Tips to Make Your Exterior Look Great

Are you looking for the best ways to make the exterior of your property look awesome? Are you preparing to sell a home? Outdoor spaces can be the perfect oasis of haven if you just know how to make it cozy, appealing and inviting. The way your home looks will tell a lot about your character as well, which is why you should make your home look neat and tidy, which will automatically make it appear elegant and expensive.

This is also a good strategy if you want to add value to your home and you can do it without breaking the bank. You can make your spring, summer, and early autumn days more enjoyable with these outdoor curb appeal tips.

If you plan on being gone, the next owner will appreciate all your hard work. More than likely by improving your exterior, you’ll be putting more money in your pocket.

Enhance your Curb appeal

How to Enhance Your Curb Appeal You can’t make a first impression twice, which is why you should give your best to leave your visitors in awe the second they approach your home. Curb appeal is everything, which is why you should make the outside of your home stand out and be unique in a good way. You can start by giving your exterior a good cleaning. Spring is the perfect time to do this.

Mowing the lawn and keeping it neat at all times is the first thing to consider. Make sure you fertilize the lawn after mowing, as well as when it’s completely dry.

The best time to water a lawn is early in the morning around 5 a.m. because the soil will soak up all the water, leaving the grass dry before nightfall. This way no fungi will be able to grow in between. It’s vital that you water the lawn a couple of times a week if you want to prevent deep roots.

Maintain the plants, clean the lawn of leaves, and prune bushes while also making sure you regularly water the grass. Don’t forget to remove any grass clippings after you mow the yard, and be sure to cut back all the overgrown shrubs.

Feel free to plant the flowers that will stick around all year long such as Snow Princess Sweet Alyssum, Cinderella Stock, and Tall verbena. Painting your front door a bold color is another way to improve your curb appeal and give a focal point to the outdoor area. Many of these things should be a part of your regular home maintenance checklist anyways.


Only a clean, well organized outdoor space is a truly inviting environment. Therefore, if you want to make your outdoors look expensive, you’ll have to make all the clutter disappear. Forget about keeping your gardening tools and the furniture you no longer use consistently just laying around the yard.

Instead, store them away in the garage and make space for new furniture and décor that will add charm to your backyard. If you don’t have a garage, you can quickly check out the offer of best sheds online for your yard and have one built on site whenever you’re ready. Inside, you can store all the children’s bikes, a lawn mower, swimming pool necessities and all the gardening tools you usually let sit against the wall of the house.

Cohesiveness is the key

One of the best strategies for achieving a polished, elegant design is cohesiveness. Namely, picking out a style to stick to is crucial. Whether you’re thinking about a color palette or a particular choice of fabrics and materials, as long as it goes well together, your outdoors will look fabulous.

Organizing your garden according to a specific theme, such as a Tuscan style patio, for example, will allow the eye to relax instead of having to face the jumbled hues of various décor styles.

To create a uniform, cohesive look, coordinate outdoor furniture as well. This doesn’t mean that if you pick a wooden table, the chairs can’t be made of metal. It merely means that if you opt for that solution, make sure the chairs have a unifying element.

If the furniture isn’t made of the same material, think about repainting it the same color, or add cushions with the same pattern to create the cohesive appearance. Don’t immediately disregard them, but look for ways to improve the look and make it a part of your décor if they’re still functional.

Add elegant lighting

When you want to introduce a dose of charm and elegance to your outdoor space, hang globe string lighting above an outdoor dining table. For an extra kick, place LED lights on the edge of stair treads and the border of landscaping edges.

String lights are easy to install and will give a clean, polished look to the exterior. Think about highlighting trees and shrubs that you’ve previously cut and trimmed for extra glam.

To give the ultimate high-end look to your outdoors, place blue or white lighting colors, and avoid anything too colorful. Mount string lights up the trellis or the tree, for the beautifully romantic setting.

If you plan to create a dramatic effect that eliminates unattractive shadows, try arranging the lighting in various heights and use different bulb shapes and sizes.

To make sure everyone is safe during the night, lay solar lights along the pathways for extra illumination during the night. Considering you won’t have to plug them in, they’ll save you electricity, which makes them an inexpensive and convenient décor. Place solar lights along flowerbeds, walkways, and anywhere else you’d like to have more light at night.

Use fresh flowers and greenery

Nothing can increase the look of your yard as well as flowers can. Therefore, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly upgrade, invest in perennials. Sage, cone flower, buddleia, and kangaroo paw will make any yard, more alive by splashing a pop of color all over the lawn.

Consider spiked purple veronica flowers, purple ball-shaped allium, or astilbe, to match the rest of the foliage in the garden. If you’d like to add some texture to the backyard, plant low-maintenance grasses. With a few perennials in between, blue oat grass, flax, zoysia, and fountain grass will look stunning.

You can see more tips for using landscaping to make your property look great in this terrific resource.

Final thoughts

Making your backyard look expensive requires just a little bit of investment, effort, and creativity. If you’ve run out of inspiration feel free to follow the previously mentioned tips and you’ll have a more expensive-looking outdoor space in a blink of an eye and at a very affordable price.

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