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If you have not heard of Pinterest then you have probably been on a long hibernation from the internet over the last few years. There are not many social media platforms that have stormed onto the scene with so much popularity like Pinterest has done. If you have a blog for business purposes and are also in the real estate industry then Pinterest without question should be something you are using to drive traffic back to your site.

There is no other social media site that has the shelf life for a shared piece of content. For example when you share something on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Linkedin you may get a couple of solid days of people sharing your content and then the amount of sharing will fade over time. This is not the case with Pinterest! If you have a great article it can be pinned over and over again for many months and even years!

This happens because Pinterest works on the “I told two friends concept”. A few people can pin something you have written today and two of their friends can do the same and so on and so on! Pretty soon your article is regularly getting pinned by more and more people. If used properly Pinterest sounds pretty exciting for exposing your content doesn’t it?

Do you want to learn how you can use Pinterest for your real estate business? Using Pinterest for real estate social media exposure is a no brainer! Be prepared, as this will become a comprehensive reference for using Pinterest to enhance your real estate business.

If you are a beginner and just getting started with Pinterest I would encourage you to take a look at the beginners guide to using Pinterest for real estate. What you will find is this article on the social media hat is the basics for getting started on Pinterest including what type of boards to create, what you should be pinning to those boards and how to maximize each pin for the best possible online exposure. At the end of the article you will also find a terrific video on using Pinterest for real estate.

Some quick suggestions for the types of must have boards to create for a Realtor include local real estate community boards, top notch real estate articles for buyers and sellers, home improvement, and mortgages/financing. While all of these boards specifically pertain to real estate, you should have also have a mix of other boards that show off your other interests and personality. All work and nothing else makes for a very boring Pinterest profile. One special note – I would highly recommend creating boards other than pinned real estate listings. The natural inclination for many real estate agents on social media is to share their listings. Can you say BORING! The majority of people could care less about your listing. You want to provide exceptional content that says WOW!

Real Estate Community Boards

As far as the real estate community boards go create things that people would be interested in knowing about a particular city or town. One of the staples that can be found on my real estate website are community pages for all the towns that I do the most real estate business in. These community pages are a great way to show off your real estate expertise and community knowledge. Here is an example of my Framingham real estate page. As you can see this is filled with a ton of information not only about all the best features of Framingham Massachusetts but also some great real estate information as well. This would be the perfect kind of information to have pinned to a dedicated Framingham Pinterest board.

The beauty of Pinterest is that you are pinning pictures so for one page like this one for Framingham you could have multiple pictures pinned to a board that show off school info, lakes and parks, churches and other things like this that someone thinking about relocating to Framingham may be interested in.

Best Real Estate Articles

Providing a board for the best real estate article is a great one because it allows you to not only post your best content to one place but also to share others content as well. Never underestimate the importance of sharing others content on social media. This is the best way to gain followers. Social media is about engagement and reciprocation. Someone who only shares their own content doesn’t usually go very far in having social media success. Your supporters are your life blood in social media!

Having other boards like home improvement and financial information are great compliments to the real estate industry and are also popular pinning topics.

Once you have put some of your boards together you want to start to master the art of using descriptions, links and hash tags for your pins. Keep in mind that search engines are not only going to see and index the boards you create but also your individual pins as well. For increased exposure doing this right will make a difference.

What you need to do is make sure you are describing your content in a way that a person may search for it online. Be descriptive when creating your boards by using proper keywords especially for your local boards. Do the same when describing your pins. Lastly, make sure you use hash tags to categorize your posts.

For example if you are writing a great real estate article that would be helpful for someone getting a mortgage to buy a home, use the hashtag #mortgage. The hashtag will put your article into a category with all the other popular mortgage posts.

For more advanced users I would suggest applying to get “rich pins”. Rich pins add Schema coding from your real estate blog that really enhance the look of your pins. You can easily distinguish a rich pin because the title of the article is in bold print and there is a link to the originating site of the pin. Rich pins really stand out and increase the odds you will get pinned. If you want rich pins I would advise on using Yoast SEO or some other plugin like it that will add the schema coding for you.

While I have given you a few ideas above for some Pinterest boards you may find that you really can’t think of many others that would work all that well for real estate. You are in luck because I put together some Pinterest real estate board suggestions that you can start to use right away.

Using Pinterest Group Boards

There is nothing more powerful on Pinterest than taking the initial concept of pinning articles and creating boards where multiple people can do the same. A Pinterest group board is like having an army of potential people who can make your best articles go viral.

The concept is simple – you create a Pinterest board in which you invite others to pin to. Anyone you invite to join the board can pin their own and other peoples articles. This makes the boards content grow rapidly both in size and popularity. The more people that join the board the greater potential for content to distributed. I have put together a nice reference for using Pinterest real estate group boards. This article I am sure will answer any questions you may have about how to maximize your efforts using group boards. If you are not using group board for real estate then you are missing out on a substantial opportunity for increased traffic and followers!

If you would like to take a look at how my real estate boards are set up, how I am describing and linking my pins and well as using proper hashtags you can take a look at my Pinterest real estate profile. This should help you not only generate ideas but see how to use Pinterest the right way.

Other Helpful Real Estate Social Media Posts

Use these references to make Pinterest a dynamic place for getting more real estate social media exposure. When you use Pinterest as the pro’s do you will see a very large amount of people visiting your blog directly from the site. Believe it or not Pinterest is my number one source of traffic!