Unique Airbnb Housing Reviewed

The short-term rental industry is starting to bounce back from 2020. This is lead by the technology juggernaut Airbnb, which is currently one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. They are expecting to be worth $40 billion by 2025.

Airbnb is a way that people rent their houses when they are on vacation, travel for work, or generate side income for property owners.

Many homeowners that were planning to sell their house may reconsider if they can earn side income through Airbnb. Since the platform offers hosts the flexibility of renting out an entire property or a single room, future property owners are eager to jump in.

Depending on which location you choose to travel to, there can be dozens of different Airbnb options. You can find RV’s, Mobile Homes, Tree Houses, shipping container housing, and beautiful homes varying in size.

Not all short-term rental setups are made equal. Since Airbnb got its start in 2008, hosts on the platform have gotten more creative with themes and designs. To stand out in competitive cities, having a unique theme helps. The goal is to ‘wow’ your guests with the ultimate experience.

We’ve put together a list of the most unique Airbnb themes of 2021. Review these before traveling on your next vacation.

5 Most Unique Airbnb Themes

Underground Hobbit Home

Are we in the Shire? Perhaps this Airbnb is located in New Zealand on the movie set for Lord of the Rings? Both are wrong! This beautiful underground hobbit home can be found right here in the United States.

Located in Orondo, Washington – this Airbnb provides one of the most unique experiences imaginable. You can fall asleep underneath the earth in this round and cozy hobbit-style abode.

The front door opens up to an incredible view of the Washington landscape. There are mountains are far as you can see. If you are planning a west coast trip sometime soon, don’t miss out on this Airbnb opportunity. It is commonly booked far in advance.

Plan your trip accordingly, and live like you are on the Shire.

Treehouse Retreat

Could this be the Swiss Alps? Wrong again! We find ourselves in Columbia Falls, Montana in front of this stunning Treehouse Retreat Airbnb.

Make all of your childhood dreams come true by staying a night in the most epic treehouse imaginable. Standing at 3 stories tall off of the ground, this Airbnb lodging is one of the most memorable, yet cozy experiences you can have out in the wilderness.

You can experience the best of both worlds; fall asleep under the stars and the trees, but be far enough away from the ground so that pesky critters don’t creep into your bedroom late at night.

If you enjoy the outdoors, this Airbnb is perfectly located right in the mountains. Experience incredible hiking and nature right outside your front door.

Cave Dwelling near a Spiritual Vorte

For our astrology fans, consider this cave-dwelling as your next Airbnb stay. Located in Sedona, Arizona, this cozy cave offers a unique and surprisingly comfortable stay to guests of all sorts.

Sedona has several spiritual vortices spread through the national park. This adds an extra layer of energy to the experience. The stars are arguably more clear here than in many other places in the United States.

You can explore the beautiful trails and paths throughout the area, and return home to your cave in the hills. Fortunately, the cave offers shade and a surprisingly cool climate within this Airbnb. Most guests have stated that it doesn’t feel as ‘rough’ or ‘off the grid’ as you would expect. Take that into consideration if this place sounds like too much for you.

Converted WWII Train Car

Calling all history buffs. This is one of the most historic places of lodging that you will find on Airbnb in the United States.

Book this converted WWII train car the next time that you visit Maryville, Tennessee. Although the actual structure dates back many decades, it is completely safe to stay in. Most of the interior has been dramatically updated to suit guests’ needed and comfortability standards. The exterior of this Airbnb was left to highlight the amazing design of this old train car.

You get the full train car experience while staying here. There are large windows to look out from, similar to being on an actual train. Additionally, much of the wood is refurbished to provide a rustic look, enhancing the vintage atmosphere. People travel from far and wide to stay at this Airbnb. Don’t miss out!


Lastly, for our Disney fans, we have an Airbnb stay that is themed with Pirates of the Caribbean. Join Jack Sparrow at this unique pirate abode.

There are large trees and vegetation that give this place a rainforest feel. You can find different pirate characters spread throughout the property. The hosts have added lights to the yard area so that guests can spend time outside at night and still enjoy the decorations and theme.

The actual house itself is less unique compared to the previous ones mentioned on this list. However, the overall ambiance of this property provides a very unique experience. This host has hundreds of positive reviews. You can count on a fun and exciting stay when booking this Airbnb.


Listing these five most unique Airbnb themes of 2021 may not seem like much, but it’s a good start! There are so many more out there that can be found with just a little bit of digging.

The year is still young and the 2020s haven’t even fully arrived yet. What might this decade bring? Hopefully, an influx of new and exciting Airbnb themes will make this time period one of the most interesting yet.

We hope that this article has helped you to see that there are so many things out there for your next Airbnb trip. Not only will these places be unique, but they’ll also offer some of the most fascinating history and culture in our country.

Alex Copozzolo About the author: The above article on the top 5 most unique Airbnb themes of 2021 was written by Alex Capozzolo. Alex is the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog owner and a content writer for the real estate industry.

His focus is on helping people through one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime by seamlessly providing fast, honest, and professional real estate services.