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As the year comes to an end, it is a great time to sit back and reflect what has transpired over the past 12 months. 2015 was truly a remarkable year for many reasons, both personally and professionally.

2015 will forever be remembered as the year I married my best friend. Our wedding was something that we will truly never forget and will always cherish! 2015 was also another productive year for real estate in general and certainly the Rochester real estate market was no exception!

2015 will also always be remembered as a year when an explosion for online real estate blogging occurred. Over the past 12 months there have been a ton of new faces who have exploded onto the scene of real estate blogging, social media, and content curation.

Many of these new faces have been featured in past recaps of the best Google+ real estate articles here on Bill’s Mass RE News website.

As per the norm, December was another incredible month for real estate articles on Google+ and I’m honored to close out 2015 with the top real estate articles for the past month. Below are 10 of the top real estate articles from December 2015, enjoy and Happy Holidays!

10 Ways To Chase Away Your Home Buyer

Some home buyers can be rattled quite easily and others it takes something significant. One thing is for sure, there are certain things that a homeowner can do to scare away a potential buyer from their home.

For example, have you ever walked into a home after they just cooked a meal and the smell is enough to make you sick? How about those times you got smacked in the face by a disgusting pet odor? I know you’re shaking nodding your head right now in agreement.

These are just a couple of ways to chase away a home buyer when selling a home. Xavier De Buck does an excellent job in this article detailing 10 ways to scare away buyers. This is a great read for anyone who is thinking of selling their home so you know what NOT to do.

How Location & Neighborhoods Can Affect Your Home Sale

Most people have heard the saying, “Location, Location, Location,” when it comes to real estate. The location and neighborhood a home is located in can impact the number of potential buyers who may be interested in your home.

A couple things buyers are interested in when it comes to location and neighborhoods include things such as the proximity to their job, the safety within the neighborhood, and whether or not it’s located closely to friends and family.

Lynn Pineda has done an excellent job writing about this topic, of course with her creative twist, in her article how does a home buyers narrative affect the home you’re selling? Take a look at Lynn’s article to find out in detail what buyers are looking for when it comes to these important factors, neighborhood and location!

Zillow Home Values & Missing Information

Zillow is a controversial topic in the real estate industry. To Zillow’s defense, they do provide some helpful tools for potential buyers and sellers, however, what they do not provide is accurate home values and information.

The reality is that Zillow’s home values are frequently inaccurate. Zillow also lacks accurate information relating to homes for sale and recent sales. It’s not uncommon for a buyer to ask a real estate agent about a home they saw for sale on Zillow only to find out it has been sold for 6 months. Pretty accurate huh?

Ryan Fitzgerald from Raleigh Realty adds another excellent article regarding the inaccuracies of Zillow home values and their missing information. Not only does Ryan provide some excellent insight into this topic, he also provides some excellent resources to other articles pertaining to Zillow home values.

Real Estate agents love to point out the downside to Zillow and with good reason. Realtor’s constantly have to educate the public on a weekly basis why Zillow is not able to accurately predict the value of every home in America. Sorry folks that’s not realistic!

How To Stop Deer From Destroying Your Landscaping

If you follow Bill Gassett at all on social media or follow his popular, Maximum Real Estate Exposure Blog, you know that Bill comes up with some very creative topics to write about.

One of my favorite articles over the past month is Bill’s article on how to prevent deer from ruining your landscaping. As a homeowner it’s likely that you’ve had a tree, bush, or plant destroyed by a deer. It can be very frustrating especially since some landscaping can be very expensive.

Bill provides some excellent information about the different types of deer, various plants & shrubs that deer don’t typically like, and some excellent tips to deter deer from eating your landscaping. This creative article is definitely worth the read!

Tips For Selling Your Mountain Home

The article comes to use from Susie Cortright, a Colorado Realtor who certainly knows what it takes to sell a mountain home. Susie provides some sage advice in her article that relates not only to selling a mountain home but selling any home.

Tips such as pricing the property right, properly marketing the property, and properly timing the sale are a few of the tips for selling a home mountain home that are provided in this excellent article. If you’re going to be selling a mountain home, you cannot miss this great article.

Satirical 12 Days Of Christmas For Realtors

One of the most important things when it comes to writing epic content is being creative and captivating the audience. In one of the best blog articles of December, Jeff Knox has put a funny twist on the 12 days of Christmas.

This Satirical 12 days of Christmas for Real estate agents is funny, plain and simple. If you’re a real estate professional, you will be able to relate to the 12 days of Christmas that Jeff has tailored for Realtors. Jeff’s article is sure to cheer you up and provide you a good laugh!

Blogging, SEO, & Building Relationships – Advice From A PRO

Over the past month (and year for that matter) there have been some excellent resources provided for real estate blogging, SEO tips, and how to build relationships online for real estate agents. The folks over at Pipeline ROI reached out to one of the industry leaders when it comes to online exposure, Bill Gassett, for his advice on these topics.

Bill provides some excellent advice for real estate professionals who are starting out online in this Q & A interview. Additionally, there are some fantastic links in the article to other helpful articles on how to use Google+ and Linkedin for real estate. This one is well worth reading if you are a Realtor looking to increase your business exposure on Linkedin.

Bill is never afraid to share his “Secrets” when it comes to increasing the ranking of a website or various tips on how to use certain social networks and this Q&A is another great example of this. Be sure to check out this article from Pipeline ROI if you’re just getting started online or if you need a refresher on how to crush it online in real estate.

2016 Real Estate Predictions From 6 Experts

Unfortunately there is no crystal ball when it comes to real estate. There is absolutely no way to guarantee what is going to happen in the upcoming year. There are however always lots of different predictions that float around the internet.

Tim Lucas of My Mortgage Insider reached out to 6 experts for their predictions for the upcoming year in real estate. Will home prices increase or decrease and what will happen with interest rates are just a couple of the questions that the 6 experts give their prediction on.

These 2016 real estate predictions are very well thought out and as you will see, all different between the experts. After reading, do you agree with these predictions? What are your predictions for the upcoming year in real estate? We’d love for your comments below!

2015’s Real Estate Articles Of The Year

The last two articles of the best of December 2015 from G+ are both incredible recaps of articles from the past year. The first recap comes to use from Paul Sian who does an excellent job recapping and linking to about 20 real estate articles from the past 12 months.

There are a nice mixture of articles in Paul’s year end review. The topics range from 10 things you should look into before buying a home to what you should disclose when selling a home to the top 10 FAQs about mortgages. There truly are some excellent recaps and links to some of the most popular articles from the past year!

Top Real Estate Blog Articles From 2015

Last but certainly not least (I may be a little biased), the final Google+ real estate article from December 2015 comes from my blog, Rochester’s Real Estate Blog. After the monumental response to the article I wrote recapping the top 2014 real estate blog articles, I had no choice than to put together a 2015 recap.

This years recap certainly raised the bar for future years. The top real estate blog articles from 2015 recap is not one that can be read in one sitting. With over 7,000 words and a recap and links to almost 30 articles from the past year, there are some killer articles here.

The article has a convenient table of contents at the beginning that allows you to jump to the different sections. The articles are broken into categories ranging from tips for home buyers to mortgage advice to home improvement and remodeling. The 2015 recap of the best real estate articles is one that cannot be missed, like the rest of these excellent articles from December 2015.

Last but not least we close out the year with what real estate agents do that everyone hates. Are you making one of these real estate or social media blunders? Take a look at these twenty items that make your look unprofessional as a real estate agent. Many of your peers scratch their head in disbelief when you make these mistakes. 2016 is a new year. Make the best of it by increasing your knowledge and becoming a better Realtor both on and offline!


Kyle Hiscock About the author: This article, the Top Google+ Real Estate Articles from December 2015 was written by Kyle Hiscock, a top Rochester real estate agent with Nothnagle Realtors. Kyle has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers move in, out, and around Rochester since 2011! Kyle actively writes helpful content on his popular, Rochester’s Real Estate Blog. If you’re thinking of moving to Rochester NY, contact Kyle to assist with your relocation needs.