As we’ve officially entered into the 4th (and final!) quarter of 2019, we’re back with another ‘best of real estate articles’ edition. This time around, we managed to get a roundup of real estate articles, with topics varying for buyers, sellers, tenants, investors, as well as homeowners!

Let’s get crackin’ with the first article, and what better way to start a roundup than with a compilation:

Staging Your Home on a Budget When Selling

Forget expensive professional staging! This article by Bill Gassett discusses giving that home buyer that critical first impression by simply applying several cheap home staging tips! Many real estate agents will tell you that professional home staging is not worth the cost.

There are far more essential things in selling your home than spending thousands of dollars on things you don’t need. As Bill explains in the article, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t concentrate on making your home look its best – in fact, far from it!

The article gives in-depth advice on getting your home ready for the real estate market. If you are looking for cost-effective home staging advice, you’ll love this article!

Best Real Estate Articles October 2019

What’s Hot With Millennial Home Buyers?

Do you know what the latest trends are in the real estate market with Millennial homebuyers? First-time home buyers, of course, make up a relatively significant percentage of home purchases.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, you must keep up with the trends. In the article at Huliq by Kyla Stewart, she takes you on a deep dive into what you need to know about Millennial house buying trends. Enjoy the helpful first-time home buyer tips.

Related: Petra Norris also looks at the real estate purchase trends for 2019 as well.

What Stays and What Goes in a Home Sale?

One of the areas in real estate sales where there often can be disagreements between buyers and sellers is what’s staying with the house. The real estate agent should always be one-hundred percent clear on what stays and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and that’s where the problem starts!

See a great explanation of what is considered a fixture and what isn’t in the article from Sharon Paxson.

What Should You Do When Moving to a New Home?

Now that you’ve finally sorted out all the necessary paperwork for buying that home, what’s next? Perhaps you might to think about the topic of moving and its priorities (especially if you’d like to avoid a disaster first-day event).

Guess what: moving mistakes turn out to be easier to avoid when you have a sensible plan in place, starting with a checklist, per the author’s Bill Gassett advice.

Home Buying Grants Explained

If you are a single mom looking to make a first-home purchase, you’ll find some excellent advice in the article from Fred Franks. Fred takes an in-depth look at what kind of mortgage assistance programs are available for single moms with children.

Many folks are not aware of the fact there is financial assistance available.

Advanced Security Tips For Protecting Your Home

In this recent article, Paul Sian discusses advanced tips to secure one’s home, such as home alarms, physical security of the house, video cameras, and much more.

A “home is a person’s castle,” and protecting the home is a top priority. Homeowners should also look at protecting their home, as well as themselves, from so-called digital thieves who actually don’t even need to enter a home to steal!

You can never be too careful, so take a look and get the home security advice to take advantage of right away.

Every roof choice available for your home

If you were to write down one’s house parts in order of importance, the roof is very likely to end near the bottom of the list put together by Danny Margagliano. Yet, we can all attest to its significance and durability! What roofing materials would you prefer to use?

The roof is one of the most essential structural components of your property – see an excellent review.

How Important Is The Square Footage Of a House?

While‘ location, location, location’ is definitely important, once you’ve found your dream home, the square footage will undoubtedly become an essential element in the home buying equation. Kevin Vitali explains how square footage tends to dictate the function of a home for potential home buyers.

Learn all you need to know about the size aspect when buying or selling a home.

Things To Consider When Looking At Long Term Vs. Short Term Rentals

What are the things investors need to consider when operating residential rental units as Short Term Rentals (ie AirBnB) versus long-term rentals? Faster and more frequent payments? Fully furnished? A steady stream of income? Plenty of upside/downsides to consider before one plunges into these types of rental options.

If you are just jumping into the market as a first-time real estate investor, you’ll enjoy having some of these investment tips.

Are low HOA fees always a good thing?

Homebuyers will very likely lean towards home with low(er) Home Owners Association fees. Yet, at what potential cost down the line? As Connor MacEvilly explains in this excellent article, buyers need to do their homework beforehand and determine whether those low dues are indeed a win-win situation, or “big fat, future special assessment” in the making.

It is vital to do your homework when you are going to be purchasing a home or condo where a homeowners association is present. Make sure you spend the time and do your due diligence.

Buying vs. Renting | Examining the Pros and Cons

It’s impossible to avoid the topic of buying vs. renting. Is there a right answer? Not really, as the correct answer depends on the individual’s personal preference at that point in time. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth getting to know the advantages and disadvantages of those ‘buy vs. rent’ points, as mentioned by Michelle Gibson.

Take a look and see all of the pros and cons of each of these scenarios.

September 2019 Real Estate Roundup

If you’ve missed out on the slew of September real estate article releases, make sure to check out Paul Sian’s compilation, which features such topics as smart home tech, tips for improving home security, mortgage terms to know, and others.

His real estate round-up is jam-packed with helpful guidance for buyers and sellers to make smart business decisions.

Summary of October’s Best Realty Articles

Regardless whether you’re looking for home selling advice, options on the buying vs. renting question, financial advice as a first-time buyer, or securing your property, you will hopefully have found what you’re looking for on this ‘best of real estate’ article compilation!

May it be so beneficial to you that you decide to share it with likeminded people! Thanks in advance for sharing.


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