The real estate market is shifting with the higher interest rates, and there is starting to be more inventory on the market. While the market is changing, real estate professionals continue to share relevant real estate information to keep you informed. You will find some great information from top bloggers across the country.

18 Red Flags to Look For When Buying a Home

Luke Skar has written an excellent article 18 red flags to look for when buying a home. In the article, he explains when the exterior photos exceed the interior photos may be a warning. Another red flag may be if the drapes or blinds are closed, the home may indicate the view is unappealing.

Other red flags include if there are any typos or errors in the listing description. If the listing agent lists the home in as-is condition, a fixer-upper may indicate the home is in need of repair. These are all red flags to take into account when looking for a home to purchase. Be sure to check out this article for other red flags.

Best Websites to Find a Home to Purchase

Are you going to be buying your first home? Maybe you have owned for a while and plan on moving up? Whatever your situation, finding your next home can be a challenge when you don’t know where to look.

Things become a lot less difficult when you visit one of the best websites for finding homes for sale. Over at the ASHI blog, you will find a review of some of the sites that many home buyers enjoy using. Have a look and see if one of these sites can make your home search go smoother.

Best Real Estate Articles for June 2022

7 Important Safety Tips When Renovating Your Home

If you are considering renovating your home, there are a few things you need to do to ensure it is a safe project. Check out the post 7 important safety tips when renovating your home. In the article, you will find recommendations on keeping the environment safe for anyone working on the project or a resident in the home.

Be sure to utilize masks when breathing in particulates or anything that can be harmful. Consider your pets as well. Most pets are very sensitive to strong smells and for some animals, it can be toxic. Other common sense recommendations include wearing proper clothing to ensure you are protected. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and wear gloves!

MLS Listing Statuses Explained

There are many ways to find properties online and you may wonder what the definition of the different MLS listing statuses. Bill Gassett has written an excellent article on what is the MLS in real estate. He does an excellent job explaining the role of the Multiple Listing Service along with common MLS listing statuses.

You will find information about the MLS or multiple listing services in the article.

Sellers who exclude their listing from the MLS will have limited exposure to potential buyers. You will find definitions of the listing statuses including active, contingent, back on market, under contract, withdrawn, and more. The article has detailed information about each listing status. Keep in mind the names of the statuses may vary by state. The MLS is utilized to help connect both sellers and buyers.

Tips for Saving Energy In and Around the House

Everyone is trying to figure out how to save money right now. Paul Sian has written an excellent and very timely article tips for saving energy in and around the house. Paul has some excellent recommendations including the importance of adjusting your thermostat to maintain the temperature in the home.

If you are using air conditioning, try setting the thermostat at a higher temperature to reduce energy usage. Other recommendations include sealing up air gaps. It is important for homeowners to check all their windows to ensure that they are sealed up properly.

Be sure to consider the time of day you are running the dishwasher and utilizing the washer and dryer. This is an important article, and check it out for other timely tips!

Should I Rent a Home or an Apartment?

Whether you should rent a house or apartment can be a tough choice for some. There are pros and cons to both living arrangements. Over at the Rochester Real Estate blog, you will see an in-depth review of why you may or may not want one of these housing choices.

See which choice might be the best option for your current situation. Most of the time there is no right or wrong answer.

Important Home Selling Checklist for the Final Walk-Through

If you are in escrow and are getting ready to do the final walk through in the home, then be to check out Michelle Gibson’s post important home selling checklist for the final walk-through. There is a lot for the seller to accomplish before the final walk through including ensuring that all agreed-upon and necessary repairs are completed.

Another important factor is to gather all the keys for the property entry, garage remotes, and mailbox keys and leave them for the buyer. It is a good idea for the seller to have the receipts for the property repairs that were agreed on. Sellers should leave all important documents such as appliance warranties, HOA documents, and more.

Sellers need to remove all trash and debris from the property as well.

FHA Construction Loan

There are benefits of the FHA construction Loan that make it a very attractive loan option for a buyer who wants to build their own home. The benefits include being able to take advantage of the FHA mortgage rate, it is available at a fixed rate, and much more.

Check out Eric Jeanette’s post about FHA construction loan which will provide detailed information about this loan option. In the article, you will find information about how to qualify for an FHA construction loan. He explains that the additional fees associated with the loan can be included with the loan. Be sure to check out this option when considering building a new home!

13 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Many homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes right now, and are updating their homes. The article 13 kitchens and bathroom trends was written by Vicki Moore. Updating your bathroom and kitchen will be an excellent return on investment.

You will find information about popular remodeling trends including an oversized shower, marble counters, and much more. Homeowners are experimenting with bathroom and kitchen tiles to create an interesting look. You will find information about appliances and their size. If you are considering remodeling, be sure to check out this very timely article.

Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

If you are considering selling, please check out the article your spring maintenance checklist written by Danny Margagliano. In the article, you will find recommendations on what to address when getting your home ready to sell.

Danny recommends working from the top down and having a good look at the roof to ensure that it is not leaking. If not, in a real estate transaction, this will be something that a home buyer will want to be addressed.

Other items to consider is the exterior paint and siding and determine if it needs to be touched up. Be sure to look at the exterior yard as well and make sure that flower beds are free from weeds and tidy. Check out the major systems of the home including the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. This is a must-read if you are considering selling your home.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Living in a Gated Community

Are you looking for a gated community to move into? If so, be sure to check out this excellent post about the pros and cons of living in a gated community written by Elyse Berman. Many feel that living in a gated community is safer because it is gated and there is less random traffic.

Another factor to consider when deciding about a gated community is that they are regulated by an HOA. HOA does have rules and regulations within their by-laws that a homeowner will need to abide by.

Often times there are architectural guidelines that need to be followed as well. Gated communities often have clubhouses and amenities for the residents of the HOA. If you are considering moving to a gated community, check out this post to learn about the pros and cons.

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