What Improvements Increase Property Values?

Easy Ways to Improve Home Value Winter is a great time to engage in home remodeling. The right project will not only make your residence more beautiful and comfortable, but it also has the potential to increase energy efficiency and reduce potential maintenance costs before a sale.

To maximize value, choose an upgrade that both adds valuable for potential buyers and increases the pleasure of living in your household. Other than general home repairs, these are some improvements that could bring good band for your buck when it comes time to sell. We all want to do things that will bring a high return on investment right?

Begin by selecting from one of these seven simple and resourceful activities:

1. Replace or Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

While bathroom remodeling projects like tile installation or shower replacement can be time-consuming and expensive, there are many easy and cost-effective ways to give the space a facelift. Changing or updating fixtures like sink faucets and drawer handles can be completed in as little as a day. It will also provide one of the quickest yet most dramatic bathroom transformations.

Measure the size of your cabinet and drawer handles, then head to the home improvement store to purchase on-trend metals. Old chrome and silver fixtures can be swapped out for show stopping brass, bronze or rose gold. If you desire a more rustic look, you can pick up knobs and grips in faux wood or earth tones.

If you really want to save money, skip the full replacement and find a spray paint suitable for moisture-rich areas. Uninstall each fixture, then place them on newspaper outdoors or in a well-ventilated area like a garage. Coat each handle at least twice with paint, then let them dry completely. Re-install them in moments to complete one of the most convenient and affordable DIY bathroom renewals.

2. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet replacements usually cost thousands of dollars. Cut the price tag dramatically by re-painting your storage cupboards instead. While your options are unlimited, selecting neutral colors like white, sand and taupe usually costs less than going for darker hues yet still effectively hides scrapes and scratches.

Ask your home improvement store about satin and semi-gloss paints that are durable enough to stand the test of time in a kitchen environment. Many modern products are made especially for cabinets. If you are not up to a full paint job, you can spray paint cabinet handles instead.

Whether you are painting cabinets or the walls in your home, there aren’t many things that offer a better return on investment. The more dated and needed your home happens to be the larger bang you will get for your buck.

When selling a house the number one recommendation from real estate agents will be painting areas that need it.

3. Change Light Fixtures

If your outdated light fixtures are clashing with your interior design, it’s time to change them. In most cases, older items are also poor on energy efficiency and do not illuminate your home as effectively as newer products. You can find plenty of traditional and modern style ceiling lighting, floor lamps and table top lamps for under $100. Install yourself or ask your home improvement store about their recommended professionals.

While you replace the lighting indoors, inspect your outdoor illumination. Lamps attached to your exterior walls can also be swapped out for less than the cost of a restaurant dinner for four. Enhance the look of your yard with affordable string lights and solar lighting. You can also complete your outdoor porch or patio design with a new ceiling fan.

4. Buy New Vertical or Horizontal Window Coverings

Shabby or dirty blinds and shades can make your home look more outdated than it really is. They can also result in less energy efficiency and privacy. You can improve your home’s aesthetic inside and out for only a few hundred dollars with new window coverings. Additional benefits include more light blocking power and enhanced security.

Faux wood blinds and shutters look great in kitchens and bathrooms, while roller shades and Roman shades are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedroom spaces. Dramatically reduce light and sun exposure on your patio with state-of-the-art solar shades — or create an earthy haven in your bedroom or office with bamboo and real wood blinds.

Whatever style you prefer, you can achieve the best custom fit at an affordable price by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Many factories offer free shipping and deliver your products in a matter of days. While some families install their new shades or blinds themselves, you can save time by hiring a local handyman. Try searching for a professional who will take care of installation in one day and at a flat rate.

5. Install Smart Home Gadgets

One of the most effective ways to save money over time while increasing the value of your home is to invest in smart home products. Affordable options include automatic digital locks, smart thermostats that learn your family’s preferences over time and smart vents that customize the temperature of each room in your residence.

Digital locks make it easier for the right people to access your home — while keeping thieves and unwanted guests out. Innovative thermostats and vents can save you up to 30 percent on your utility bill. Additional helpful investments include smart smoke alarms that tell you the reason it senses a problem and home cameras you can access through your tablet or smartphone. Whichever device you choose, you can make a significant, positive impact on your family’s safety and budget by spending $100 to $500 up front.

6. Re-Paint the Garage Door

A newly painted garage door is an affordable project that will instantly increase your home’s curb appeal. You can also easily complete the project yourself. First, choose a color that complements your exterior. Some homeowners match their front door to their garage, but this is not a design requirement. Select from popular and easy-to-clean hues like soft grey, beige or dark grey. Additional classic shades include black or dark brown.

If you are interested in making a statement, consider red, blue or yellow. If you are a part of a homeowners’ association, check the rules on color options first before making your final choice. To complete your project, find a semi-gloss, latex exterior paint. Be sure to strip and prime the door before painting.

7. Swap Out an Important Appliance

If your furnace, water heater or air conditioner is on its way out, choose one item to replace this season. While it will help you save on energy costs, it will also increase the resale value of your home. Consider swapping out the product that requires the most repairs or that you need most for the next year. Browse local store ads or talk with your community’s installation experts to find deals on smart appliances.

Completing one of the affordable and simple projects on this list will make your home more comfortable and appealing to your family, guests and future buyers. The most difficult part will be choosing which one to finish first!

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