yourself apart as an expert. Educate them on their benefits and connect them with an experienced VA mortgage lender. The VA home loan isn’t the answer for every veteran, but its significant benefits make it so powerful for so many.

Understanding Their Unique Needs

Military service members, veterans and their families often have a unique set of needs. It’s important for you to understand how their current service status may impact their VA loan application. Become familiar with different stages of service. Then listen to understand their needs and ask questions.

One service member may be looking for a home in a quiet neighborhood to limit sounds or situations that could trigger their post-traumatic stress disorder. Another service member may just be moving to the area due to a permanent change of station (PCS). They’ll need guidance on the community as a whole and recommendations for service providers.

Each and every buyer is unique. Spend the time to understand why certain home qualities are desired over others and you’ll be on the right track.

Promoting Use of VA Benefits

Once you identify your VA buyers by asking “Did you serve?” and educate them on their VA benefits take things a step further by promoting the use of their hard-earned benefits. With no down payment required and lower credit score requirements the VA mortgage guaranty opens the door to home ownership for many who don’t qualify for other types of financing.

When comparing a VA loan to conventional and FHA financing, a VA buyer can save a significant amount on their monthly payments. To understand how significant the savings can be, consider this: Veterans who obtained VA financing last year will save $19 Billion over the life of their loan due to the fact that VA buyers don’t pay mortgage insurance.

To promote the use of veteran’s VA benefits you simply need to do two things. The first we’ve already covered, and that’s to provide education on VA benefits to those who say yes, they’ve served.

The second way to promote the use of VA benefits is to educate yourself on VA loan facts. There are a number of myths and misconceptions about the VA loan. Through research and education you can understand the many benefits of the VA loan and make a huge difference for your clients.

This goes for sellers too. If you’re a seller’s agent and receive a VA offer, don’t suggest that your client automatically dismiss it. This isn’t your grandfather’s VA loan. VA offers are worth considering. The lending process is more streamlined and efficient. VA closing times are now comparable to that of conventional loans. Plus, your buyers will be a part of making the dream of home ownership come true for someone who’s served our country.

Like working with any other buyer you should explain the need and importance of getting pre-approved through a lender who does VA loans. Working with a lender that specializes in VA loans can be very helpful as they have systems and procedures down pat. If you are working with a buyer who has served our country the Veterans loan is the perfect mortgage vehicle!

Samantha Reeves is the Senior Mortgage and Home buying writer for Veterans United Home Loans, one of the nation’s leading financial services providers for service members and their families. A former mortgage loan originator, Samantha enjoys educating others about the VA mortgage process on the Veterans United Network of blogs and social media. Follow her on Facebook, on her blog, Tweet her @Samantha_VUHL or reach out on Google+.