How to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling a house is often huge stress in a homeowner’s life, and a lot of this is down to the amount of time that it takes to achieve a sale. There are ways that homeowners can help speed up their sales, helping them move faster and encourage potential buyers to put in an offer, reducing stress.

We’ve outlined some of the most popular ways homeowners can improve their homes to entice viewers, letting them sell speedily. If you are looking for advice on how to make your home sell faster, these common-sense tips will help.

1. Have Outstanding Curb Appeal

Sell House Quicker Kerb appeal is a massively important part of selling a house but is often one that homeowners forget about. Your curb appeal is your houses’ first impression to any potential buyer, and if it doesn’t live up to their expectations, they can often already decide that they’re not interested before they even enter your property.

There are a few things that homeowners should consider to make sure their curb appeal is high, including –

  • Your front door. If your front door is a little dated or run down, you may want to freshen it up. You can replace the door, but if you’re looking to keep costs down when you’re selling, repainting can make a huge difference. Buyers are drawn to bright doors, and colors such as yellow, grey, lilac, and navy are becoming very popular.
  • Overgrown greenery. Whether you have a front lawn, hedges, or plants at the front of your house, if they aren’t well maintained and looked after, it will often put viewers off when they approach your house. Spending some time making sure any greenery is taken care of and looking tidy will make a massive difference to your curb appeal.
  • Adding some color. The front of a home can sometimes look a little bland, which means that it can be a little forgettable. Your potential buyers are likely looking at several other houses along with yours, and you want to make sure that yours stands out and sticks in their minds. You can add color with the help of plants, ornaments, or by repainting, especially if you have prominent window frames. This will not only interest your potential viewers coming to viewings but draw attention in from passers-by who may also then decide to view, opening up the possibility to more interested parties. All of these home improvements have a great return on investment.

2. Remove As Much Clutter as Possible

There is nothing that slows down a home sale quicker than having too much “stuff.” If a buyer cannot see themselves in your home, how could you possibly expect them to buy it? If you ask any real estate agent, you’re bound to hear them expound on the importance of de-cluttering before your home goes on the market.

Over the last handful of years, renting a storage unit has become increasingly popular. Having a temporary storage place allows home sellers to eliminate the overcrowding of furniture and other larger items in their home. By removing these items from the property, buyers are able to not only walk more freely but picture themselves living in the home.

Besides your largest items, you can also put other things that clutter up your home into moving boxes. They can be neatly stored out of the house.

If the convenience of accessing your things is of importance, you could also opt for a self-contained pod that is housed right on the property.

3. Redecorate Your Home

Redecorating your house is the most common thing you’ll hear as a homeowner to encourage a faster sale. You don’t have to do a full renovation by any stretch, and there are options for any budget to freshen your house up.

Some homeowners looking for a higher value will consider putting in a new kitchen or bathroom, but some homeowners aren’t able to do this or simply don’t want to. A fresh coat of paint and a thorough clean can work wonders and make a property look completely different for a low cost.

When redecorating, it’s recommended to choose neutral colors. These will make rooms look cleaner and more spacious, as well as helping to brighten them.

It also reduces the risk of homeowners being put off if they feel that their furniture would not fit in the property due to a color clash. Try to remember that potential buyers are incredibly fickle and will see the smallest detail as a reason not to pursue a sale, so spending time reducing those potential opportunities will help you achieve your sale faster.

If you are looking to increase your property value to sell, you may decide to renovate. There are a few ways that you can do this depending on your budget, but one of the best ways to increase your house value is to add another bedroom. This can increase value by up to 20%, and so is a popular option for homeowners wanting to get the most out of their house sale.

If you’re considering doing this, you will want to implement a plan before you start to ensure that you’re going to make a profit and that you don’t end up spending more on the renovations than you will get back in the sale.

Listen to Buyer Feedback

When you have potential buyers come to view your property, your agent will get back in touch with them to find out what they liked and disliked about your home. This feedback is incredibly valuable and is often ignored, so make sure that you don’t do this.

There will almost definitely be feedback that you can’t change, especially if it revolves around your property’s size or location, but there should also be some helpful comments that you can use to make changes.

If your agent isn’t giving you this feedback, you should chase them as you may find that several viewers have said the same thing. If you can take action on any of the feedback, do so, and you’ll likely see a change in the interest that your house generates.

Make Sure Your Asking Price is Valid

A common reason that homeowners struggle to sell is due to their asking price. Generally, agents will overprice your house as buyers will put in offers under that, to still get you a good price. This, however, can be a downfall, especially if other houses in your area are priced lower.

It’s a good idea to not just rely on your agent, but to do your own research and find out what other houses similar to yours are priced at on the market. If you’re sat on the market for several months with no interest, your property value will drop, so addressing this early will help you avoid this.

Reconsider Your Selling Methods

Generally, homeowners will sell with an estate agent, but there are other opportunities for those who are struggling to reach a sale. Whether you consider selling at an auction or looking into quick sale companies, there are different options out there for homeowners who are tired of trying to sell on the open market and not getting anywhere.

Before you decide how you want to sell, you should look into the positives and negatives of various methods to determine which will suit you most and then consider what you want to do.

There are several ways that you can help speed your house sale up, and exploring these options will help you if you’ve had several viewings but aren’t having any further interest in a potential purchase. Putting these changes in place should help you increase your interest and encourage your viewers to buy!

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